A.D. June 1942
Dr. Death kidnapped Professor Enoch Mason and ordered him to activate the Dimension Smasher. Mason refused, so Dr. Death booby-trapped the machine so that only Mason or himself could use it without it self-destructing. Dr. Death then activated the Dimension Smasher, drawing the extra-dimensional being known as Aarkus the Vision back to the Earth dimension. Dr. Death also re-worked the Dimension Smasher to cause it to emit a frequency which prevented the Vision from opening a dimensional portal himself. The Vision, discovering that only Mason or Dr. Death could send him back to his home, was forced to do the Nazi's bidding. Dr. Death then allowed the Vision to return to his own dimension, telling him that he would call upon him again at some time in the future.
[Invaders v2 #3, 4]

The Nazis initiated Project: Mojave, a subversive plan to force America to withdraw from the war. They planned to steal an experimental American device called the Oscillotron and use it to set off an earthquake in the Mojave desert. It was hoped that such a strategically placed earthquake would cause untold damage to the western American seaboard. The Nazis also choose the spot because much of America's poisonous gases had been stored in bunkers under the desert. They believed that the earthquake would cause the gases to be released and cause further damage and death. It was the Nazis' hope that such destruction and suffering would force America to withdraw from the war to better devote resources to humanitarian relief.
[Invaders v2 #3, 4]

Jacob Goldstein was kidnapped from Warsaw by German agents. When Nazi agents informed Johann Goldstein of this, he was forced to do their bidding. Jacob Goldstein, as the Golem, was then forced to work for the Nazis on Project: Mojave in return for his brother's safety. Dr. Death promised them that they could both go free after Project: Mojave was completed.
[Invaders v2 #4]

Betty Barlow, a Los Angeles secretary for private detective Dan Hurley, was attending a costume party when it was interrupted by several crooks. Barlow, wearing a costume with a scorpion motif, overcame and defeated the criminals. Barlow decided to become a costumed adventurer, naming herself the Silver Scorpion.

Professor Carson, the designer of the Oscilotron and a client of Dan Hurley, began construction of a suit of battle armor. Enamored by Barlow, Carson used her as a living manikin and designed the armor to her measurements.
[Invaders v2 #2, 3]

The Nazis ordered the Battle Axis and Jacob Goldstein to travel to America, steal the Oscilotron and bring it to the secret bunker built in the Mojave desert over the depots of poisonous gas.
[Invaders v2 #1-3]
[Date is speculative]

A.D. June 22, 1942
Hearing reports that the Nazis were planning a major operation on American soil, Captain America, the Human Torch, and the Sub-Mariner returned to the United States. They discovered the Nazi submarine that was smuggling the Battle Axis back to America, but were defeated in battle. The Invaders managed to avoid being captured and executed, and the Battle Axis successfully landed in New York. There they were discovered by Miss America and the Whizzer. The two fought the Battle Axis, but the Whizzer was defeated and captured, and Miss America barely escaped with her life. The Battle Axis then journeyed to New Jersey, where they met up with Nazi agent the Sky Shark, who transported them to California in his dirigible. Miss America made her way to Liberty Legion headquarters, where she met up with the Invaders. Telling them of the plans of the Battle Axis, she and the Invaders journeyed to California. Legionnaire the Thin Man decided to remain behind in New York and contact heroes on the west coast who could aid the Invaders.

The Silver Scorpion was contacted by the Thin Man. Overhearing her conversation, her boss and boyfriend Dan Hurley demanded to accompany her. The Scorpion reluctantly agreed, and the two set off for Professor Carson so that Barlow could retrieve the Silver Scorpion armor. Upon arriving at the lab, they were surprised by the Battle Axis, who had been sent there to steal the Oscilotron. Hurley and Carson were killed, and Barlow was knocked unconscious.

