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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Original Appalachian Artworks, Jakks Pacific, Xavier Roberts, Babyland General Hospital, PlayAlong, Coleco, Mattel, Hasbro or Cabbage Patch Kids. I am an individual doll doctor and artist specializing in vintage doll and Cabbage Patch Kid repairs.
    Welcome to the Fairy Godmother's Treasures, the website well known for RESTORING CHILDHOOD CABBAGE PATCH KIDS and creating CUSTOM CABBAGE PATCH KID REROOTS!!

My journey started years ago when I first studied vintage doll restoration.  I opened a small doll clinic out of my home which operated by word of mouth. My small doll clinic soon expanded from one spare room in my house to a real Doll Hospital. I am a registered nurse by trade and found myself applying my skills and artistic flair into my doll patients at home.

   It wasn't long before I noticed the majority of my "patients" were becoming Cabbage Patch Kids. The love to restore them came naturally as their little bodies and sweet smiling faces came back to life. I started to reroot some with unique styles and colors, before I knew it people were calling me The Fairy Godmother for making their dreams come true! I decided then THIS was my true desire, to SPECIALIZE in the rescuing, restoring and rerooting of Cabbage Patch Kids.  

I hope you will check out all the categories below where I have an exciting new inventory of everything for Cabbage Patch Kids and details of all my services I offer. Also be sure to browse the other Doll Categories for Clearance on my Vintage and Collectable dolls for purchase! It's easy, just click into a category below and enjoy. When you are ready to order or if you have any questions just email me at and remember to check out the Ordering Page for FULL details. Thanks for visiting and Brightest Blessings to you! Karen aka *The Fairy Godmother*

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CPK Boutique
Clothing, pacifiers and all accessories for your CPKs!
The Parent Store!
Unique fun CPK items for
you and your home!
Custom Rerooted CPKs
Place an order here, YOU design exactly what you want!
CPK Eye Center
Change eye color and/or
fix damaged eyes
CPK Restoration
Where all CPKs can get
cleaned and repaired! 
Adoption  Center
All sizes of CPKs for Adoption!
Fairy Godmother's Treasures
Specializing in Cabbage Patch Kid
Restoration and Reroots!
Cabbage Patch Kids
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Vintage Dolls
Patsy Family
  Doll Furniture
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    Princess Diana
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