Pre-show checklist

Just print out this page you can even check the boxes and then print the page!

TO DO...
Make a note on any rabbit that needs registered.
Get out a map and plan your trip.
Check all rabbits for general DQ's
Fill your vehicle up with gas
Clean show carriers and other equipment
Go to bank and get cash--if needed
Make a list of eqt that you need to buy at the show
Gather pedigrees for any rabbits that need registered, are for sale, get your ARBA membership card also
Fill carriers with hay
Label your carriers
Make out your entry form and show remark cards
Pack the car with chairs, message board, extra pens, the show catalog
Fill water bottles filled, pack hay cubes, feed, carpet square, step stool, map
Groom the rabbits, check tatoos, trim nails, clean ears

This page updated on November 18, 1999