In California the Invaders split up, with the Sub-mariner and the Human Torch tracking down Johann Goldstein and Captain America and Miss America tracking down Professor Carson. When the Human Torch and the Sub-mariner arrived at Goldstein's residence, they were surprised by Dr. Death and the Golem. The Human Torch was captured, but the Sub-mariner's life was saved by the Blazing Skull, who had also been contacted by the Thin man. Captain America and Miss America arrived at Professor Carson's lab only to discover the Battle Axis stealing the Oscilotron. They were quickly subdued, but their lives were saved by Betty Barlow, who donned the Silver Scorpion armor and gave Captain America and Miss America time to recover. The Silver Scorpion had overheard the Battle Axis plans, and led the remaining Invaders to the Mojave Desert.
[Invaders v2 #1-3]

A.D. June 23, 1942
The Invaders discovered the secret Nazi base and attacked, but were defeated by the Battle Axis and the Nazis' new reluctant ally, the Vision. The Invaders managed to escape confinement when they drove Volton mad with the knowledge that he was not truly human but Dr. Death's android. Attempting to stop the activation of the Oscilotron, the Invaders once again fought the Battle Axis. Johann Goldstein finally rebelled against his Nazi kidnappers, and attempted to stop Dr. Death from activating the Oscilotron but was shot dead by the Sky Shark. Dr. Death activated the Oscilotron, but was killed almost instantly by an attack from Volton. And although the Sub-Mariner destroyed the Oscillotron moments after it had been activated, the earthquake managed to destroy some of the containers beneath the compound which held the poison gas. The Vision used the smoke created by the explosion to open a portal to his realm, and journeyed through it. The portal also sucked the poisonous gas along with him. The Battle Axis and the Germans within the compound then surrendered themselves to the Invaders.
[Invaders v2 #1-3]

A.D. 1943
Captain America infiltrated and brought to a stop the subversive activities caused by the Tiboldt Circus. Fritz Tiboldt and the members of his circus who aided him were deported back to Germany.
[Date is speculative]

The Sub-Mariner journeyed to Ireland to present a gift to his human girlfriend Siobhan. However he discovered that she had been enthralled by the vampire Baron Blood. Siobhan rejected Namor for the vampire, wishing for immortality and to be Baron Blood's constant companion over Namor's infrequent visits. Spurned, Namor left the two and returned to the sea. Baron Blood then drained Siobhan of her blood.
[Namor the Sub-Mariner Annual #2]

Sergeant Nick Fury was injured by a Nazi grenade which caused damage to his head and face. The injury caused a bone chip to become imbedded in his right optic nerve. The damage to the nerve and to his left eye was only slight at the time, but Fury, realizing surgery would probably take him out of the War, opted not to be hospitalized. However over time Fury's sight in his left eye became progressively worse.
[Date is speculative]

While active in the Liberty Legion, the Whizzer and Miss America were engaged to be married. Soon after the Whizzer and Miss America left the Liberty Legion and joined the Invaders.

Citizen V led Allied troops on an invasion of Poznan, Poland, to confront Baron Zemo. However Zemo got the best of Citizen V and shot and then killed the British hero with his bare hands.
[Thunderbolts #-1]

While in the process of apprehending some criminals, an innocent bystander was killed when a crook fired at the Avenging Angel and missed. Anguished over the death of an innocent, Thomas Halloway decided he couldn't risk becoming the Angel ever again, and began looking for a method to atone for the guilt he felt. For years Halloway obsessed over how to strategically eliminate crime as thoroughly as possible.
[U.S. Agent #4]
[Date is speculative]

Egyptian archaeologist Abdul Faoul discovered the Ruby Scarab, an ancient object that was believed to be older than Egypt itself and which was rumored to have tremendous mystical power. Faoul had been searching for the Scarab for years, and upon learning its location had the Human Torch and the Sub-Mariner aid him in unearthing it. When Faoul took possession of the Scarab, its powers gave him mystical abilities. Naming himself the Scarlet Scarab, Faoul became Egypt's first costumed super-hero, defending his country from all foreign invaders.
[Thor #326]

Agamemnon's son Helmut and his family were seized by Nazi agents and separated. His invulnerability prevented the Nazis from tattooing his arm, and although they were curious over his impenetrability the Nazis decided to kill him anyway. Helmut was interred in the slave labor camp at Dachau and sent to the gas chambers. Knocked out by the gas, Helmut was believed to be dead by the Nazis and they dumped his body into a mass grave, where the bodies of their victims were left to rot. However Helmut recovered from the effects of the gas and dug his way out of the bodies. It was then that he discovered that he was completely invulnerable.
[Incredible Hulk #387]
[Date is speculative]

The immortal half-god known as Agamemnon "recruited" his son Helmut into the Pantheon. Helmut eventually became known as Achilles.
[Incredible Hulk #401]
[Date is speculative]

Gabrielle Haller, a young Jewish girl, was imprisoned in the Nazi death-camp Dachau. Unlike her family, Haller was favored by the Nazi commanders, who kept her alive as an object of pleasure.
[Date is speculative]

Birth of Hal Chandler in Los Angeles, California.

