Former Nobles in the Philippines
Count of Jolo: Created by Don Alfonso XII in 1877 to Don Jose Malcampo y Monge, Marques de San Rafael.

Marques de Camarines: Created in May, 1872 to Don Manuel Alvarez de Estrada y Campos, alcalde mayor of Camarines,

Marques de la Solana: Created in March 4, 1872, to Lieutenant General Don Antonio de Urbistondo y Eguia, Knight Order of Isabel of the Catholic

Count of Batanes: Created by Don Carlos IV in July 15, 1789 to Don Jose Vasco, Governor of the Philippine islands and conqueror of Batanes.

Count of Aviles: Created by Don Carlos III in April 2, 1761 to Don Jose Fructouso de Aviles y Maon, Knight Order of Santiago.

Conde de Filipino: Created by Don Carlos IV in February 10, 1795 to Don Luis Rodriguez Varela, Knight Order of Carlos III, Regidor Perpetua, City of Manila.

Count of Manila: Created by Queen Isabel II in 1848 to Don Narciso de Claveria y Zaldua, Governor and Captain General of the Philippine Islands, Senator for life, Knight Grand Cross Order of Isabel of the Catholic, San Fernando & San Hemergildo; Married to Dona Ana de Berreoeta y de Villar, Dame Order of Maria Luisa.

The above titles are now extinct since the American regime in 1899 because of the strong reaction in the American constitution that prohibits titles of nobility. Art. 1, sec. 10
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