Video clip from ZORRO: THE LEGEND BEGINS (1st-season made-for-cable movie)

Juan Diego Botto as Felipe.

This page is for anyone who wants to join the Juan Diego Botto List Serve and post Felipe fanfiction they've written. Juan Diego Botto, a fine Hispanic actor, played the role of Felipe (a mute boy who worked as the de la Vega servant boy and as Zorro's aide) on the New Zorro series, which aired on the Family Channel from January, 1990, till September, 1993. The character Botto played was, to my thinking, very appealing and lovable, and totally likable as a human being.

In addition to being a place where fanfiction can be posted, there will be several links posted as well. One is a story page containing my own fan fiction.


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New Fanfiction

If anyone wishes to post any new fanfiction stories, it will be uploaded right here. Two stipulations: in keeping with the theme of this page, only Felipe stories will be posted. Second, any stories posted must be stories the whole family can enjoy. No R-rated stories, please!

The JDB List Felipe Fic!

Writers block keeping you from writing a Felipe story? Or perhaps you like to see how you can answer a challenge? Here are some possible story ideas that members of the JDB list suggested.

Story Starter Page

Ever watch an episode and think you had a better ending for it than the writer did? Here's some episode information about those which JDB members thought they would like see a different ending for, one that would highlight Felipe more! Check here for more possible story ideas!

Alternate Episodes Page

Links to Felipe stories already written


These stories are not, strictly speaking, Felipe stories. They focus on other characters. However, Felipe plays an important enough role in them that I feel they're worth including on this page. Enjoy!


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