The Red Skull, not content to be a subordinate, began covertly kidnapping and assassinating a number of Hitler's top advisors. In this way the Skull quickly rose to become the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany.

Infuriated by Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker's constant defeats by Sergeant Nick Fury and Strucker's failure to destroy the French village of Cherbeaux, Adolph Hitler ordered Strucker's death. The Red Skull, who was making plans to supplant Hitler as the head of the Nazi Party, aided Strucker in his fleeing to the Far East. The Skull assigned Strucker to organize a power base there.

Reaching Japan, Strucker allied himself with members of the Japanese underworld and became the mastermind behind a secret society that was planning on world domination. This society, titled HYDRA by Strucker, made a number of successful raids on war plants and equipment storehouses throughout the world. Deeming HYDRA strong enough for his motives, Strucker assassinated the head of the organization and became Supreme Hydra. Strucker broke off his ties with the Red Skull.
[Marvel Universe #1]

HYDRA began construction of a fortress on a small Pacific island which became their principal base and was later named HYDRA Island. While building HYDRA's arsenal, Strucker also recruited a number of brilliant scientists to help aid him in constructing an atom bomb. HYDRA was close to constructing atomic weapons when the island was invaded by Captain Simon Savage and his squad the Leatherneck Raiders, and also by their Japanese counterparts the Samurai Squad. The HYDRA fortress was destroyed, but Strucker and a number of HYDRA agents escaped.

Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker organized a group of scientists to create high tech weaponry for his subversive organization HYDRA. These scientists would eventually become known as Advanced Idea Mechanics, or A.I.M.

Baron Strucker returned to Europe and managed to gain Hitler's forgiveness, and was reestablished as one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany. Secretly, Strucker began channeling Nazi funds and armaments into HYDRA.
[Marvel Universe #1]

A.D. June 6, 1944
Logan, the mutant with enhanced senses and healing ability, served in the Canadian Military and rose to the rank of Corporal. Serving in the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, Logan paratrooped into Normandy with his men but were discovered by German soldiers. Using only his knife, Logan managed to fight off their German attackers.
[Wolverine v2 #34]

The Dragon of Death, the enormous Japanese submarine in the possession of the United States Navy, was captured and seized by agents of HYDRA. Baron Strucker ordered HYDRA scientists aboard the submarine to begin construction of an atomic bomb.
[Marvel Universe #1]

A.D. Summer 1944
Sometime before this Arnim Zola implanted his body into a clone.

The Red Skull, learning that Baron Strucker was developing a process of suspended animation, requested from the Baron samples of his experimental gases and elixirs.
[Marvel Universe #1]

Fearing that HYDRA was close to constructing an atomic bomb, the American government sent Captain America, the Human Torch, and the Sub-Mariner back to America to combat HYDRA's threat. The Invaders and the Whizzer journeyed to Hanford, Washington to safeguard the U.S. government's transportation of plutonium. The Whizzer, disguised as an army courier transporting the plutonium, was kidnapped by HYDRA agents. The Whizzer and his satchel, containing nothing but low-grade radium, was transported to the Dragon of Death. Once aboard, the Whizzer quickly escaped his cell and made his way to the command center, where he sent a signal alerting the Invaders to the Dragon's coordinates. The Invaders attacked the enormous sub, causing enormous damage. Knowing that the Dragon was lost, Baron Strucker initiated plans to scuttle the submarine, hoping that he would destroy the Invaders. Strucker then fled. With his means to construct an atomic bomb gone, Strucker returned to Germany and resumed his role as a faithful Nazi agent.
[Marvel Universe #1, 2, 3]

