A.D. September 1, 1939
Germany invaded Poland. Beginning of World War II.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

Thousands of Jews living in the area around the free city of Danzig were rounded up and sent to Nazi work-camps. The Lehnsherr family, fearing for their lives, left their home and fled into the countryside.
[New Mutants #49, X-Men Unlimited #2]
[Date based on historical accounts.]

Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker was transferred to full military service.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

Professor Phineas T. Horton, one of the pioneers in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics, created an android in his Brooklyn, New York laboratory which mimicked virtually all of the organic functions of a human being, including independent thought. Horton intended to use the android to make himself wealthy. However, he made a flaw in that the photo-electric solar cells which covered the android were highly volatile and caused the android's skin to burst into flame upon contact with air, although the fire would not harm it. Horton's partner, Doctor James Bradley, tried to convince him to keep the android's existence a secret, but Horton wanted fame and publicity. Bradley dissolved his partnership with Horton, taking with him a second, uncompleted android that he had made. Revealing his creation to the public, Horton was pressured into sealing the android away until a means could be found for the flame to be controlled. Horton did so, sealing the android within a capsule in a pit of concrete. Horton provided the android with listening devices so that it could learn of the human world. The android spent weeks entrapped, monitoring radio broadcasts. Eventually the concrete cracked, allowing a small amount of oxygen to penetrate the capsule, and the android managed to free itself. Inadvertently causing damage as it explored its new environment, the android, nicknamed the Human Torch, realized the destruction it was causing and doused itself in a swimming pool. Gaining control over his flame after being doused with nitro gas, the Human Torch became a successful crime-fighter. However he distanced himself from Horton, refusing to allow his creator to exploit him for profit. The Human Torch decided to establish a human identity. Naming himself Jim Hammond, the Torch enrolled in the police academy.
[Saga of the Original Human Torch #1-2]

Professor Horton became ostracized from the scientific community because of the destruction and panic that the Human Torch caused. Claiming that Horton could not control his experiments, the government impounded his equipment and chemicals.

Emperor Thakorr's step-son Byrrah convinced the Emperor to send Namor to the surface world. It was Byrrah's hope that Namor would be killed or never again return to Atlantis.
[Saga of the Sub-Mariner #2]

Dubbed the Sub-Mariner by air breathers, Namor made several attacks on the surface world. He attacked New York city, destroying a power plant.

The Red Skull became involved in subversive activities on American soil.

Fritz Tiboldt, ringmaster of the Tiboldt Circus, was asked by the German government to take his circus to America. Travelling from city to city, German agents within the group managed to perform assassinations on important American political and governmental officials.

The American government, realizing that war against Germany was probably imminent, and wishing to come up with an American counterpart to the Nazi agent the Red Skull, assigned Dr. Abraham Erskine to work on Project: Rebirth, a means to create perfect super-soldiers.

Fearing that the super-soldiers might one day turn against their creators, Professor Daniel Schumann proposed Project: T.E.S.S (Total Elimination of Super-Soldiers.) He initiated it believing that super-soldiers might one day use their superior abilities to become a greater menace than the enemies they were designed to face. Schumann proposed the creation of an army of robots, which would be safely stored away and not activated unless the super-soldiers became a threat. Shumann's proposal was accepted and he began work on a prototype robot.

A.D. 1940
With aid from Deviant technology, the Atlanteans began constructing their first warships.

A British hunting expedition entered the small African nation of Wakanda. One of the members noted the existence of a mound of an unusual type of ore which he named Vibranium, and he took samples of it back to Britain. Some of these samples were given to the American government for analysis.

American civilian Nicholas "Nick" Fury, a member of a stunt flying team, was hired by the British military to instruct commandos in a crash course on parachuting. Among one of his students was Lieutenant Sam Sawyer, an American serving in the British army.

