While I may think of myself as a good-for-nothing know-it-all, I sadly realize that I don't know everything. I would recommend anyone who sees anything incorrect in this chronology to get in touch with me so that I could correct the mistakes. Any feedback is recommended, from pointing out gross errors, slight inconsistencies, or spelling and grammar mistakes, even comments on whether or not you thought this project was a complete waste of time and space. If you see something I've missed and think should be included in this chronology, don't be afraid to write, and I'd more than likely be happy to include it. Since I gave up collecting new comics about three years ago and stuck to buying from the back-issue bins, I'm sure there are some recent comics that give additional information that could be included in the UCOTMU. I get the feeling there might be some disagreement on where I placed the date of births of some of the characters in the "Pre-FF #1" chapters, so feedback on that would be appreciated as well.

As this third edition proves, this chronology isn't a finished project. And even though I believe I have exhausted my sources, there are still comics out there I don't own, and new stories come along all the time which help shed light on the past of the Marvel universe. If you have any relevant information, or wish to get in contact with me for whatever reason, please feel free to e-mail at ( or write to me at:

Robert Wicks
52 Moores Drive
Mount Pearl, Newfoundland
A1N - 3T9


PART I: Restricted Access

Although I consider myself a true Marvel fan, my collection is in no way complete. Also, although the UCOTMU is my baby, I'm not being paid to write this thing, and sometimes work, university and play takes me away from it for long periods at a time. This section contains a list of comics which I either do not currently possess, those that I haven't had time to add, or those which I am still debating if they are significant enough to add. For those which I do not own, I have nothing against the extremely wonderful people who have answered some of my questions or re-capped most of those issues, but I'd feel a lot more comfortable having access to them first hand before I entered the events in them into the UCOTMU. I'm providing this list so that those who have access to these issues can look them up for themselves, and as a reminder to myself that there are still events in Marvel continuity that I have not yet placed in the Chronology. I'm usually aware of the stories in these issues, so please, no need to re-cap them for me.

Many will probably be aware that I kept on pushing the release date for this edition further into the future, and there are two reasons for it. The first is the above mentioned other pursuits in my life, and the second is that although I may not always be writing the Chronology, I continue to do my research by going through and re-reading my collection and purchasing more new and used comics. Thus I have a pile of comics that needed to be added to the UCOTMU. However because I have promised the release of this edition months ago, I decided with the rate I discover new information against the amount of writing I do this thing will never be posted. Thus instead of adding those comics I decided to just fine-tool the stuff I already have written. Anyway, included in this list are the comics I have not added. But don't fret, this means that you all can look forward to a fourth edition of the UCOTMU!