Reports of glowing floating creatures in the woods near the village of Gruenstadt, Germany reached Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker and Professor Wilhelm Schmidt. Travelling to the village with Schmidt, Strucker discovered two Gnobians, a race of alien beings who wandered the universe recording different cultures' collective memories. Strucker discovered the entrance to the Gnobians' underground compound, and he and his men entered. Upon discovering the Gnobians' queen mother and her eggs, Strucker offered to become her guide on Earth. Using her telepathy the queen established a mental link with Strucker, who through the link saw the advanced technology that the Gnobians had access to. Strucker revealed his plans to Schmidt to use the alien technology to create weapons of mass destruction. Schmidt, realizing Strucker's madness, took one of the Gnobian eggs and hid it without Strucker's knowledge. Strucker, wishing no one else to be aware of the Gnobians' existence, ordered his troops to return to the village and eradicate everyone there. Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos, on a mission to capture Strucker, approached the village of Gruenstadt. Arriving too late to prevent the slaughter of the villagers, the Howling Commandos attacked and wiped out Strucker's troops. During the battle Strucker and Schmidt were knocked out from the concussion from a grenade, and rubble collapsed upon them. Strucker awoke with deep wounds upon his face and a deep hatred towards Fury for wiping out his personal guard. Strucker and Schmidt rushed back to the Gnobian compound. In pain and dying, Strucker pleaded with the Gnobian queen to save his life. The queen reached out with her mind to form a link with Strucker to heal him. This time his pain and hatred overwhelmed her, and his madness became hers. Because the Gnobians were a group collective consciousness, her madness spread to her young. Strucker was revived by the link, although his face remained deeply scarred. Strucker then seized the Gnobians' information disks which contained knowledge of alien weapons and technology. Wishing no one else to gain the knowledge, Strucker used his gun to destroy the machine. A Kree Sentry purchased by the Gnobians to protect them then activated itself to prevent Strucker from doing further harm, and Strucker and Schmidt were forced to flee the complex. The Sentry, realizing that the Gnobians had been infected, decided to shut down all systems and placed the Gnobians in a state of mental suspended animation. Professor Schmidt returned to his life with the Gnobian egg. Because it had not been born at the time of its queen's link with Strucker, it was not infected with Strucker's madness. The creature eventually emerged from the egg, although it was much more shorter and stunted than the rest of its kind. Schmidt decided to raise the young Gnobian, naming it Lump.
[Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #3, 4, 5]

A.D. Summer 1944
Margaret "Peggy" Carter, beloved of Captain America and a member of the French resistance, was captured by the German Gestapo and held prisoner in Paris. During the city's liberation by the Allied forces a shell exploded near Carter and she was knocked unconscious. Although she recovered from her wounds the explosion left her amnesiac. Carter was identified by her fellow Resistance members and sent home to her family in America. Since Captain America had only known Carter by her code name he had no way of discovering her condition or whereabouts.
[Date based on historical accounts]

Late A.D. Summer 1944
In Auschwitz, as the Nazis began becoming more and more ruthless towards the prisoners, Erik Lehnsherr finally developed the urge to seek revenge on his captors and struck and killed a guard. Fleeing with another prisoner, Magda, the two escaped into the countryside. They wandered south into the Carpathian Mountains, where the two began rebuilding their lives. Erik and Magda fell in love with each other, and were eventually married.
[Classic X-Men #19]
[Date based on historical accounts]

The Invaders helped Allied troops liberate a concentration camp in Bitburg, Germany. As the Invaders were storming the camp they interrupted Nazi troops filling in a mass grave of victims of the death camp. When the Sub-Mariner observed the hundreds of bodies in the mile-long pit, he decided to personally avenge the victims by killing all the Nazis in the camp. However Captain America managed to convince him that the correct course of action was for the Nazis to stand trial for their crimes. The Sub-Mariner gave in to Captain America's wisdom, but he learned the horrors of genocide, and became committed to stopping the Nazis not merely because they threatened the Atlanteans but because of their evil and degradation.
[Namor the Sub-Mariner Annual #1]

During the last days of the war, knowing that the Nazis were almost finished, Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker ordered that a cache of Nazi gold be hidden in Kenya, Africa. He also ordered that the location of the gold be revealed only to Gabrielle Haller, so that after the war she could lead him to the location. However the process that planted the information in Haller's brain rendered her insane, and she retreated into a waking coma. The location of the Nazi gold was lost.
[Uncanny X-Men #161]

A.D. January, 1945
The Nazi death-camp at Auschwitz was liberated by the Russian army. Among the American army personnel present at the liberation was Major Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

Early A.D. 1945
Sergeant Nick Fury was in France when he was separated from his squad. Fleeing from a Nazi patrol, Fury stumbled into a field and set off a hidden mine. Fury was gravely injured, but saved from death by French Partisans, who brought him to Professor Sternberg, a local doctor. Sternberg operated on Fury, saving his life. However Sternberg was also experimenting with potions that would prolong life, and without Fury's knowledge decided to test his "Infinity Potion" on him.