The Human Torch, realizing he could make a better crime-fighter as his super-powered self than as a rookie beat cop, approached New York Chief of Police John C. Wilson. While there the Torch was introduced to policewoman Betty Dean. Chief Wilson appointed the Human Torch as New York's first legal officer without a uniform.
[Saga of the Original Human Torch #2]

The Asbestos Lady, a costumed criminal who used fire in her crimes, broke into the home of Fred and Nora Raymond to force them to develop new methods by which she could use asbestos. However the Human Torch, suspecting the Asbestos Lady's plans, had witnessed the break-in and captured the Asbestos Lady's gang. The Asbestos Lady got away. While at the Raymonds' home the Human Torch learned of Toro Raymond's immunity to fire.

Soviet soldier Ivan Petrovitch found Natalia Romanova, a young girl who was related to the Russian imperial family. Petrovitch decided to raise and care for Romanova as she grew up.
[Uncanny X-Men #268]
[Date is speculative]

Professor Enoch Mason constructed a device called the Dimension Smasher. Mason theorized that ghosts and spirits were actually inhabitants of other dimensions, and he hoped to use his device to contact an extra-dimensional and open a portal between its realm and his. When Mason attempted to use the Dimension Smasher it failed to open a dimensional portal, until one of the observers lit a cigarette. The smoke from the cigarette supplied the necessary ingredient to open a portal between Earth's dimension and that of one filled with mist and smoke. Through the portal emerged a resident of that dimension, a green-skinned humanoid named Aarkus.

Named the Vision by the humans, Aarkus earned a reputation as a destroyer of evil and a punisher of criminals. However despite his acts of heroism the Vision found that he was still mistrusted by the humans. Aarkus eventually returned to his own dimension.
[Invaders v2 #3, 4]

A.D. Spring, 1940
The American government decided that in order to keep Project: Rebirth completely confidential it was necessary for Doctor Abraham Erskine to fake his death. Shortly after the world was informed that Erskine had died in a car crash. In reality Erskine assumed the identity of Doctor Reinstein.
[Captain America v1 #255]

The Sub-Mariner attacked New York city. The Human Torch engaged the Sub-Mariner in battle. Impressed by the courage of New York policewoman Betty Dean, Namor agreed to call off his attack on New York and his battle with the Torch. The Human Torch promised Namor to attempt to arrange a truce between humans and Atlanteans.
[Saga of the Original Human Torch #2]

The Asbestos Lady, obsessed with her failure to kidnap the Raymonds, caused a train the Raymonds were travelling upon to derail. The train burst into flames, and Fred and Nora Raymond were killed. Thomas "Toro" Raymond escaped unharmed. Toro was found and taken in by a married team of circus fire-eaters.

Hearing of reports of a fire proof boy, the Human Torch came to the correct conclusion that it was the son of the Raymonds. Approaching Toro in the circus, the Human Torch's presence caused Toro to burst into flame. However Toro remained unharmed. The Human Torch became Toro's legal guardian, and began training him in the use of his powers. The two became a successful crime fighting duo.

A.D. June, 1940
The Lehnsherr family were discovered by Nazi agents. Rounding them up, Nazi soldiers lined the family on the edge of a pit and began shooting at them. The terror of the incident prematurely activated Erik Lehnsherr's mutant abilities and he unconsciously used his magnetic powers to change the paths of the bullets, avoiding harm while his family was killed around him. However the experience so drained him that he fell unconscious. Believing him dead, the Nazis buried him along with the rest of his family. Gaining consciousness, Erik clawed his way to the surface. The Germans were so astonished that he was alive and unharmed that instead of finishing their act of murder they decided to send Erik to the slave labor and extermination camps at Auschwitz.
[New Mutants #49, X-Men Unlimited #2]
[Date based on historical accounts.]

Inspired by the Human Torch's crime-fighting, Robert Frank, a scientist who had achieved superhuman speed after being bitten by a cobra and injected with mongoose blood, developed the costumed identity of the Whizzer and became a successful costumed adventurer and Nazi spy-buster.