All-Winners Squad - "What If?" (vol. 1) #4
Anomaly - "Quasar" #20
Apocalypse - "Black Knight: Exodus," "Rise of Apocalypse" #1, 2, 3, 4
Arsenal - "Avengers Annual" #9
Asgardians - "Earth X" #5
Avalon - "Avengers" (vol. 1) #225, 226
Avengers - "West Coast Avengers" #20, 21, 22, 23
Badoon - "Defenders" #28
Baron Mordo - "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" #7, 8
Beast - "Uncanny Origins" #6
Belasco - "Marvel Super-Heroes" #1
Berserker - "Avengers" (vol. 1) #208
Blackbeard - "Fantastic Four" (vol. 1) #5
Black Knight I - "J2" #10
Black Knight III - "Black Knight: Exodus"
Black Knight IV - "Avengers" (vol. 1) #225, 226, "Black Knight: Exodus"
Black Marvel - "Captain America" (vol. 1) #441
Black Tower of M'Kumbe - "Fantastic Four" (vol. 1) #241
Black Widow - "Marvel Comics Presents" #130, "Solo Avengers" #7
Blazing Skull - "Midnight Sons Unlimited" #9
Bloodscream - "Wolverine" #78
Bloodstone, Ulysses - "Marvel Presents" #2
Blue Diamond - "Marvel Two-In-One" #79
Brethren - "Silver Surfer" (vol. 3) #61
Captain America - "Captain America" (vol. 1) #194, 247, 371, "Captain America: Medusa Effect", "Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty" #6, "Marvel Fanfare" (vol. 1) #5, "Wolverine Winter Special"
Caretakers - "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" #26, 27, 31, "Fear" #23
Celestials - "Blackwulf" #9, "Earth X" #0
Christians, Isaac - "Gargoyle" #1, 2, 3, 4
Citizen V - "Captain America/Citizen V," "Thunderbolts '97"
Clan Destine - "Clan Destine" #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, "X-Men and Clan Destine" #1, 2
Cleopatra - "Strange Tales" (vol. 1) #124
Conan - "Conan Saga" # 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94
Contemplator - "Silver Surfer" (vol. 3) #12
Cotati - "Silver Surfer" (vol. 3) #12
Cyclops - "X-Men" (vol. 1) #38
Darkhold - "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" #11
Deadly Ernest - "Alpha Flight" (vol. 1) #8
Dekker, Red Tom - "Incredible Hulk Annual" #16
Doc Savage - "Marvel Two-In-One" #21
Doctor Doom - "Doctor Strange/Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment," "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" #34
Doctor Octopus - "Spider-Man Unlimited" #3
Doctor Strange - "Doctor Strange" (vol. 2) #50, 51, 52, 53, 56, "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" #11
Dracula - "Dracula Lives!" #3, 5
D'Spayre - "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" #33
Dweller in Darkness - "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" #33
Electra - "Electra: Assassin" #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Exodus - "Black Knight: Exodus"
Firelord - "Uncanny Origins" #4
Fin Fang Foom - "Legion of Night" #1, 2
Flashbacks - "Alpha Flight" (vol. 2) #-1, "Amazing Spider-Man" #-1, "Cable" (vol. 2) #-1, "Daredevil" #-1, "Deadpool" (vol. 3) #-1, "Electra" #-1,  "Excaliber" #-1, "Ghost Rider" (vol. 2) #-1, "Journey Into Mystery" #-1, "Ka-Zar" (vol. 3) #-1, "Peter Parker, Spider-Man" #-1, "Sensational Spider-Man"   #-1, "Silver Surfer" (vol. 3) #-1, "Spectacular Spider-Man" #-1, "Uncanny X-Men" #-1, "Untold Tales of Spider-Man" #-1, "What If?" (vol. 2) #-1, "Wolverine" (vol. 2) #-1, Venom #-1, "X-Factor" #-1
Gambit - "Gambit" (vol. 1) #1, 2, 3, 4, "Rogue" #1, 2, 3, 4
Gehenna - "Wolverine" (vol. 2) #13
Ghost Rider - "Ghost Rider" (vol. 2) #43
Godzilla - "Godzilla" #1
Hammer, Caleb - "Marvel Premiere" #54
Hellstorm, Daimon - "Hellstorm" #2, 16
Hercules - "Marvel Super-Heroes" #1
High Evolutionary - "Amazing Spider-Man Annual" #22
Hyborian Age - "Conan Saga" #51, 52, 53, 54, "Handbook of the Conan Universe" #1
Iron Man - "Iron Man" #287
Invaders - "Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty" #2, 3, 4, "Fantastic Four Annual" #11, "Invaders" (vol. 1) #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, "Invaders Annual #1, "Thor Corps" #1, 2
