Circle Hot Springs Cemetery

     This cemetery is located 8 miles south of Central Alaska on private property in the Yukon Flats Range in Northwest Territory in the White Mountain Range. It is an old cemetery but the brush has been kept down and it is easy to walk through. It used to have a wooden fence surrounding it but most of that is now gone. Birch trees grow in and around the cemetery.

     There are at least 34 graves in this cemetery, 15 are unknown. Some of the unknown's are marked with a wooden cross with no other information, some have stones marking where a grave would be.

View of Circle Hot Springs Cemetery

     Pictures were taken by Ruth Rogers-Maupin, the sister of Larry Rogers. Larry along with his wife Bonnie own the property and would welcome visitors to the cemetery. Other notes were submitted by Dan Nielsen. Additional information may be obtained from the Circle District Historical Society, Inc., P.O. Box 1893 - Central, Alaska 99730.

Bell, Albert Row 3 McGowan, Jack Row 2
Dalby, George Leslie Row 3 Nadeau Row 3
Gabriel, Inace Row Norwood, Nelhe Ross Row 1
Gabriel, Robert E. Parker, George H. Row 3
Greep, Harry Row 1 Stenberg, Shanley John Sr.
Hampton, Aaron Cornelius Row 2 W., S.A. Row 2
Leach, Emma Barbara Gunz Row 3 Wassilli, Pauline Miss Row 1
Leach, Franklin Morris Row 3 Woods, George A. Row 3
Martin, Glen Hank Row 3 Woodman, William Row 3
McDowell, Henry Row 2 Unknown

Miscellaneous notes 

These notes are copied verbatim.

Harry GreepHarry Greep: Died August 24, 1940 at age 73 years, 9 months. Harry mined on Deadwood Creek in the early days - - 1910-1920's. He was also a good cook, and cooked at Circle Hot Springs at various times. In 1930 or thereabout, he was appointed U.S. Commissioner and Postmaster at Circle Hot Springs. Harry had a quiet, droll sense of humor, and liked to tease and be teased. He was a man of fine character, and was well liked in the community. He was nursed in his last illness by Mrs. Leach at the Springs. I do not know where Harry was born, or when he came to Alaska. He never married.

Paulline Wassilli Pauline Wassili: She came to Circle Hot Springs with the teacher at Circle, Mrs. Call. She was a native girl, small of stature, and slightly retarded. She did not know how to swim, and got into the deep end of the outdoor swimming pool and drowned on June 25, 1937 at the age twenty years, nine days. She was laid to rest in a pretty home-made casket which E.M. Morley, the local carpenter made.



Nellie Ross Norwood Nelhe Ross Norwood: Mrs. Norwood died in 1937, at approximately age 80. She was a retired teacher, appeared to be of Oriental heritage; very small, and well educated, but lived as a recluse in the smallest cabin at Circle Hot Springs. She did a lot of writing, and her correspondence seemed to be her main contact with people. A son survived her at Fort Yukon. Very little was known about Mrs. Norwood.



Jack McGowan: Jack burned to death at Circle Hot Springs in a cabin fire on April 13, 1936 at age 49. He was a miner but was living at the Hot Springs at the time of his death. I did not know him very well, we have no details of his life.

Henry McDowell: Henry was killed by a bear on Porcupine Creek, but the exact date is not known, although it was about 1938 or 1939. He was about 40 years of age. I saw him only once; a very quiet, reserved man. Only a few bones were found and they were buried at Circle Hot Springs.

S.A.W.S.A.W.: Unknown - - - 1866 - 1924

Aaron Cornelius
HamptonAaron Cornelius Hampton: Unknown - - - 1945

George A. Woods George A. Woods: Died Oct. 1944 at age 86. He mined on Independence and Deadwood Creeks in the 30's with James A. Stewart. He maintained his home cabin on Crooked Creek at all times however. Mr. Woods was a tall, quiet man, and I know very little about him.

Nadeau Nadeau: Canadian Frenchman; Coal Creek -- 1939. I do not know anything about this man.