Louise Grant, a secretary working for the Mark Mason Detective Agency, developed the costumed identity of the Blonde Phantom. The Blonde Phantom became a successful crime-fighter, frequently aiding Mark Mason, who was unaware of her dual identity, in many of his cases.

American playboy Thomas Halloway became a costumed adventurer by the name of Avenging Angel to help relieve his boredom. As the Angel Halloway became a successful crime-fighter during the 1940's.
[U.S. Agent #4]
[Date is speculative.]

Dr. Myron MacLain began work for the American government, experimenting to create a super-metal for which to build tanks. Months later, an experiment of his to fuse Wakandan Vibranium with iron alloy was successfully completed when an unknown x-factor entered the mixture while MacLain was asleep. Awaking, MacLain poured the blend into a tank cover mold, and after hardening, MacLain discovered that the metal was almost completely impervious. MacLain studied the disk for months but was unable to discover how the two metals had combined to form this new one, which MacLain named adamantium. MacLain would spend decades experimenting, attempting to duplicate his original success.

An alien spacecraft piloted by a Dire Wraith crash-landed on Earth. The Dire Wraith survived but was unable to repair its vessel or contact the main Wraith fleet. Discovering that Earth was populated by an intelligent species, the Dire Wraith assumed human form and decided to dwell peacefully among the rest of humanity.
[Rom #17]

A.D. August, 1940
Bruce Dickson, a scientist exploring Mount Kalpurthia in the Himalayas, became separated from his expedition during a blizzard. Seeking refuge in a cave the scientist discovered a portal to the city of Kalahia, an ancient hidden city. Upon entering the warmer atmosphere in the immense cavern Dickson became dizzy and lost consciousness. Upon awakening, he discovered that the Kalahians had experimented on him while he slept, giving him the ability to make his own body paper-thin. The scientist fell in love with the daughter of the city's chief elder, and the two eventually left the city for the outside world.

Upon returning to the western world, Dickson established himself as the costumed adventurer the Thin Man, and became a successful crime-fighter and Nazi spy-smasher.
[Invaders v2 #3, Marvel Premiere #29]

Mark Todd, an American reporter in China covering the War against Japan, was forced to flee into a cave to escape a Japanese bombing attack. Exploring the underground tunnels, Todd was discovered by a subterranean race of "skull-men." The skull-men let Todd enter their community, and they decided to teach the surface man their ways of peace. They also gave Todd a flaming skull mask, much like the ones they wore as a reminder not to be misled by physical appearances. The skull-men also taught Todd how to become immune to fire and other secrets of theirs, and then sent Todd back to the surface to spread their ways of peace to all humanity. Calling himself the Blazing Skull, Todd became a successful crime-fighter.
[Invaders v2 #3]

A.D. December, 1940
The American government began recruiting volunteers for the Super-Soldier project. Horrified at the newsreel footage of the war in Europe, Steve Rogers decided to attempt to enlist in the American army. Ranked 4-F because he was physically weak and puny, Rogers began pleading to be accepted. Overhearing his requests, General Chester Phillips noticed that Rogers fit the profile of the type of man that Project: Rebirth was looking for. Phillips put the offer to Rogers to enlist in the project, and Rogers agreed. Rogers was flown to Washington D.C.

Child prodigy Harmon Furmintz was recruited as a candidate for the Super-Soldier project. However Furmintz was rejected when the government learned he had hemophilia.
[New Warriors #4]

After weeks of testing Steve Rogers was chosen to be the first volunteer for the Super-Soldier formula. Minutes after taking the Super-Soldier serum, Rogers was subjected to an intense dosage of radiation which Erskine had labeled Vita-Rays. Rogers' body underwent a tremendous change, as the serum and the Vita-Rays transformed him into as physically perfect and fit a human being as could be. A Nazi spy who had been observing the experiment then burst into the laboratory, killing Dr. Erskine. Erskine had committed the formula to memory, and the only notes were later stolen by Nazi spies, thus Rogers was the only person to benefit from the Super-Soldier project. Over the next few months, Steve Rogers underwent rigorous and extensive training in many forms of martial arts and fighting techniques as well as gymnastics and training in military strategy.
[Captain America v1 #255, What If? Vol. 2 #28]