Iron Man - "Iron Man: The Iron Age" #1
Jack the Ripper - "Eternals Annual" #1
Jorken-Kront War - "Strong Guy Reborn" #1
King Solomon's Frog - "Black Panther" (vol. 1) #1
Korgon - "Fantastic Four" (vol. 1) #224, 225
K'un-L'un - "Namor the Sub-Mariner" #23
Lascaux Cave - "Silver Surfer" (vol. 3) #51
Lilith - "Ghost Rider" (vol. 2) #31
M - "Generation X" #40
Magneto - "Uncanny X-Men" #304
Major Maple Leaf - "Alpha Flight" (vol. 1) #106
Mantok - "Defenders" #31
Mephisto - "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" #8
Mister Fantastic - "Fantastic Four" (vol. 1) #11, 381, 406, 407, 408, 409, "Fantastic Four" (vol. 3) #5, "Fantastic Four Unlimited" #12, "Fantastic Four Unplugged" #3, "Marvel Team-Up" (vol. 1) #132, 133
Mister Jip - "Strange Tales" (vol. 2) #11
Mister Sinister - "The Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix" #1, 2, 3, 4
Moebius Stone of Agamotto - "Secret Defenders" #16
Monster Hunters - "Marvel Universe" #4, 5, 6, 7
Mordred the Mystic - "Marvel Chillers" #2, "Marvel Two-In-One" #33
Namora - "Sub-Mariner" #50
Nazis - "Punisher" (vol. 2) #46
Neuri - "Excaliber" #46, "Wolverine: Bloodlust"
Nightcrawler - "Excaliber" #76, 77
Nighthawk - "Defenders" #32
Nox - "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" #32
Obliterator - "Silver Surfer" (vol. 3) #6
Omega Red - "Cable" (vol. 2) #9, 10
Overmind - "Quasar" #16
Parker, Ben and May - "Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man Annual" #4
Professor X - "X-Men" (vol. 1) #1, 38
Punisher - "Nam" #67, 68, 69, "Punisher War Journal" #18
Rawhide Kid - "Rawhide Kid" (vol. 2) #1, 2, 3, 4, "Thor Corps" #3
Red Wolf - "Marvel Comics Presents" #15, "Marvel Spotlight" #1
Ruined - "Fantastic Four" (vol. 3) #1
Sabretooth - "Mystique and Sabretooth" #1, 2, "Uncanny X-Men" #326
Salem witch trials - "Dracula Lives" #1, "Marvel Team-Up" (vol. 1) #41, 42, 43, 44
Satannish - "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" #8
Savage Land - "Ka-Zar" #18
Silver Surfer - "Silver Surfer" (vol. 1) #1, "Silver Surfer" (vol. 3) #5, 23, 130
Sise-neg - "Marvel Premiere" #12, 13, 14
Skrulls - "Conspiracy" #2
Skull the Slayer - "Marvel Two-In-One" #35, 36, "Skull the Slayer" #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Sphinx - "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" #32, "Fantastic Four" (vol. 1) #212, "Marvel Two-In-One" #91
Stranger - "Quasar" #16
Sub-Mariner - "Saga of the Sub-Mariner" #3, 4, 6
Sword of Kaluu - "Sub-Mariner" #63, 64, 65, 66
Taboo - "Werewolf By Night" (vol. 1) #13, 14, 28, 29, 30
Team X - "Maverick" #6, 7
Terror - "Sensational She-Hulk" #15, 16, 17
Thing - "Marvel Fanfare" (vol. 1) #46, "Marvel Two-In-One" #77, "Thing" #2
Thin Man - "Marvel Comics Presents" #34
3-D Man - "Incredible Hulk" #251, 252
Tremellyn, Ennis - "Marvel Two-In-One" #49
Tunguska Explosion - "Marvel Two-In-One" #34
Universal Church of Truth - "Strange Tales" (vol. 1) #178
Venus - "Champions" #1, 2, 3, "Sub-Mariner" #57
Vikings - "Thor" (vol. 1) #342
Wakanda - "Earth X" #4
War Machine - "War Machine" #1, 15
Werewolves - "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" #26, 27, 31
Wolverine - "Daredevil" (vol. 1) #249, "Logan: Shadow Society," "Marvel Comics Presents" #41, 52, 63, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 88, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 134, 154, "Uncanny X-Men" #363, "Uncanny X-Men Annual" #4, "WildC.A.T.S./X-Men: The Golden Age," "WildC.A.T.S./X-Men: Team X/Team 7, ""Wolverine" (vol. 2) #9, 21, 26, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 78, 79, 85, 87, 97, 98, 103, 106, 113, 126, 127, "Wolverine '97," "Wolverine: Path of the Warlord," "Wolverine: Shadow Society,"  "X-Men Unlimited" #15
Zenn-La - Silver Surfer" (vol. 1) #1
Zola, Arnim - "Excaliber" #36, "Marvel Universe" #2
Zota of Pergamum - "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" #33


