The Shipp's and The Anderson's


The Shipp-Munn Family have a reunion every two (2) years and is held each odd year.  The location is in Memphis, TN.  If you need further information, e-mail me at

A family trip is sponsored each year to a vacation spot for the family to get together each year.

Our roots can be traced from Yazoo City, MS, through Byhalia, MS, also Hernando, MS and Memphis, TN.  Most of the family is still in Memphis.


The Anderson-Reed Family reunion is held each year on the first week-end in August, leading up to the first Sunday.  This reunion moves from city to city and state to state.  For the year 2001, it will be held in Memphis, TN.  If you need more information, you may go to the Anderson-Reed web page.

We hope that if you are a part of either of these families, you will become an active participant of the yearly activities.

A family that converses together, have more enjoyable days.

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The Family that work together is as precious as an orchid.

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