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Ch JELLO Jordan
Just a little doll - already out learning to be social!!
She's got us all the palm of her paw.  Dandy our 1 year old thinks she gonna be a great best friend.  If anyone can teach Jello to be perfect that would be DANDY!!

Pictured to the left on Labor Day Weekend, 2000.
Dandy goes Best of Opposite and Jello wins her class from the 9 - 12 month.
Duely is getting older and thinks she makes a great sleeping buddy.
February 2, 2001
Jello takes a 3 point major in Atlanta and goes Best of Opposite.  Jello is maturing into a beautiful girl.
Mastiff National Specialty  May 2001

Jello takes a second from a class of 28 top bitches in the 12 - 18 month bitch class.
Another Best of Opposite Sex and a new champion.  Charleston, WV in July, 2001.
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