PART II: Uncertainties

Now its time for you to get involved! This section contains the questions which I still need answers to. However probably more than half of them I believe have not yet been answered in any Marvel comic. Another problem is that a lot of these events have no approximate date set as to when they occurred. I would like anyone who has any information about these questions to get in touch with me so that I can include it in the chronology. Please list issue numbers when such events were revealed. Like I said, some of these questions, as far as I know, have never been answered, so writers start typing!

Agamemnon - I don't know who or what Agamemnon's parents were, and when was he born? He has mentioned that he has gone through "more than a millennium of acne." He claims to be the offspring of a mortal woman and a god, but which god? When did he first venture to Asgard, or is he from there? Is Vali Halfling his birth name? I know that Agamemnon had contact with the Troyjans centuries ago, but exactly when is unknown.

Agamotto - What exactly is Agamotto? Was he ever a mortal being? What are his origins? When exactly did he create his three Eyes? According to "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" #2 he has had disciples from Earth's dimension, but unknown is the name of his first disciple or exactly when he tutored with Agamotto.

Anachronauts - Raa of the Caves, what era is he from? He mentioned in "Avengers Annual" #22 that "I long ago tired of doing battle with sabre-tooths." So he could be from anywhere between 40,000 to 10,000 B.C. What era is Sssith the Serpent Man from? He could be from anywhere between 1,000,000 to 10,000 B.C.!

Apocalypse - Apocalypse has claimed to have been worshipped by the ancient Egyptians as Set. However Set worshippers had started worshipping Seth centuries before Apocalypse's birth. Did Apocalypse try to revive Set worship? Were Set worshippers still active in Egypt after Apocalypse's birth? Or was it merely that Apocalypse does not know that Set and Seth are actually two separate beings? Also, that celestial spaceship that Apocalypse entered in the A.D. 1100's, was that Ship/Professor? If it wasn't, did Apocalypse use that ship to journey into space and then steal Ship? All I know is what Ship said in "X-Factor" #46, "Apocalypse defied you, the, my real masters...And he stole me." So when did Apocalypse encounter the Celestials?

Asgardians - According to "Earth X" #5, the Asgardians are actually shape-changing aliens. Anyone else buying this? Does this mean every other Earth pantheon are shape changers and are the same race as the Asgardians?

Atlanteans - What are the origins of the Homo mermani?

Avenging Angel - What years was he active as an adventurer?

Belasco - A lot of doubt and questions have arose over Belasco's account of his and Dante Alighieri's journey to Pangea. I tend to agree that it is highly unlikely that the ancient Pangeans' amusement park would so closely resemble Greek and Christian beliefs about Hell. Therefore it is extremely probable that Belasco reconfigured the park based on "The Inferno," and not that the park inspired Dante. So what is unknown is exactly when Belasco first journeyed to Pangea. Presumably it was after the 1320's, when Dante Alighieri's "The Inferno" was published, but it could have been anytime afterwards. Also unknown is how he lost his arm.

Black Widow II - How is it that someone born before 1940 still looks like she's approximately 30 years old? Apparently she has received a version of the Super-Soldier Serum, but when and from whom? However even if this is true this still doesn't explain why she has aged so incredibly slowly. Like Captain America or Nomad, did she spend time in suspended animation?

Blade - How old is he? What is his real name? What were his parents' names, and where was he born?

Blazing Skull - Who were those mysterious "skull-men" that gave the Blazing Skull his mask and taught him his powers? What were their origins? What happened to them? What happened to the Blazing Skull after World War II?

Book of the Vishanti - What are this book's origins?

Brethren - Exactly when were they created by the Celestials? Why did the Celestials abandon them?

Burke - How old was this External, and what was his origin?

Candra - How old is this External, and what is her origin? How long ago did she establish the thieves and assassins guilds in New Orleans? She mentioned that she did so centuries ago, but I'd like more of an exact date.

Celestials - What exactly are their true origins and purpose? Are they extra-dimensional, or was that realm that the Fantastic Four traveled through in "Fantastic Four" (vol. 1) #319 merely filled with Celestial M-bodies? Are they created from "living galaxies," or were they once mortal beings, ala Franklin Richards? Or is it that different Celestials have their own unique origins?

Cobra Crown - Who or what created this replica of the Serpent Crown, and how was a link established between the two items?

Corsair - How long did he spend in the Shi'ar slave pens before escaping?

Cosmic Pantheon - It is unknown if beings such as Hate, In-Betweener, Love, Numinus, Origin, and Phoenix were created at the beginning of the universe, or sometime afterwards. Are they extra-dimensional, as Anomaly claimed to be, or were they once mortal beings who ascended to power like Kronos did? Do they have origins similar to Eon's? What exactly are their individual origins?

