This is Kaiser. He is a Rottweiler, Chow Chow, and Black Lab mix, born July 13, 1992.

He's been my loyal and faithful friend and protector since he was 3 months old. He's an amazing dog with an excellent temperament and very well-behaved. Even people that don't like dogs, like Kaiser.

Kaiser doesn't like me to be out of his sight. I've never seen him angry and he doesn't jump to conclusions, but dogs had better not bark or growl at me and strangers had better not approach me too quickly or while I'm in my car. Unless, of course, they're handing out food from a drive-thru window.

Kaiser's hobbies are napping in a comfy chair and chasing small wildlife out of his yard.

Chrystal was a tabby cat, born in April of 1993. She and her litter were abandoned by their mother a few days after birth. Her full name was Chrystalline Entity after a Star Trek alien.

She was an excellent girl with a wonderful personality who used to be a dog in a former life. She liked everyone of all species, but dogs and people were definitely her favorite -- Kaiser most of all.

Her hobbies were napping on the TV, napping on my lap, napping under the covers, and napping on my pillow.

We lost Chrystal in October, 2002.  She's always in our thoughts

Special Agent Fox Mulder is a purebred Pomeranian born in July of 1995.

Mulder is a sweet, beautiful little guy who can be a bit of a bully to other animals, but he gets along well with everyone overall. He's always a bit too worried about being stepped on, but he's pretty optimistic most of the time. He has an almost uncanny ability to understand human emotions exactly and he's the best guy to have around when you're not feeling well. So we forgive him if he's a little more neurotic than we'd hoped.

His hobbies are eating, barking, eating, cuddling and eatin

Jesse means 'Gift from God'. He was born sometime in the spring of 1997 and was found as a tiny kitten under a van in a parking lot in downtown Detroit. He had probably gotten separated from his mother. Jesse was evidently born wild because he's still not completely trusting of anyone and prefers the company of other cats to people. It's not likely you'll ever see Jesse, no matter how often you come to visit.

Jesse's hobbies are darting, skittering, and hiding.

Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax appears to be a Chartreaux, but I doubt she's pure. A true 21st century baby, her birthday is April 26, 2000. This picture was taken when she was just 7 weeks old and she hasn't slowed down long enough since for me to take another one. She's lost some of her baby fuzz, but she's still pretty small.

Jadzia is quite the little character and, like any good Starfleet Officer, fearless and ready for anything. Her favorite people are repairmen. She loves to watch them work.

Jadzia's hobbies are playing fetch with paper balls and knocking things over

Gladiator is a purebred Yankee Terrier. He was born July 25, 2001 and was the largest in a litter of 10. Unfortunately he lost his mother at the tender age of 3 weeks and I've had him since then.

Tor is a credit to his breed. Tough and fearless, he's also sweet and friendly without being gushy. His tail is always wagging, but he's quite stingy with his kisses.

Tor's hobbies are napping on the water bed, sitting on laps, bothering cats, forcing dogs to play with him and stealing stuffed animals. He also gives a big thumbs up to fast food drive thru window

Lt. B'Elanna Torres was born April 24, 2002.  She's the tiniest little thing, so lithe and graceful that she bounces around as if she's filled with helium.  She's quite sweet and soft, but has two idiosyncracies.

One, her favorite person on earth is Tor.  When he's around, she has eyes for no one else and can be found cuddling with him.

Two, she's a mean drunk.  Give her a little catnip and she attacks everyone else in the house.  Oh, and she's a little camera sh

Chianna (black) and Lt. Ezri Dax (gray tabby) are true sisters.  Littermates, they came to me via a friend who adopted their brother and was concerned they weren't being well cared for.  In fact, before I could even take them home, their tiny little 6 week old bodies had 5 baths in an effort to rid them of a flea infestation so bad they could have died from that alone.

Over the next several weeks they both got eye infections, upper respiratory infections and pneumonia.  In fact, Chianna wasn't expected to live through her particularly bad bout of the illness.  By the time they were through all their problems, they were so old (5 months) no one wanted to adopt them. 

I believe it was Ezri's constant illnesses and forced medications during an impressionable time in her life that has made her rather skittish and shy.  But she's very sweet and cuddly once she gets to know you.  She's also very fast and she's not a big fan of dogs.

Chianna, however, is a charming little whirlwind who is quite friendly and mischevious.  She's always into something and is quite the thief.  Playing in water and stealing shiny objects are her favorite amusements.  It's been months since I've seen the gold stopper for the bathroom sink.  She also loves Tor.