To Jos Him-Pers Himalayans & Persians.
My husband Ray and myself Josey (actually it is Joanne) would like to WELCOME you to our small cattery which is located in Southern Maryland. We are about 25 - 30 miles from Washington, D.C. and Virginia. We live in a rural area that has remained undisturbed and enjoy the nightly sights of the Deer and other wildlife that roam our domain. We are very devoted to our Himalayans and spend a great deal of time raising and giving them the love and attention they need; so that we have kitties that are warm, lovable and devoted to their new families - we pride ourselves in doing a good job.

My husband and I have always loved cats but when we went to a show several years ago we fell in love with the Himalayan. I made a decision then when I retired that I would start raising the Himalayan and it has been a wonderful experience. Our Himalayans live with us and all of our babies are raised underfoot. It is such a wonderful experience to help bring these wonderful little babies into the world and YES they are spoiled and loved and cuddled and it is gratifying to be able to share them with those that adopt our little ones. My husband is very involved in the rearing of our little ones. I am just not sure who spoils them the most.


Warm our laps, give us someone to talk to, help reduce high blood pressure, bring the winter air inside nestled in their coats, creates a kindred feeling with "other cat people", turn common household objects like bottle caps into toys, make us more aware of birds, donate their services as alarm clocks, display daring acrobatic feats right in front of our eyes, contribute to living a longer life, make a window sill more beautiful, keep mice on the run, make us smile, inspire Poets and Playwrights, teach us to land on our feet, makes our homes warmer, share with us the "all is well" experience of purring, reminds us that life is mysterious and most of all opens our hearts.

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