Crule - What is this External's origin? He has invoked the names of Mithra and of Ishtar, implying an ancient Middle Eastern origin, but that's about all that is known of his ancient past. Gideon mentioned that he knew him when Crule was working for the Nazis in their cremation ovens, but exactly where and when this meeting took place is unknown.

Diablo - When Dracula ruled all of Transylvania in the 1460's, for some reason he ignored Diablo. Diablo retained his rule over a small corner of Transylvania up until the late 1800's. Why? Did Dracula take Diablo's lands and leave him alive, only for Diablo to return at some later date after Dracula decided to stop playing an active role in the country's politics? I'm assuming the two must have had some sort of confrontation, but if they did, I don't think it has ever been revealed.

Doctor Doom - How old was he when he first met Reed Richards? It has been mentioned to me that they are similar in age, but is there any proof of this? How long did he spend with the Tibetan monks before returning to Latveria? Exactly how did he overthrow the previous monarchy? When did he become ruler of Latveria?

Dragon of the Moon - What is the origin of this supernatural demonic entity? Was it created from the same evil mass that allegedly created Mephisto and Satannish? When did it and the Interloper have their first confrontation?

Eternals - How many years before the Eternals' civil war was their first capital of Titanos founded? When was the first Olympian-Eternal war?

Falcon - Assuming that Sam Wilson has a degree in sociology, did he attend university before his personality of "Snap" Wilson emerged, or after he became the Falcon? (I highly doubt "Snap" went to university.)

Freedom Five - There is very little information about this costumed adventurer group of World War I. What was their first mission and how did they get together? What was their last mission and why did they disband? Who were the Crimson Cavalier, Sir Steel, and Silver Squire? What were their real names and origins, and what happened to these three after the War?

Gamorra - Exactly how many Earth years old is she?

Gilgamesh - What was it that caused his amnesia when he was king of Uruk? When and why was he exiled by Zuras and his true name stricken from all memory?

Gnobians - The "Fury" one-shot sheds doubt on the story of whether or not Baron Strucker's encounter with Gnobian aliens during World War II ever took place. However apparently that one-shot also provides a number of retcons and mistakes, and its validity has come under question. If the Gnobians truly were not aliens but merely a plot engineered by Strucker and Arnim Zola, then how did they gain possession of a Kree Sentry? Why did Strucker order the deaths of everyone in the village of Gruenstadt? What was Lump's true origin? Do any issues of "Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." shed any light on this?

Gods - I have mentioned in the UCOTMU that the event that created the Earth's pantheons occurred when Atum released the energies he had absorbed from the Elder Gods when he was Demogorgue. However this is highly speculative. Atum has been credited with creating or founding Earth's pantheons, but there is as yet no proof of this. The true origins of the pantheons are still almost a complete mystery. If Atum did create the pantheons through the same methods that Demiurge created the Elder Gods, then it is possible that this is the event. However another contender could be when Demogorgue released the energies he had absorbed from Set during the Triassic period sixty-five million years ago.

Golden Girl I, II - What happened to them? Why did either Golden Girl stop adventuring? Are they both still alive?

Gorgon - How old is he?

Gorilla Man - What ever happened to this 1950's half-man? Did he ever find a cure for his curse?

Great Beasts - Before the Great Beasts were imprisoned in their dimension by Hodiak and Nelvanna one thousand years ago they had attempted invasions of Earth twice before. When was this, and how were they driven back to their own dimension?

Ikaris - What was this Eternal's original name?

Inhumans - When did the Inhuman leader Gral involuntarily subjugate his people to the Terrigen Mists? Where was this event revealed?

Interloper - According to "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" #3, the Interloper once knew the Ancient One. When and where did the two meet?

Jack Frost - What was this World War II hero's origin? Is he a human being?

Jack the Ripper - Apparently Dormammu was the true power behind the serial killer Jack the Ripper. Why did the murders stop? Who was Jack the Ripper, and what became of him?

Jann of the Jungle - What was the origin of this 1950's jungle woman? What was her real name? Exactly what years was she active? Why did she stop adventuring? Is she still alive?

Ka - Exactly what or who was Ka? Was he an ancient god worshipped by the Egyptians or the Stygians? What is the origin of the Ka stone and the Ka scepter?

Karnac - How much younger is he than his brother Triton?

