KiRti'S sPaCe On ThE wEb

Welcome to my Space on the Web

My name is Kirti Chatlani and I am 19. I speak French and bits of Hindi and Sindhi. I love to shop till I drop, read books, magazines and anything else readable, talk on the phone for so long, my parents get very angry at me (and now that I've finally got my own mobile, it will be even worse!!), go to the cinema with my mum to watch the latest Indian film, and also go to the cinema with my friends when there isn't anything better to do, watch T.V especailly soap operas and movies, ice skate, swim, trampoline, modern Indian dancing, annoy my brother and do my nails in all kinds of colours and designs. I am a professional chocoholic, I love chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream and anything else chocolatey. Other food that i am very fond of is pasta, pizza, Indian cusine, Chinese cusine and Trinidadian cusine. I like to hang out with my friends in Harrow, go swimming with them, and just be with them. When I finish my education, I would like to be a a very rich girl, because I want to! At the moment I am a student at Kingston University, doing a combined degree in Psychology and Business Studies....God only knows where i'm going with that, because I still dont know!!

Trinidadian Canadian and British are my wonderful nationalities, but, I am 100% Sindhi and proud of it ! :o)