With the creator of the Super-Soldier serum dead, funding was cut off by the American government to Project: Rebirth. With the demise of Project: Rebirth, Project: T.E.S.S. was cancelled as well. Professor Schumann however did not give up his work but instead continued work on his prototype robot.

A.D. 1941
Lieutenant Sam Sawyer and civilian Nicholas Fury were on a secret mission in the Netherlands to rescue a British scientist and spy in the Nazi-occupied country. Fury met Timothy "Dum Dum" Dugan, an American working as a strongman in a travelling circus, and the two became quick friends. Dugan agreed to assist Fury, and the three managed to rescue the scientist and smuggle him back to Britain.

Inspired by Fury and Sawyer, Dugan left the circus and joined the British army.

A.D. March, 1941
After months of intensive training Steve Rogers was told the mission for which he was to be assigned. He was to be used as a patriotic symbol for which the American people could rally behind, and was also to be used to combat his Nazi counterpart, the Red Skull. Rogers was given the code-name Captain America and a costume which would both conceal his identity and become a patriotic symbol, and was also given a bulletproof triangular shield. Captain America quickly proved his usefulness, as three days later he used his skills to prevent a Nazi sabotage attempt and later busted up a Nazi spy-ring.
[Captain America v1 #255]

A.D. April, 1941
Elton T. Morrow, a scientist doing research in Antarctica, discovered a giant azure diamond. On route back to America, Morrow's boat was attacked and sunk by Nazi U-boats. The explosion shattered the diamond and hundreds of particles were embedded in Morrow's skin. Morrow floated half unconscious for days before being picked up by a British destroyer. Upon examination Morrow discovered that his body had somehow absorbed the diamond particles into itself, giving his skin the hardness and durability of a diamond. Upon returning to America, Morrow became the costumed crime-fighter the Blue Diamond. However, because he was more interested in anthropology than crime-fighting, Morrow returned to civilian life after only two missions.
[Marvel Premiere #29]

A.D. Spring, 1941
The Sub-Mariner, under the control of Raitha, an undersea temptress, launched another military invasion of the surface world. The Atlanteans attacked all over the world, doing damage on several continents. The Human Torch and Toro repelled the Atlanteans, but were unsuccessful in completely stopping the Sub-Mariner. Finally, after the Atlanteans used whales and immense undersea turbines to create an enormous tidal wave which flooded Manhattan Island, the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner fought yet again. Namor finally threw off Raitha's control, and he decided to withdraw from attacking the surface.
[Marvels #1, Saga of the Original Human Torch #2]

Meranno, an Atlantean research scientist working in the city of Thakorr and childhood friend of Prince Namor's, contacted and betrayed the location of the undersea city to the German government. Adolph Hitler became committed to the destruction of the Atlanteans, and decided to hold off Germany's surprise attack against their Russian allies until June 22, 1941 so that his troops could commit themselves to Thakorr's destruction. The Nazis launched an undersea invasion of the city of Thakorr, wiping out the primitive Atlantean navy, destroying the Atlantean Hall of Science, and left Emperor Thakorr in a coma. Namor, acting as Emperor in his grandfather's place, banished Meranno from the city. Meranno then went to the Nazis and began aiding their cause, hoping that they would provide him with the means to gain vengeance on Namor.
[Saga of the Sub-Mariner #5]

Realizing that the Nazis were the true enemies of the Atlanteans, Prince Namor decided to seek out his enemy the Human Torch so that they might unite together to fight off the German threat. The Human Torch, sensing the wisdom of Namor's plans, agreed to join forces with him.
[Saga of the Sub-Mariner #5]