Ka-Zar - Who were those "powers" that tried to acquire Lord Robert Plunder's sample of vibranium?

Kid Commandos - Why did they disband?

Lehnsherr, Magda - Whatever happened to her? As far as I know, her death has never been recorded. In "X-Men Unlimited" #2 a grave on Wundagore Mountain is shown which Magneto believes to be hers, but how did she die and who buried her? Bova? Isn't it possible that the grave contains not her body but that of Madeline Frank?

Lord Dark Wind - When did he have the adamantium formula notes stolen from the American government? When were his notes stolen, and by who? The Canadian government?

Magneto - When did he receive knowledge about genetics from Phaedar and Maelstrom? I presume it was after his last meeting with Charles Xavier in Africa, and before "X-Men" (vol. 1) #1, but I'm not exactly sure. Was it only shortly before he created Alpha the Ultimate Mutant? What exactly was the relationship between Sean Cassidy and Erik Lehnsherr? Did they first meet when Cassidy was tracking down Arkandy Rossovich, or had they met each other before that? Did they meet again after Cassidy brought Rossovich to the authorities? If Lehnsherr was so worried about Rossovich, why didn't he stop him himself?

Mantis - What is her first name? How old was she when she received the name Mantis? How old was she when she learned to telepathically communicate with the Cotati?

Marada the She-Wolf - Is Marada a part of Marvel continuity?

Mephisto - Why should we accept the Prince of Lies' revelations about the Infinity Gems and the Cosmic Cubes? Has his accounts of their origins been confirmed by any other story? In what issue of "Silver Surfer" did Mephisto "reveal" the Infinity Gems origin? Circa #45 wasn't it?

Merlyn - Anyone out there actually believe that Merlyn, founder of Other-World, was actually Merlin, court advisor and mage to King Arthur Pendragon? Besides Merlyn's word is there any actually proof that the two are the same person? Also, according to "Excaliber" #50 Merlyn, Necrom, and Feron first journeyed to Earth millennia ago, and accessed the Phoenix-force to create an energy matrix centered on what would become Excaliber's lighthouse, but exactly when is unknown. Merlyn states that Excaliber's lighthouse was originally a tower "erected to an elder god by a race that was ancient when Atlantis was young." Who or what was this race? To what god was the tower constructed for?

Mister Fantastic - What degrees did Reed Richards receive from the universities that he attended?

Mystique - Is Raven Darkholme her original name? How long did she pose as the wife of a German count before giving birth to Nightcrawler? When did she first meet Destiny II? I know they knew each other by "X-Force" #-1, but when they first met is unknown.

Namora - When was she born? Who were her parents? When did she first start adventuring, and why did she retire? When did she marry Talen?

Nicodemus - Almost nothing is known about this External, such as his age or origin.

Nightcrawler - How did he survive being thrown over a waterfall when he was a baby? How did he end up in a roadside shelter with two dead people beside him before being discovered by Margali Szardos?

N'Garai - This race of demons once ruled or had some measure of control over the Earth at one time. What I need to know is when they were originally on Earth, and why they had to leave. I presume they were banished from the Earth dimension, but by what or whom? Atum perhaps? Agamotto? Also, "Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme" #41 revealed that there is an ancient hostility between the N'Garai and the race of demons known as the Undying Ones. What was the cause of this intense hatred for each other? When did the N'Garai create the Sa'Arpools, the mystical portals linking the Earth dimension to their own?

Omega Red - When did Wolverine first encounter Arkandy Rossovich? In "X-Men" (vol. 2) #4 and 5, Wolverine recognizes and calls Omega Red by his real name, yet "X-Men" (vol. 2) #6 and #7 showed that Wolverine has no conscious memory of him becoming Omega Red. Logan must have met Rossovich before he became Omega Red, but when and where? When did the Soviets begin work on the Epsilon Red project? Was that Omega Red in the flashback in "Cable" (vol. 2) #10, or Epsilon Red? If it was Rossovich, this means that Omega Red did act as an agent of the Soviets, which contradicts the flashbacks in "X-Men" #6 and 7.

