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Sins of the Fathers cover
                This really is a must for B&J fans"Autumn 1980: all seems well as the Collins family welcome David's fiancee, Lauren Chandler, into their midst. But when Lauren mysteriously disappears , it is only the first clue to unravelling a greater, more terrifying mystery confronting Barnabas and Julia - a mystery that spans two centuries and threatens the lives and security of everyone at Collinwood, most especially Barnabas and Julia's own two children. Soon it becomes evident that a vampire has been let loose on the estate ...an unusual vampire, and one with the power to destroy everything Barnabas has so longed to have. Eventually, the fate of the entire family hangs in the balance as Julia follows a spirit's cryptic clues in a a desparate effort to save them. Yet even that may not be enough...for Julia realizes that she has experienced some things before." For information on ordering and availability, e-mail May Sutherland! Click on the cover to read an excerpt from this wonderful novel.
Poetry Corner

Meeting Her Again In Dreams by Steve Shutt

Never Without You by Jody

On the Wings by Katie Allen

Tomorrow by Mary-Lynn Allard


Cover of Crazy Vein
For a sample of Crazy Vein, a collection of Dark Shadows Cartoons by Marcy Wilson-Cales, and ordering information, click on the cover.
Fan Art:

Drawings by Laramie Carlsen

Lara Parker by Victoria

Covers of Zines
SECRET OF THE CHALICE (available only as a plain xerox -cover not shown).
Julia and Barnabas venture to India in hopes of ending his curse through a little- known cult and their magical talisman.
TALES OF HOFFMAN, The Julia Zine 129 pages. Stories about Julia from childhood through Collinwood 1989.
GATES OF HELL, 68 pages. Burke Devlin returns with a bride who unwittingly unleashes new evil on Collinwood.
LOVE'S PALE SHADOW, 50 pages. Julia meets a mysterious man who reminds her of Barnabas--and arouses many of the same feelings and fears. And with good reason...
MAGDA posters, mailed rolled. Black ink on gold parchment. Drawing by Jane Lach. Beautiful artwork.
For excerpts and ordering information, click on the cover.
How We Wish We had Seen Them:

Pictures by Rhonda Foster

Drawings by Marcy Wilson-Cales

Animations by Mary-Lynn Allard




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