A.D. June, 1941
The adamantium disk created by Dr. MacLain was presented to Captain America by American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt for use as his new bulletproof shield. The disk was aerodynamic, and Captain America began using it as an offensive as well as defensive weapon. The President also informed Captain America of the military's plans to set up a civilian cover identity for him. In his civilian guise of Steve Rogers, he would be enlisted in the army so he would be more readily available for secret missions.
[Captain America v1 #255]

Captain America, in his civilian guise of Private Steve Rogers, was assigned to Camp Lehigh, Virginia.

The Hand, a Japanese ninja assassin squad, began making infiltrations onto the island nation of Madripoor.
[Uncanny X-Men#268]

A.D. Late summer, 1941
Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker kidnapped Natalia Romanova, the young Russian child in the care of Major Ivan Petrovitch. Captain America was assigned to Madripoor to meet up with Petrovitch and to track the whereabouts of Baron Strucker. While rescuing Petrovitch from a Hand attack, Captain America was himself rescued by Logan, a mutant with animal-like senses and a rapid healing factor, who was trying to prevent Hand infiltration of Madripoor. The three teamed up to rescue Romanova from the Nazis and the Hand. With Logan's help, Captain America and Major Petrovitch escaped Madripoor, and Petrovitch and Romanova made their way back to the Soviet Union.
[Uncanny X-Men #268]

A.D. Fall, 1941
Captain America was changing in his tent at Camp Lehigh when the base mascot James "Bucky" Barnes witnessed Steve Rogers removing his mask. Rogers swore Barnes to secrecy, but Bucky begged his idol to train him as his side-kick. For the next several months Captain America secretly trained Bucky in many forms of unarmed combat.

The Red Skull and Captain America had their first encounter, and the two became quick enemies.

Nicholas "Nick" Fury enlisted in the United States Army. He was assigned to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and quickly rose to the rank of sergeant. During the War Fury also became a heavyweight boxer.

Captain America assessed Bucky Barnes as being worthy enough to join him in combat, and gave him a costume and allowed him to participate in missions with him.

Captain America and Bucky helped capture the Dragon of Death, an enormous Japanese submarine the size of an island and used by the Japanese navy as one of their greatest weapons. The submarine was turned over to the American navy for study.
[Marvel Universe #1]

A.D. December 7, 1941
Bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, by the Japanese. Almost immediately afterwards America entered World War II.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

Lieutenant Sam Sawyer and Private Tim Dugan were reassigned to the United States Army's Rangers. Dugan was assigned to the company led by Sawyer, and Sawyer's Rangers battled German forces throughout Europe and northern Africa.

With America embroiled in the war, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes abandoned their military identities to participate almost full time in the war effort as Captain America and Bucky.

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill journeyed to Washington D.C. to engage in strategy talks with the American government. The Nazis, wishing to keep these talks from going ahead, sent their super-agent the Master Man to assassinate Churchill. Captain America, Bucky, the Human Torch, Toro, and the Sub-Mariner learned of the plans and defeated Master Man before he could carry out his orders. Churchill was impressed with the super-heroes, and urged them to set aside their differences for the duration of the war, and for them to band together as America and Britain's unofficial invaders. These Invaders remained together throughout the rest of the war.
[Saga of the Original Human Torch #2]

Meranno, using a combination of Atlantean and Nazi technology, managed to greatly increase his natural strength. Meranno took the code-name U-Man and began fighting alongside the Nazis.

Inspired by the exploits of Captain America, Jeffrey Mace, a news correspondent and reporter for the "Daily Bugle," assumed the costumed identity of the Patriot. The Patriot gained a reputation through his successful exploits and his weekly news broadcasts.

Inspired by Captain America, American William Nasland adopted the costumed identity of Spirit of '76 and successful fought Nazi espionage attempts on American soil.