Pantheon - Achilles has claimed that the Pantheon has "taken care of their own" for centuries, but when did Agamemnon first recruit people into his "family?" When did the Pantheon first set up residence in the Mount? Who was the "trusted individual" who would assume Agamemnon's identity when he was away from the Mount? When was Ulysses I recruited into the Pantheon? All I know is that he claimed to kill his first man more than a hundred years before the Watts riots. When was Andromeda recruited into the Pantheon? Who was Delphi's father? When was Perseus recruited into the Pantheon? When was Cassiopea born? I know she was a pacifist, but what were the circumstances surrounding her leaving the Mount? When did Perseus retire? Achilles mentioned that he was in Vietnam, but when and why? When was Jason recruited into the Pantheon? What is Atalanta's origin? She said she grew up in the Mount, but was she born there? When was Atalanta's mother killed in New York city? How long has Trauma been pursuing Atalanta? What is Ajax's origin? What is Prometheus' origin? When did Agamemnon begin creating the Endless Knights? He said that they were based on the Asgardian Destroyer, but also that they were an offshoot of the Pantheon cyborg project War Zone. So when were War Zone created? How long has the Pantheon been involved in cybernetics?

Polaris - Who were her parents? Has the relationship between Lorna Dane and Zaladane been explained yet? Are they really sisters?

Power Man - How old is he? What is his original name?

Priests of Pama - When did they first set up temples on Earth? When did they first encounter the Titanian Eternals?

Professor X - When Jamie Madrox's parents contacted Charles Xavier, he was still wandering the world and was either in Egypt or Israel. Did he return to the United States, or did he merely make a long distance recommendation?

Puck - When did he start his career as a soldier of fortune? All I know was that he started in Tibet, and he was a soldier of fortune by the time of the Spanish Civil War, but that's about it. What happened to him after he absorbed Razor into his body? When James Hudson asked him to join Beta Flight, Puck was in prison. What was his crime?

Quwrlln - What happened to those natives of Ganymede, those jellyfish aliens that saved James Hudson's life? Didn't they flee their planet for another dimension because they believed Galactus was going to destroy Ganymede?

Razor - When was this Persian sorcerer mystically imprisoned within the Black Blade of Baghdad?

Red Guardian - "Namor the Sub-Mariner Annual" #1 showed that a Red Guardian was active during World War II. I assume this was not Alexi Shostakov, ex-husband of the second Black Widow (unless Shostakov also somehow managed to halt his aging process like his ex-wife seems to have done.) The origin presented of the WWII Guardian is a bit vague. Has he made any other appearances? What was his real name?

Red Wolf - Besides Wildrun, Johnny Wakeley, and Will Talltrees, have there been any others? Exactly when was Wakeley active? I would guess in the post-Civil War era, but I really have no idea.

Ringo Kid - I know little about this Wild West gunslinger. In what comics did he appear?

Sabretooth - He's gone through the same memory implants as Wolverine, making all his recollections of the past either apocryphal or unbelievable. All of his memories, from being tortured by his father, to when he was fifteen working on the Yukon-Calgary rail, are all potential memory implants. Therefore it is incredibly difficult to ascertain exactly what is true about his past. The only way to know what is true is if events are told or backed up by someone who did not go through the Weapon X Program. When did Creed, Logan, Maverick and Wraith first start working together in the C.I.A.? The earliest date I have is shortly after the rise of the Berlin Wall. Also unknown is exactly when he trained with the Foreigner. Was this before, during, or after he was a C.I.A. operative? Also, "Darkhold: Pages from the Book of Sins" #4 revealed that Creed once worked with Interpol agent Sam Buchanan on a mission in the Falkland Islands and that Buchanan did something which Creed considers a betrayal. Exactly when did Creed and Buchanan work together, and why did Buchanan abandon Creed?

Saul - When did Garbha-Hsien begin using the name Saul? How old was he? He stated that he "was old when the continents shook." Is this a reference to the Great Cataclysm?

Sayge - What are the origins of this "living embodiment of truth?" Is it a cosmic entity, or was it previously a human being? Is Veritas its true name?

Second Great Cataclysm - What caused the Cataclysm that ended the Hyborian Age and formed the modern world? Was it a natural event caused by the end of the last Ice Age?

Selene - How old is she? Exactly what happened between her and Kulan Gath? And I know that it has been revealed that Nova Roma was not founded by ancient Romans but by Selene herself, but the question still remains of exactly when she did so.

Shaman - How old is he? How old was he when Elizabeth Twoyoungmen was born?

