Information on this page from Windows Into Our Past, A Genealogy of the Parsons, Smith and Associated Families, Vol. 1 �1996, Judy Parsons Smith

The Bledsoe’s are a confusing bunch. They are related to the Lawson and Willis families. The exact relationships are sometimes hard to decipher.

There is a George W. Bledsoe is listed as a principal farmer in the Blackwater area of Lee Co., Virginia .

Abraham Bledsoe
1. Abraham Bledsoe m1st - Emilia (unknown); m2nd - Rachel (Unknown); m3rd - Margaret McDonald.

Abraham & Emilia (Unknown) Bledsoe had a son:

1-1 Sampson

Abraham & Rachel (Unknown) Bledsoe had a son:

1-2 Isaac

Abraham & Margaret (McDonald) Bledsoe had a son:

1-3 Thomas

Sampson Bledsoe
1-1 Sampson Bledsoe, son of Abraham & Emilia Bledsoe, d. 3 Nov 1862, casualty Civil War, Kentucky;
m. Narcissy (unknown). Sampson Bledsoe served during the Civil War. They had a son:

1-1-1 Elias

Isaac Bledsoe
1-2 Isaac Bledsoe, son of Abraham & Rachel (Unknown) Bledsoe, had a son:

1-2-1 Loving, b. 1800, VA; m. Rachel Bledsoe, daughter of Thomas Bledsoe.

Thomas Bledsoe
1-3 Thomas Bledsoe, son of Abraham & Rachel (Unknown) Bledsoe. Thomas Bledsoe was a
Revolutionary War Veteran. He was a member of the Blackwater Baptist Church, Kyles Ford, Hawkins
County, Tennessee between 1816 and 1834. Thomas Bledsoe had a daughter:

1-3-1 Rachel, b. 17 Feb 1795, VA; m. Loving Bledsoe, son of Isaac Bledsoe.

Elias Bledsoe
1-1-1 Elias Bledsoe, son of Sampson & Narcissy Bledsoe; m. Lucinda Roberts. Elias & Lucinda (Roberts) Bledsoe had children:

A. Evan, b. 29 May 1860; d. 6 Apr 1901; m1st to Mary Polly Lawson, buried in Willis Cemetery.

Evan Bledsoe
A. Evan Bledsoe, son of Elias & Lucinda (Roberts) Bledsoe, b. 29 May 1860, Lee Co., VA; d. 6 Apr 1901, shot; m. abt. 1880, Lee Co., VA to Mary Polly Lawson, grand-daughter of Joe Willis, b. 1864??; d. 1900, buried in Willis Cemetery. According to tradition, Evan Bledsoe had illegitimate children all over the county.

The Death of Evan Bledsoe

The circumstances of Evan Bledsoe’s death, also according to family tradition, are as follows:

“He planned to meet a young girl at a certain spot, certain time. Her brother heard him
talking to her. The brother went before his sister got there. Evan was sitting proper
against a tree with his pants dropped. Ready for her. The brother shot him dead and
stopped his “studding” any more young girls.”

This account has been disputed by one of his descendants.  To read further click here.

Evan & Mary Polly (Lawson) Bledsoe had five (5) children:

1. Francis, daughter of Evan Bledsoe & Polly Lawson b. 24 July 1881; d. Nov 1972; m. _______ Wallen
2. Thomas Jackson Bledsoe, son of Evan & Polly (Lawson) Bledsoe, b. 5 Mar 1883; d. 19 Nov 1903.
3. Lucinda, b. 29 May 1885; d. 16 Aug 1953.
4. Elias, b. 19 Sept 1887; d. 30 Sept 1887.
5. Pansy, b. 17 Oct 1888. She was living in 1967

Other Children of Evan Bledsoe:

6. Howard Willis?, son of Evan Bledsoe & Jane Willis (daughter of Joe Willis), b. 18 Mar 1889, illegitimate
Virgie Lawson, daughter of Evan Bledsoe & Winnie Lawson, b. 1893, illegitimate.
8. Harmon Lawson, son of Evan Bledsoe & Winnie Lawson, b. 1896, illegitimate.
9. Lucinda Lawson, daughter of Evan Bledsoe & Winnie Lawson, b. 1901, illegitimate.

Howard Bledsoe
6. Howard Bledsoe, son of Evan Bledsoe & Jane Willis (daughter of Joe Willis), b. 18 Mar 1889, illegitimate?; d. 12 Aug 1946, buried Johnson Cemetery, Lee Co., VA.; m. 13 Oct 1913 to Bertha Stidham, b. 26 Dec 1897, Letcher Co., KY. Howard Bledsoe was separated from his wife and lived and died at the home of his 1/2 sister Virgie Lawson Johnson.

Howard Bledsoe and Louise (Adams) Robinette had one child:

Howard Dewey Bledsoe.

Howard & Bertha (Stidham) Bledsoe had nine (9) children:

a. Sallie, b. 15 Sept 1914, Letcher Co., KY.
b. Evan, b. 5 Jan 1917, Wise Co., VA; d. 21 Aug 1938, Letcher Co., Kentucky.
c. Hazel, b. 16 Mar 1919, Wise Co., VA; d. 18 Jan 1941; Letcher Co., Kentucky.
d. Emmett, b. 16 Nov 1921, Wise Co., VA.
e. Glenn, b. 18 Aug 1924, Wise Co., VA.
f. Lloyd, b. 12 Dec 1926, Letcher Co., KY; d. 20 Dec 1926, Letcher Co., Kentucky.
g. Marie, b. 21 Nov 1927, Eolia, Letcher Co., KY.
h. James, 23 Sept 1930, Wise Co., VA.
i. John, b. 23 Jan 1934, Wise Co., VA.

Virgie Lawson
7. Virgie Lawson, daughter of Evan Bledsoe & Winnie Lawson, b. 1893, illegitimate; m. 1910, Lee Co., VA to Emmitt Johnson. Emmitt & Virgie (Lawson) Johnson had one (1) child:

7a. Bertha Rhoton

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