Brian Falsworth, son of Union Jack, and his friend Roger Aubrey were British citizens living in Germany who attempted to leave the country. However the German government, believing that if they left they would reverse their anti-war position, had their passports revoked. Becoming violent, Falsworth was imprisoned. Aubrey also became upset over their treatment, and was imprisoned as well. Aubrey was turned over to the Institute of Nazi Science and was brainwashed and experimented upon. The Institute took away Aubrey's memories and managed to shrink him in size to less than one foot tall, and nicknamed him Dyna-Mite.

In prison Falsworth encountered Erich Schmitt, a German scientist who had been working on a variant of the Super-Soldier serum. Schmitt had successfully completed a version of the serum, but kept it from the Nazis because of their rough treatment of him. Dying, Schmitt turned the formula over to Falsworth. Falsworth drank the potion and was immediately physically enhanced. He escaped prison and began operating as the Mighty Destroyer, a costumed fighter of Nazis within Germany.

The Inhuman exile Phaeder and his son Maelstrom, travelling the world incognito, met and shared knowledge in genetics with Arnim Zola.

Red Raven decided to leave his aerie home and explore the world of his natural parents. Appalled at social conditions among ground dwellers, Red Raven decided to become a crime fighter.

Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, a prisoner at the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz, came down with hepatitis. Although Erik had previously demonstrated mutant abilities the disease, along with the appalling conditions at the camp, stopped the emergence of his powers during his adolescence.
[Uncanny X-Men #304]
[Date is speculative]

A.D. June 1942
Dr. Death kidnapped Professor Enoch Mason and ordered him to activate the Dimension Smasher. Mason refused, so Dr. Death booby-trapped the machine so that only Mason or himself could use it without it self-destructing. Dr. Death then activated the Dimension Smasher, drawing the extra-dimensional being known as Aarkus the Vision back to the Earth dimension. Dr. Death also re-worked the Dimension Smasher to cause it to emit a frequency which prevented the Vision from opening a dimensional portal himself. The Vision, discovering that only Mason or Dr. Death could send him back to his home, was forced to do the Nazi's bidding. Dr. Death then allowed the Vision to return to his own dimension, telling him that he would call upon him again at some time in the future.
[Invaders v2 #3, 4]

The Nazis initiated Project: Mojave, a subversive plan to force America to withdraw from the war. They planned to steal an experimental American device called the Oscillotron and use it to set off an earthquake in the Mojave desert. It was hoped that such a strategically placed earthquake would cause untold damage to the western American seaboard. The Nazis also choose the spot because much of America's poisonous gases had been stored in bunkers under the desert. They believed that the earthquake would cause the gases to be released and cause further damage and death. It was the Nazis' hope that such destruction and suffering would force America to withdraw from the war to better devote resources to humanitarian relief.
[Invaders v2 #3, 4]

Jacob Goldstein was kidnapped from Warsaw by German agents. When Nazi agents informed Johann Goldstein of this, he was forced to do their bidding. Jacob Goldstein, as the Golem, was then forced to work for the Nazis on Project: Mojave in return for his brother's safety. Dr. Death promised them that they could both go free after Project: Mojave was completed.
[Invaders v2 #4]

Colonel Sam Sawyer was forced to retire from combat duty after being injured in battle. Sawyer and Army Intelligence organized the First Strike Force, a squad of United States Army Rangers that came to be known as the Howling Commandos. Sawyer arranged for Sergeant Fury and Corporal Tim Dugan to be assigned to this team. Colonel Sawyer also became one of the first American officers to break the military's non-integration policy by inviting Private Gabriel Jones, an African American, to join the elite strike force, who accepted. The Howling Commandos gained fame and success for their brave and foolhardy combat styles.
[Date is speculative.]