William Woodman William Woodman: died in 1931, age 60. Bill was from Maine and had a strong New England accent. He had a roadhouse at Jumpoff at one time, but in 1920, traded that property for some claims on Upper Deadwood to Frank J. Hines. Bill mined there for as long as his health permitted and then moved to Circle Hot Springs to stay until his death. Frank Hines and Oscar Morrell, another miner from Deadwood, drowned in Birch Creek while on a hunting trip in 1920, the same year that Frank acquired "Jumpoff". Their bodies were not recovered until the next year and I believe they are buried at Circle.

George Leslie 
DalbyGeorge Leslie Dalby: died Feb. 21, 1937; age 64 years, 3 months, 17 days. He was found dead, presumably of a heart attack, on Birch Creek, by McClure Peters. His body was brought in to Circle Hot Springs for burial.

BellAlbert Bell: He was born Oct. 28 1875, and died August 18, 1950, at Circle Hot Springs. Albert was a handsome, pleasant man, and he had a good personality for meeting people. He played the piano very well, and was an excellent cook. He cooked at the hotel there whenever needed. Albert had been married at one time.

Glen H. [Hank] Martin: [no picture of this grave] Hank mined on Portage Creek. He had a partner for a few years a man named Fred Wiley. Fred got married and left the Circle area, and Hank stayed alone on Portage until ill health overtook him and he took his own life. He was born in 1886 [or 1896] and died in 1964. Hank was a big, kindly man, well lliked and respected by all who knew him.

George H.
ParkerGeorge H. Parker: born 1885; died 1964. George worked at Circle Hot Springs as a mechanic and with general upkeep of cabins and other jobs. Later he bought property at Central, and built a cabin and lived there until his death. George was a nice looking man, a friendly neighbor.

Morris LeachFranklin Morris Leach: born Feb. 19, 1878 in Kansas and died at Circle Hot Springs May 15, 1955. He came to Alaska in 1904, and to Circle Hot Springs in 1907. He entered Washburn Academy in Kansas on Sept. 15, 1896, and graduated in 1899. He attended Washburn College from 1899 to 1903, and graduated with a degree in Science. He was very much interested in Agriculture, and he experimented with many special crops at Circle Hot Springs. His gardens were exceptional, and he enjoyed working in the soil. Frank Leach developed the Springs into a fine health resort until ill health forced him to sell. He and Mrs. Leach continued to live in a cabin near the Hotel, and that is where Frank died after a long illness, during which Mrs. Leach nursed him. Mr. Leach was a handsome, pleasant man, naturally adapted to serving and meeting the public, which he did very well.

Emma Barbara Leach Emma Gunz Leach: Mrs Leach was born in Mt. Vernon, South Dakota on Dec. 3, 1890, but lived in Wisconsin most of her childhood. She left her home and worked in various places, and she took up nurses training in Salt Lake City, Utah. She graduated as a registered nurse in 1917, and enlisted as a Red Cross nurse in World War One. After the war, she came to St. Stephen's Hospital in Fort Yukon, and there she met Frank Leach in 1923. He was a patient there, having broken his leg at the Springs, and the nearest hospital was at Fort Yukon at that time. In 1924, the Leaches were married, and they lived at the Springs from that time on. Mrs. Leach was the Postmaster for years at Circle Hot Springs until she reached the mandatory age of 70 for retirement. She was also the Weather Bureau Observer for over 30 years, and received many citations for excellent service in that field. Mrs. Leach supported many charities, including a foster child in Korea. She passed away at the Springs on Dec. 26, 1974, after suffering a stroke.

Miscellaneous notes by Dan Nielsen

From Microfilm of Court records on Arron[sic] C. Hampton - died in bed 6 A.M. April 6, 1945 - unidenifid[sic] ailment found by son Frank 8 A.M. same day - who lived with him John Berday    P 120 - Case 176.

Note on William Hunter buried at Circle Hot Springs - Came to Alaska March 1891 from Seattle, Wash. He was a white male born June 1859. He was not married and was born in Canada.
See 1900 census - Birch Creek Mining - P 142A - Information from 1900 Census.

Wheeler, Clarence H., came to Alaska - July 1895 from Leed City, South Dakota - Born Aug 1859.
See 1900 census - see cemetery file. You can reach me

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