I designed this tribal (sort of) armband. It is endangered African animals - an elephant, a gorilla, a rhino and a cheetah. Since this pic was snapped, the cheetah's face has been fixed and it looks a lot less like a wolf now.

I'm very proud of it and it always gets a lot of attentio
This was actually my first tattoo and it is on the opposite arm.

The purple is for spirituality. The pink is for love. The blue and green of the water is for peace and harmony, respectively.

I am a Pisces and the original symbol for Pisces was dolphins, not fish. One is an orca because I have a particularly affinity for orca.
This is my last and biggest tattoo -- thus far.

The intertwined dragons are made of fire and water. This represents the fire and water in my astrological chart.

In between their heads is the OM -- the sanskrit symbol of God.

One chinese character represents death and the other life.

And yes, that's my but
For some bizarre reason that looks like a wrist to me, but the tribal fish are actually a band around my left ankle.

This tattoo is an excellent cover-up of an earlier work that turned out to be a better idea on paper than on flesh.

The overlapping fish travelling in opposite directions represent Pisces. Other than that, there's just a lot of water, purple bubbles and black tribal work.

This one REALLY hurt!
It's unfortunate this picture turned out so blurry because this is an incredible piece of work and my pride a joy. It's located on my left outer calf. It took over 2 hours to complete and I never felt a thing.

This tiger in water represents my chinese astrological symbol. I was born in the year of the Tiger in the season of water.

What you can't see is the incredible detail of the tiger, which was tattooed as if it were drawn -- using layers of color to create shading. The result is that the tiger looks three-dimensional.

It's a rather large tattoo and the colors are quite vibrant. It never fails to garner appreciation from strangers.

My only regret is it's location. I rarely get to see it because I can't bend that way! And when I do, it's always, sadly, upside down.

The artist is a talented young man named Ed Styes. Eddie, if you're out there, call me
This is another beautiful work for which the photo does not do justice.

This water nymph is on the inside of my lower left calf. She's grainy because she's so small I had to blow up the pic or you'd never see her.

She's done without black outline. Her hips fade into the water from which she is made. Her hair is a waterfall.

Another fine work done freehand by Ed Stye
It's obvious that I need a better digital camera!

This is called Enlightenment, represented by the naked pilgrim searching for answers from the Lotus Blossom.

The original flower was white, but white doesn't make for good tattoos. Of course the woman has red hair!

This tattoo is on the outside of my right a
This tattoo is on the inside of my upper left calf.

As the Sun with a lion's face, it represents the universe. Inside the mane of fire is every sign of the zodiac.

On the bridge of the nose, is the lightening bolt of creation.

It's a much larger tattoo than it appears here. It's also very bright, since I used the original colors. Normally I change everything to be blue or purple, but you can't have a blue
This is my second tattoo ever and also one of my very favorites. Perhaps even more than the tiger because I actually get to see it!

It looks rather strange in the pic because it's on the top of my left foot. It's all done in black except for the brilliant green eyes.

By the way, if you're thinking of tattooing your feet, you should be prepared for PAIN!
There are actually two tattoos here -- one on top of the foot, and the tiny black cat on my toe.

The yin yang with the rose was actually an impulse. I am always barefoot and wanted my feet decorated. Since I was having the panther done on the other foot and was going to be laid up anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to have this foot done at the same time.

There is no special significance to this tattoo other than the usual significance attached to the yin yang. It is blue simply because I like color and thought that much black would be too dull. The purple rose is just because purple is my favorite color and roses are my favorite flower.

The tiny cat was done at an earlier time and is a tribute to my favorite pet -- housecats.

If you're wondering, they both really h
I have two other tattoos that are not represented here.

One is a stylized version of the Star Trek: Next Generation Communication Badge. It is not pictured because it's not a very eye-catching tattoo. It is simply my homage to Star Trek because I'm a dedicated Trekker. And yes, it's right where a Com Badge is supposed to be.

The other is a small turquoise blue frog crawling up the front of my right shoulder. In fact, it now sits about an inch in front of my orca's nose. It too was an impulse because I just couldn't resist the temptation at a Tattoo Convention I attended in Chicago. It has no deep meaning, but it's a really cute tattoo and I get a lot of compliments on it.