Doctor James Bradley continued his work on the android he had helped create with Professor Horton. Bradley managed to solve the problem of preventing the photo-electric cells in the android's skin from bursting into flame, and decided to convert the android's powers over flame to electricity. Bradley then activated the android. He told it that it was a human being that had been struck by lightning, and that the electricity had given him amnesia. The android, believing itself to be a human, then became a costumed crime-fighter named Volton. Doctor Bradley, seeking recognition, himself eventually became a costumed crime-fighter using the alias Dr. Nemesis. Doctor Bradley was eventually contacted by the Nazis and he joined their cause. Bradley changed his costumed alias from Dr. Nemesis to Dr. Death. The Nazis managed to recruit a number of American super-heroes to their cause. Bradley himself recruited Volton. Among the others contacted and who decided to aid the Axis were the Human Meteor, Spider Queen, and Strong Man. For various reasons, these Americans opposed the war in Europe and in some cases were dedicated to stopping or resisting the Allies. The Nazis formed these American heroes into a fighting team and named them the Battle Axis.
[Invaders v2 #1, 3, 4]

Madeline Joyce was visiting her uncle's lighthouse, which he had converted into a science laboratory to study and experiment with electricity. Joyce was exploring the lab when lighting hit the building. Bombarded by thousands of volts of electricity, Joyce was thrown into a week-long coma. Upon awakening she quickly recovered from her wounds and discovered she had gained super-normal abilities. Her exposure to electricity endowed her with increased vitality and the ability to negate gravity, giving her the power of flight. Joyce decided to establish herself as a costumed crime-fighter. Calling herself Miss America, Joyce became a successful Nazi spy-buster.
[Invaders v2 #3, Marvel Premiere #29]

The Invaders were kidnapped and brainwashed by the Red Skull, although Bucky managed to escape. Under the Red Skull's orders, the Invaders committed a number of anti-American activities and acts of sabotage. Breaking into the radio station from which the Patriot aired his weekly broadcasts, Bucky put a general plea over the airwaves in an effort to recruit new super-heroes to fight the brainwashed Invaders. Blue Diamond, Jack Frost, Miss America, Red Raven, Thin Man, Whizzer, plus the Patriot responded to Bucky's plea. They banded together and formed the Liberty Legion, and freed the Invaders from the effects of the brainwashing. The Liberty Legion decided to remain together, and served on the American home-front as Nazi spy-busters and crime-fighters while the Invaders served mainly in Europe.

Montgomery Lord Falsworth and his daughter Jacqueline befriended the Invaders.

Dominic Fortune served in the American military.

The Crimson Commando, Stonewall, and Super Sabre, three American costumed adventurers, teamed up and became successful crime fighters, and also successfully fought Nazi aggression.

Jewish scientist Doctor Johann Goldstein was blackmailed into working for the Nazis in return for his brother Jacob's safety in the Warsaw ghetto, Poland. Goldstein helped construct for the Nazis a suit of armor code-named the Blue Bullet. The Blue Bullet fought the Invaders but was defeated. Goldstein agreed to aid the Invaders if they would rescue his brother from Warsaw.
[Invaders v2 #2]

Seeing in Adolph Hitler a kindred spirit, the vampire Baron Blood again offered his services to the German government. Beginning a new reign of terror in Britain Baron Blood was opposed not only by his brother Montgomery Lord Falsworth, the formerly retired Union Jack, but also by the super-hero team of the Invaders. The Invaders and Union Jack uncovered Baron Blood's true identity but during a battle with the vampire Union Jack's legs were crushed by a falling boulder. Union Jack managed to roll the boulder off of him, which then struck Baron Blood. The vampire fell backwards and was impaled on a stalagmite that had traces of silver in it, killing him. Jacqueline Falsworth, who had been bitten by Baron Blood, received a blood transfusion from the android Human Torch. The unique blood combined in her system to give her superhuman powers of speed. She assumed the costumed identity of Spitfire and joined the Invaders.

Baron Blood was later revived and continued to serve German causes.

