Communique sent by the Earth Liberation Front and received by the North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office

Late Friday night, the Earth Liberation Front paid a visit to the GOP headquarters in Bloomington, IN leaving it in flames as we left.
The fire was set as a reminder to politicians such as John Hostettler that we are watching and that we will not sit idly by as they push for plans like I-69. The construction would fill the coffers of Multinational Corporations at the expense of the environment and of working people everywhere. I-69 is just one example of the willingness of the rich to bleed the Earth and the working class to fulfill their money lust.
We have no faith in the present system of electoral politics where every candidate both Republican and Democrat is funded with corporate blood money.
Because there are no viable options on the ballet, we must find another means of voting. Our non-participation in and active resistance against this system, controlled by the rich, is our means of voting.
We are everywhere and nowhere."