I greatly hesitate in putting any links on my site, due to the innate dodginess of the internet, but I trust that you the reader can be discerning.  If you find anything truly offensive and out of line with my site, feel free to email.
Pagan and Celtic Links
A Mystickal Grove - An all round Earth Spirituality site.
The Australian Pagan Alliance - For my fellow Aussies.
Religious Movements - Wicca - A good basic description.
For further information or to formally lodge your complaint, please feel free to email Josephine.
Classics of Magic - requires Adobe reader, but has some great complete texts.
Stella Australis - For Aussie Pagans.
Encyclopedia Mythica - great resources for finding info about specific deities.
Search Engines
Avatar Search - Occult search engine
Omphalos Search - Occult search engine
Universal Festival Calendar - how to celebrate every day of the year.
Pagan Traditions - A nice brief overview of many traditions.