Silver Surfer - How long was he a herald of Galactus? Decades? Centuries? All I know is that it has been at least since the 1940's, correct?

Six Day War - From "X-Men" (vol. 2) #41, "reports of a battle raging above Israel between two superhuman opponents, the likes of which have not been seen since the Six Day War, when several mystery men fought...." Fought who? Each other? What "mystery men" is the reporter referring to, and what battle did they fight during the Six Day War?

Soviet Union - The Soviet government had long practiced genocide towards any Russian child that exhibited mutant abilities. This policy remained in effect until Professor Piotr Phobos convinced the government that mutants could be an asset, not a liability to the Soviet people. Did the disastrous result of the Omega Red project lead to the Soviet Union's policy of genocide? Had the policy been in place before, and was Arkandy Rossovich some kind of exception? Could it be that the policy came about because of Erik Magnus Lehnsherr's murders of several Vinnitsa policemen and civilians? What about Mikhail and Piotr Rasputin? Mikhail was an adult before the government discovered he was a mutant, and they needed his abilities, but why was Piotr allowed to live? If his abilities emerged after Phobos started his school, why wasn't Piotr enrolled there? When exactly did Phobos open his school? Also, based on the fact that many Russian mutant children were killed during infancy or abducted and placed in Phobos' school, this seems to indicate that the Soviets had mutant detecting technology more advanced than Professor X's Cerebro. When and how did they obtain such technology?

Starfox - Is he younger or older than Thanos? If older, then exactly how old is he?

Stranger - How long ago did the Gigantians merge their forms to create the Stranger?

Strucker, Baron Wolfgang Von - Do Werner Von Strucker and Andrea and Andreas Strucker have the same mother? Werner seems older than Fenris, but exactly when he was born is unknown. How old are Andrea and Andreas? How old were they when they received their powers? Did the origin of their powers have anything to do with HYDRA's Project: New Genesis?

Sword of Kaluu - Somehow this mystical sword, which is the symbol of Atlantean rule, made its way to the surface and was used by a mage in an attempt to kill Doctor Strange. How did it get to the surface? Was it stolen? Does "Sub-Mariner" (original series) #63-66 reveal any more of the history of the sword, such as when it was forged, or exactly when it was taken from undersea Atlantis?

Terminus - How long ago was it that the Celestials destroyed the alien race that created the Terminii? How long did the Terminii travel through space before evolving into Terminus? "Thor Annual" #15 only mentions that it was "uncounted centuries." How long did Terminus spend on his mission of destruction before setting his sights on Earth?

Thanos - Exactly how old was he when he was first visited by a vision of Death?

Thin Man - Who founded the city of Kalahia, and when? How did the citizens of the city develop the process to make themselves paper-thin?

Thor - When did Odin journey to Earth and mate with Gaea?

Tyrant - What was it that he did that Galactus considered a betrayal?

Vikings - What are the origins of the destroyed subterranean Viking village in northern Canada that was shown in the "X-Men/Alpha Flight" limited series and "Alpha Flight" #50? Does that settlement have anything to do with the Viking settlement shown in "Fantastic Four" (vol. 1) #224 and 225?

Vindicator - How old was Heather McNeil when Katheryn Twoyoungmen died? How much older is she than Elizabeth Twoyoungmen? How much younger was she than James Hudson?

Wolverine - The memory implants are a huge problem in verifying exactly what is truth or fiction about Logan's past. Plus, a lot of his flashbacks that have been verified as actually having occurred have no specific date given as to when they happened. Unknown is exactly how old he is, where exactly he was born, and who his parents were. Also unknown is exactly when he underwent training with Ogun, although I think "Wolverine: Path of the Warlord" hints that it was during the end of or slightly after World War II. Did Logan quit the C.I.A. shortly after the team of him, Creed, and Maverick broke up? Also unknown is when exactly Wolverine escaped from the Weapon X project. I have his recruitment placed at about eleven years before FF #1, but how long did he spend in their "care?" How long did Logan live in the wilderness after the Weapon X project before being discovered by the Hudsons?


As I have previously said, the Unofficial Chronology Of The Marvel Universe is a growing project. After feedback, editing, and the purchase of more comic books I hope to one day come out with a fourth edition! Until then, read and enjoy!







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