In the Warsaw ghetto, Jacob Goldstein was transformed into a golem through a combination of cabalistic rituals, clay, and lightning. As the Golem, Jacob Goldstein aided the Invaders. When the Invaders asked Goldstein to leave with them he refused, wishing instead to remain behind in Warsaw and help aid his people.

When Johann Goldstein heard of his brother's refusal to leave Warsaw, he decided to continue aiding the Allies. Goldstein was smuggled to America.
[Invaders v2 #2]

Alfie, a German agent posing as a member of the British military, organized a team of superhuman adventurers known as the Crusaders. Alfie did this to discredit the Invaders and to further his plot to assassinate British King George VI. The Spirit of '76 moved from America to Britain to join the team, and was the only American and only non-powered individual in the group. The other members were Cap'n Wings, Dyna-Mite, Ghost Girl, Thunderfist and Tommy Lightning. Alfie managed to convince the Crusaders that the Invaders were actually Nazi agents, and the two groups fought. However the Invaders managed to uncover Alfie's plots. The Crusaders, realizing they had been fooled, disbanded.

Union Jack, Spitfire, and Dyna-Mite parachuted into Germany in the hopes of discovering a means to restore Dyna-Mite's memory. Union Jack hoped that by curing Dyna-Mite's amnesia they could find out what happened to Union Jack's son Brian. When Union Jack and Dyna-Mite were captured by Germans they were rescued by the Mighty Destroyer, who revealed his true identity to his father. Overjoyed to see his son, the two reconciled. The elder Falsworth asked his son to take over the role of Union Jack, and Brian agreed.

Union Jack II became a member of the Invaders.

Egyptian archaeologist Abdul Faoul discovered the Ruby Scarab, an ancient object that was believed to be older than Egypt itself and which was rumored to have tremendous mystical power. Faoul had been searching for the Scarab for years, and upon learning its location had the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner aid him in unearthing it. When Faoul took possession of the Scarab, its powers gave him mystical abilities. Naming himself the Scarlet Scarab, Faoul became Egypt's first costumed super-hero, defending his country from all foreign invaders.
[Thor #326]

A German scientist captured by the Allies returned Dyna-Mite to his original size. Roger Aubrey then decided to take up the abandoned identity of his friend the Mighty Destroyer and returned to Germany.

Victor Von Doom, the late-twentieth century monarch of the east European nation of Latveria and a brilliant scientist, traveled to this era using a time machine of his own invention. Von Doom contemplated killing Hitler for his attempts to eliminate the Gypsies, but decided to let history run its course. Von Doom decided to observe Nazi Germany first hand. To further his surveillance, Von Doom became an assistant to one of Germany's top scientists, Doctor Olsen.
[Marvel Universe #2]

Adolph Hitler ordered Doctor Olsen to tap the powers of the gods themselves for aid in the Nazi cause. With Victor Von Doom's assistance, Olson was successful in actually drawing Asgardian prince Thor to the Earth dimension. Hitler managed to convince Thor to fight for the Nazis and the German peoples against the Allies. Battling the Invaders, Thor blasted Union Jack with a bolt of electricity. Learning that Hitler was truly an evil person, Thor absorbed back most of the electricity in Union Jack's body. Thor then returned to the Asgardian dimension.
[Marvel Universe #2]

Observing Victor Von Doom leave the German chancellery, Baron Von Strucker followed him and saw Doom disappear when he activated his time machine. Strucker reached out to touch the portal through time, and was sucked decades into the future.
[Marvel Universe #2]

Baron Von Strucker reappeared in this era after being sent there by Victor Von Doom. In Strucker's possession were a number of books from the future detailing the Nazi's defeat and the Americans' creation of the atomic bomb. Knowing that Hitler and the Nazis were destined for defeat, Strucker began contemplating what he should do with the knowledge he had gained of the future.
[Marvel Universe #2]

Upon recovering from Thor's attack, Union Jack discovered that the mystical electricity remaining in his body gave him the superhuman ability to discharge electrical bolts.







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