Marian Wright Edelman
Marian Wright Edelman

By: Justin


This report is about a famous person in history called Marian Wright Edelman. It will give information about her early and adult life. It will also tell what Marian Wright Edelman's most famous achievements are.

Early Life

Marian Wright was born June 6, 1939, in Bennettsville, South Carolina. She was the youngest of 5 children. From 6:30 to 7:30 each night the children had to do homework. When Marian was young, she liked to play with cars and trains more than dolls. Black people were not allowed to play at white parks or pools, so Marian had to swim in a creek. Marian's family helped out in their community. Her father took her to see famous black people like Booker T. Washington when she was young. Her favorite subject in school was literature especially reading Russian novels. She wanted to work for a Foreign Service when she grew up. She went to Spelman College and studied in Europe where black people were equal

Adult Life

In college, Marian Wright volunteered to work for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Because of unfair treatment to black people in the United States, Marian decided to become a lawyer. She won a scholarship to Yale Law School. She became the first black woman lawyer in Mississippi. Marian tried getting blacks and civil rights activists out of jail. She was mad because Mississippi government did not apply for Head Start funds. She formed an organization to get the funds for the children in Mississippi. In 1968, Marian moved to Washington D.C. and she got a grant to study ways to help the poor. Marian married Peter Edelman on July 14, 1968. She worked on a bill that said all states should have Head Start Programs. She taught her three sons to believe life is about service to others.

Most Famous For

Marion Wright Edelman is known as "the children's crusader". Marian devoted herself to speaking out for America's children. She created the Children's Defense Fund to help children especially poor, abused, and neglected children .People thought President Bill Clinton would make her one of his advisers. She said, "That's not where my talents lie. That's not where my interests lie. That's not who I am. I was put on this earth to stay completely focused on children, and I am going to stay 100 percent focused on children." Marian gives speeches, gives interviews, and writes books to get children their rights. Marian received many honors and awards. In 1992, she published The Measure of Our Success which became a bestseller


My opinion is that Marian Wright Edelman is a good person because she helped poor children by starting Head Start and the Children's Defense Fund. I see her as a person who helps needy children to have a better life. One important thing I learned was that Marian Edelman was the first black woman lawyer in Mississippi. My favorite thing I learned was that she helped poor children by starting Head Start programs. People know her as the "Children's Champion". She worked hard to change laws for children.


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