One week later, the Professor's home was bombed by American bombers. Fury managed to escape unharmed, and eventually was reunited with the Howling Commandos.
[Marvel Spotlight #31]

Kenji Oyama, an experienced Japanese fighter pilot, volunteered to run a kamikaze mission against an American ship. However the explosives aboard his plane failed to detonate and Oyama survived, although he was horribly scarred. He was captured by the Americans and held as a prisoner of war.
[Alpha Flight #34, Daredevil #198]

Swiss biochemist Arnim Zola presented Adolph Hitler with technology that would preserve his consciousness, memory and brain patterns after his death. Zola also told Hitler that he had perfected a cloning process. Hitler, intrigued at the possibility that he would be able to live forever through these means, began funding Zola's projects and allowed the scientist to take cell samples and a record of his brain patterns. Using these, Zola successfully cloned Hitler's brain. Zola then instructed Hitler on how to transfer his consciousness into the cloned brain whenever he chose.

Captain America and Bucky were assigned to Britain to prevent Nazi attempts of sabotage at Allied bases.

Infuriated at his constant defeats at the hands of Captain America and Bucky, the Red Skull ordered Baron Heinrich Zemo to go to England and capture and kill the duo, under the fabrication of attempting to steal an experimental drone plane.

Captain America, learning of the plans of the Red Skull to construct doomsday devices, parachuted into Berlin to stop him. Defeating the Skull, the two were almost killed by an Allied air raid on Berlin. Captain America crawled from the rubble and was rescued by the Allies and returned to England. The Red Skull also survived the explosion. However in the attack a canister containing experimental gas was released and its effects caused the Red Skull to fall into suspended animation. The Red Skull remained undiscovered amidst the rubble for decades.

A.D. April 12, 1945
With the death of American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt the Invaders went on full alert. The Sub-Mariner was ordered to the Pacific to aid against Japanese kamikaze bombers. Spitfire and Union Jack were ordered to safeguard British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
[Saga of the Original Human Torch #2]
[Date based on historical accounts]

Allied intelligence, discovering Baron Zemo's plans to steal the experimental drone plane, assigned Captain American and Bucky to safeguard the project. Rushing to the site, they arrived shortly after Zemo. One of Baron Zemo's androids knocked out the duo. Disgusted at their patriotic costumes, Zemo instructed the android to dress the heroes in their army clothing. Zemo then instructed his androids to lash Captain America and Bucky to the bomb-loaded drone plane.

The Avengers, a group of costumed adventurers from the late 20th century, Captain America among them, journeyed back in time to this point in intangible form to witness this event. However the intangibility faded, and Captain America and the Avengers became visible. The Avengers battled Zemo and his androids, but started fading back into intangibility. Before disappearing, the future Captain America hurled his shield at his past self, severing the bonds that bound him and Bucky to the plane. Awakening, the 1940's Captain America freed himself and Bucky. Zemo however launched the plane towards Berlin. Knowing that the plane was booby trapped, Captain America and Bucky raced after it on a motorcycle. Leaping aboard, the duo started to crawl towards the bomb's trigger. However before they could disarm the bomb, the plane blew up in mid-air. Bucky was killed, and Captain America fell into the Atlantic Ocean. The combination of the freezing water and the Super-Soldier serum in his blood threw Captain America into a state of suspended animation.

After witnessing these events the Avengers used their time machine to return to their own era.

Captain America's body eventually made its way to the Arctic Circle, where it froze in a block of ice. His body was eventually discovered by indigenous people who lived in the area and he was worshipped by them as a holy object.

Believing his greatest enemy dead, Baron Zemo, fearing persecution from the Allied powers, fled to South America, leaving his wife Hilda and son Helmut behind in Germany. Over the next few decades Zemo continued his plans for world conquest.

During the later days of the war Agamemnon faked his death and returned to his home in the Mount, Nevada.
[Incredible Hulk #401]

During the last few weeks of the war Baron Blood was killed again after being impaled by a wooden stake. Because the Baron was of noble blood his body was entombed in the Tower of London.

