My Cats

I got Lucy on May 19, 2009 from the Huron Valley Humane Society (
They tell me she is approximately 8 years old. Lucy is such a loving lap cat.
I will never understand how on earth her former owners let her become a stray,
and I will never understand how close minded people can say they hate cats when
they have never experienced the love of a true sweetheart like her.
Shame on those close-minded, ignorant individuals.

I had Claire from Nov 27, 2005 until I had to put her to sleep on Nov 2, 2007 (she was only approx 3 years old).
I miss you Spanky!
Claire came from JJ's Feline Friends in St Johns, MI

My Precious CALI.
I had Cali from Dec 24, 1992 until she died Thanksgiving Day (Nov 24) 2005.
She was a rescue from the Huron Valley Humane Society (Ann Arbor, MI).
I still miss her everyday with all my heart - she was the love of my life!

I no longer have Casi and hope she is doing well. She was apopted in January 2000 at approx 1 year old
from Cascades Humane Society (Jackson, MI).

FIREBALL (the gray cat) He is no longer with us (May 1998 to Oct 1999).
PENNY (the dilute Calico and Fireball's sister). She now lives with my grandma and mom. She was born approx May 1998.

Yodi is my mom's cat. Yodi was a stray - she got him from a co-worker of mine that found him roaming the streets.
Yodi was rescued in the early to mid-nineties.

Unfortunately Rusty is no longer with us. I had Rusty from 1991-1995.

Unfortunately Taffy is no longer with us. I had Taffy from age 10-17.