Mayor Katz is "shocked and outraged that someone would show such blatant disregard and contempt for the law" as to torch 23 out of service cop cars (Oregonian, 6-3-00), causing $200,000 damage.

What she doesn't get is the fact that many people--the poor, non-white, youth, homeless, activists, radicals, and others, have received so much contempt and disregard for their humanity for so long from the police, and from the system they represent.

Is it surprising that some people are fighting back? Governments, capitalists, militaries, and cops in the U.S. and elsewhere are feeling threatened by recent popular demonstrations and uprisings. This means we can expect increasingly severe counter-insurgency tactics against those who dare to question or act against power. The cops will not hesitate to use brute force, and many good people have been hassled and imprisoned for resisting their bullshit. For how long will we allow our friends and loved ones to be kidnapped by these legal terrorists?

More so than at any time since the sixties, people are beginning to collectively question and refuse the existing society and its abuse of humanity and nature. We could be building towards a critical mass necessary to create real revolutionary change--not just cosmetic changes within an overall oppression. We desire a world not held in place by greed, power, or controlling superstitions, where we're able to create our own lives and communities to the fullest extent possible.

Don't let the cops and jailers and frightened lackeys stop this! Go on the attack and work for greater autonomy and revolt. We look forward to many imaginative Carnivals Against Capital until the social system is abolished and transcended. Why not get together with friends and neighbors and take the risk?