With the Allies winning the war Baron Strucker ordered that the Nazi super-agents Master Man and Warrior Woman be placed in suspended animation. The two German agents were placed in two different hidden laboratories in the city of Berlin.
[Namor the Sub-Mariner #10]

A.D. April 29, 1945
The Nazi death camp at Dachau was liberated by units of the American army. As the Allies were investigating the camp one half of an alien mystical gem, the Resurrection Stone, appeared after being sent backwards in time by an alien archaeologist. The piece of the Stone was found by prisoner Sol Rosenblatt who discovered it had the power to return the dead to life. However because it was incomplete the gem only returned the soul to the corpse while leaving the body dead. Rosenblatt used the power of the Stone to resurrect his dead family who had been killed by the Nazis before the Allies liberated the camp. In pursuit of the Stone the Avengers, costumed adventurers from the late 20th century, journeyed to this era. The Avenger Beast convinced Rosenblatt that what he was doing was wrong and convinced him to hand over the Stone. Once in possession of the mystical gem the Avengers returned to their own time.
[Avengers #209]
[Date based on historical accounts.]

With the liberation of Dachau Gabrielle Haller was freed. Upon her release Baron Strucker ordered HYDRA that she be continuously placed under secret surveillance in the hope that one day her sanity returned.
[Uncanny X-Men #161]

With the Allies invading Berlin Baron Strucker fled the city and returned to the Orient.

A.D. April 30, 1945
Adolph Hitler, aware of the approaching Russian troops which had invaded Berlin, and sensing his imminent defeat, planed on killing his body and willing his consciousness into the cloned brain constructed for him by Arnim Zola. However Hitler was interrupted by the arrival of the Human Torch and Toro, who planned on capturing Hitler and bringing him to trial. Before Hitler could activate a device that would destroy the bunker and everyone in it the Human Torch set him ablaze. As he was dying Hitler transferred his consciousness to the cloned brain which Zola had stored safely away.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

Before the last remaining Nazi officers in Hitler's bunker destroyed his and Eva Braun's bodies, Hitler's body was examined by his personal dentist. The dentist identified Hitler's body by the last remaining evidence, Hitler's dentures. Overcome with grief for his dead leader, the dentist took the false teeth.
[Howard the Duck Magazine #4]

The New York newspaper "The Daily Bugle" discovered that Captain America and Bucky had disappeared. They published an article, but the American government wished to keep this information secret and denied the truth.

Peggy Carter was told of Captain America's disappearance. Believing her beloved to be dead, Carter became extremely depressed and entered a period of prolonged mourning.

American President Harry Truman asked the costumed crime fighter the Spirit of '76 to assume the role of Captain America. Fred Davis, a young boy who had aided Bucky Barnes in the past, became the second Bucky. Serving as members of the Invaders Captain America II and Bucky II battled the Japanese in the Pacific. The American public believed these new Captain America and Bucky to be the originals.

Peggy Carter was not told of the "reappearance" of this Captain America. Her family was afraid that such news would only further harm her mental condition.

A.D. Late spring, 1945
The Sub-Mariner was reassigned to the Pacific to aid against Japanese kamikaze bombers.
[Saga of the Sub-Mariner #5]

A.D. July 16, 1945
Detonation of the first atomic bomb at Alamogordo, New Mexico. The explosion was detected by monitors being used by Thanos of Titan, who from then on developed an interest in Earth and began closely monitoring the planet.
[Date based on historical accounts.]

Allied leaders met in the German city of Potsdam to discuss the future of Germany and to clarify and implement agreements previously reached at the Yalta Conference. Among the principle representatives attending the Conference were American President Harry Truman, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin, and Atlantean Prince Namor. Escorting President Truman was Captain America II. Escorting Premier Stalin was the Soviet Union's foremost costumed adventurer the Red Guardian.
[Namor the Sub-Mariner Annual #1]
[Date based on historical accounts.]

A.D. July 16, 1945
The Red Guardian, Captain America II, and the Sub-Mariner discovered a plot by Nazi agents to sabotage the Potsdam Conference. While the Nazis believed they were going to use a device to mentally take over the minds of the Allied leaders, their leader, General Brinkhaus, intended to die gloriously by exploding the device directly underneath the building where the Conference was being held. The trio were too late to prevent the explosion, but while the Sub-Mariner stabilized the building's supports the Red Guardian and Captain America II managed to rescue the leaders and dignitaries.
[Namor the Sub-Mariner Annual #1]
[Date based on historical accounts.]

A.D. August 14, 1945
The Japanese surrendered, ending the Second World War.
[Date based on historical accounts.]







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