The Occult
People can develop such shocking looks on their faces from the mere putting together of the two syllables 'oc' and 'cult', but really it is not such a scary word.

Of course, it is easy to get images of hell and ghosts and terribly nasty scary monsters of all makes and models with images of lightning, flames, evil spirits and darkly dressed teenagers looking angsty thrust at us from Hollywood and writers of pulp fiction.

The reality is the Occult is bigger than all those images, in fact it's bigger than most things.  It may not be bigger than space, because space is incredibly mind bogglingly big, but it is pretty darn big.

According to my battered old Oxford Concise, occult has a number of meanings, including:
kept secret, esoteric; beyond the range of ordinary knowledge.

Beyond the range of ordinary knowledge is the best explanation of the Occult, and if you think about the range of 'ordinary' knowledge in the modern era, making bread without an electric breadmaker could be considered Occultism in many Western countries.
Scared you again?

The Occult Sciences have been given a bad rap over the years.  Often their promoters have been their worst enemies. Associations with rock stars biting off the heads of chickens and drinking blood, drug abuse and bad heavy metal music, have not furthered the cause of the average serious Occultist. 

A study of the Occult is a study of things unseen.  The natural energies that flow through the universe and through all life as an integral part of that universe can not be seen, but we would be quick to realise it if they were taken away from us or from a close personal friend.

Without the silence, how can one hear the notes of beautiful music?
                Without the darkness, how can one have a conception of light?

Occultists study that silence and darkness and try to reveal its secrets. 

Have you ever considered the life of a particle of water?  It may begin life as a vapour in a cloud, then fall to the ground with others like itself and join with them to form a puddle.  From there it may seep into the ground where it is drawn up through a nearby root.  It is drawn up the root and spends quite some time going through the chemical changes necessary to help the plant sustain life.  The water particle then travels through the plant into the stomach of a cow, where it becomes your dinner in a slightly different form a couple of days later.  Within a few days the water particle has left your body to pursue a career at the local sewerage works where it is subjected to more chemical changes to eventually be released into the ocean, where it evapourates from.  Again, becoming a part of a cloud structure.

You thought your life was pointless!

The internet has a lot of great information about the Occult and related subjects.  It also has some dodgy information, like do all forms of media.  Read widely, but choose what to believe very carefully, because there is a very narrow track of vision through the forest of illusion.

Good luck, if you believe in that kind of thing.

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