Damn it, Scully. You're the only one I trust.
-- Mulder to Scully, Wetwired

Warning to shippers, I'm a friendshipper not a relationshipper. However, my stories are both shipper and no-romo friendly. Another thing is that these stories are generally considered under the angst category. However, recently I have found myself writing humor pieces as well, they are marked as such.

  • All That Matters 11.5 K
    Scully and Mulder have an argument, later that night she receives a mysterious warning about Mulder.

  • Always 17.4 K
    An argument followed by a car wreck. An apology followed by a promise.

  • Anger 20.5 K
    Mulder and Sculy have a fight one Friday afternoon, Mulder runs off rejected and Scully has to save him. One of the first stories I wrote.

  • Anniversary On A Park Bench 9 K
    Mulder and Scully confront thier emotions on an anniversary of sorts.

  • Bearings Lost 12.4 K
    After his search for Samantha is over and Scully is safe, Mulder feels as if he's lost his bearings. Can Scully get to him in time?

  • The Christmas Tree 13.1 K
    Mulder is down at the holidays and Scully decides to cheer him up by asking for help decorating her Christmas tree.

  • Christmas Songs -- XFiles Style 5.14 K
    My idea of XFiles variations on 12 Days of Christmas and Jingle Bells (well, sorta like the Bart Simpson version). Really short, humor.

  • Coma 43.2 K
    Mulder is attacked while meeting with an informant.

  • Coma II: Recovery 36.1 K
    Continues the story that began in Coma. Mulder recuperates from his attack at Mrs. Scully's house, Scully confronts his attacker and Mulder suffers a relapse.

  • The Dance 12.6 K
    My one and only cancer story. A what if piece set after Memento Mori. Mulder's reaction to losing Scully. Songfic.

  • Envious 16.9 K
    Mulder and Scully have an argument the day before Valentine's Day. Things go downhill from there.

  • Faith Manages 16.7 K
    Mulder wakes up, confused, with Scully wanting to know where he's been for three weeks. Only he can't remember.

  • Family 28.5 K
    Mulder and Scully at Thanksgiving. Written in response to the holiday challenge on Shirley's MTA page.

  • Follow Your Heart 43 K
    After Scully leaves him, Mulder reflects and looks forward. Will Scully return to him?

  • Forgive Me? 11.8 K
    Mulder and Scully have an accident.

  • Half Trying To Be Whole 11.9 K
    Scully leaves Mulder and they must live with the result...

  • I Am With You Forever 18.6 K
    Mulder recalls a sacrifice. Song story, uses the song 'Remember Me' by Journey from the 'Armageddon' soundtrack.

  • I Promise You All My Life 12.4 K
    Mulder and Scully react separately to a song on television. More of an introspective character piece.

  • I'll Never Let Go 7.2 K
    Scully finds an injured Mulder, and tries to help him stay alive.

  • In My Life 11 K
    Scully confronts Mulder about his changing beliefs. Pre The Red and The Black.

  • Iris 6.8 K
    Mulder sits in his apartment thinking about his life with Scully and hears the song 'Iris' from the 'City of Angels' soundtrack.

  • It's A Wonderful Life 12.8 K
    Scully's reaction to an anniversary of Ahab's death.

  • Keep Believing 9 K
    How might Mulder act without Scully?

  • Keeping Faith 11.5 K
    Mulder thinks about his life, and comes to a final decision. Can Scully help him?

  • Letters
    • The Letter 2.9 K
      Mulder writes a letter to Scully, but is it the end?

    • The Letter: A Response 3.5 K
      After finding Mulder's letter and confronting him in person, Scully attempts to express her reaction in a letter of her own.

  • The Lighthouse Keeper 54.4 K
    Mulder and Scully investigate a haunting in St. Augustine, Florida. While Mulder has disturbing dreams that might somehow be related to the case.

  • The Lockjaw Incident 18.6 K
    For Mulder, not even a yawn is without its complications. Humor!

  • Lost Time 20.6 K
    Mulder recalls a recent case and how it relates to a case from years before.

  • My Heart Will Go On 10 K
    This is a story involving the theme song from "Titanic" in which, after losing Mulder, the song helps Scully move on. This was the first story I ever had the nerve to post, and was written long before the song got so out of hand. *g*

  • A New Beginning 13.1 K
    Mulder sits on a beach thinking about Scully and when she left his life. Will she come back?

  • One Last Moment 11.4 K
    How do you feel when the one you care for the most, is taken from you? What do you miss the most? Scully's reaction.

  • Remember Me This Way 11.4 K
    This is a story using the main song from from the motion picture "Casper" in which Scully remembers losing Mulder, who died to save her.

  • Separated 18.7 K
    Mulder and Scully's thoughts after they part when Scully leaves the X Files, and will they meet again?

  • The Shadows In His Eyes 8.2 K
    A post episode piece set after Pusher. Scully helps Mulder deal with what happened in the hospital room with Modell.

  • A Small Consolation 105 K
    A X-Files/Profiler Crossover

    When a string of kidnapings and murders hit Atlanta, the VCTF seeks to find the killer. Meanwhile, Mulder has been having strange dreams... Can he and Scully work with Sam and the VCTF to catch the killer before he strikes again?

  • The Talking Appliance Series
    For an explanation of this series: Click here.

  • Thoughts Under A Sea Of Stars 5.4 K
    Mulder sits and thinks about his life.

  • Together 19 K
    A post episode piece set after Kit..., otherwise known as Pusher 2. The agents deal with the aftermath of the confrontation with Linda Bowman.

  • Too Late 9.9 K
    Samantha story. Samantha's reaction to losing her brother she never had the chance to know. This is AU based on a pre-season seven idea of Samantha.

  • Top Ten Lists

  • You Saved Me 13.7 K
    An investigation drives Mulder and Scully apart, then brings them togehter. Warning: this is my first and ONLY MSR story, it's light, and was written at the request of a friend.

  • You're Gone 17.9 K
    Mulder contemplates his life and work after Scully leaves the Xfiles. Can they have a happy ending?

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