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By: gregory_novella

Kaa was laying on a large rock, sunning himself, in his desert oasis in the middle of nowhere, digesting his latest meal, a smelly warthog named Pumbaa, and a meerkat named Timon. Kaa noticed something from a distance, a young male lion cub, passed out in the hot desert sun. Kaa thought he might need a sex toy, and he found one. Kaa slithered over to the lion cub, wrapped two coils around him, and dragged him back to his desert oasis. Kaa uncoiled himself from the lion cub, near a pool of water. Kaa splashes water on the lion cub's face, awakening him. "Are you okay?" asked Kaa. "I guess so," said the lion cub weakly. "My name'sss Kaa," said Kaa. "Ahem. Simba. Listen, thanks for your help," said the lion cub as he heads off quietly back out towards the desert. "Where are you going?" asked Kaa. "Nowhere," said Simba sadly. "Okay, where are you from?" asked Kaa. "Who cares? I can't go back," said Simba. "You're an outcassst? What did you do?" asked Kaa. "Something terrible. But I don't wanna talk about it," said Simba. "That'sss okay," Kaa said. Kaa persuaded Simba to stay in the oasis with him. "Welcome to my home," Kaa said, as he and Simba walked to the clearing deep into the oasis, revealing a revealing a beautiful view of a jungle, with waterfalls and rugged terrain. "You live here?" asked Simba, astonished. "Are you hungry?" asked Kaa. "I'm so hungry I could eat a whole zebra," said Simba. "Sssorry Sssimba, there'sss no animalsss around here," said Kaa. "No antelopes or hippos?" asked Simba. "Sssorry, but no," said Kaa nodded. "So, what do you eat around here then?" asked Simba. "Insssectsss, wormsss, and a few animalsss that comesss through here oncssse in a while, and that rarely happensss around here" Kaa laughed. Simba got a grim look on his face. "Don't worry, were friendsss, I'm not going to eat you," Kaa laughed out. Simba could not help but laugh as well. Simba watched as Kaa picked up a large fat worm and ate it. "Eeew. Gross," said Simba. "You'll learn to love them," said Kaa, licking his lips. Kaa picked up a worm, similar to what he just ate, and threw it to Simba, who catches it with his paws. "Well, if you say it's good, then it must be good," Simba said as he ate the worm. "Slimy, yet satisfying," commented Simba. "Sssee," laughed Kaa. "Would you like a little entertainment?" Kaa asked. "Entertainment? Like what?" Simba asked. "Just a little dancssse," said Kaa. "I guess so," Simba said. "All right then," said Kaa. Kaa began to move his body in a series of circular shapes, S-shaped curves, figure eights, loop-de-loops, triangles, squares, and five-sided shapes. Kaa's coils danced in fluidic motions. Simba curiously leaned closer. Simba watched Kaa's strange dance, as the sun glistened off Kaa's scales, reflecting a spectrum of the colors of the rainbow. Simba lost his ability to look away as he watched Kaa's dance. Simba began to sway his hips in circular motions, in tune with Kaa's dance. Simba's pupils withdrawn and was replaced with orbs of colors. Kaa smiled as he saw this. Simba could only now think of Kaa, and his dance. "Sssilly immature lion cub," laughed Kaa, as he looked into Simba's eyes. Kaa's eyes turned into spirals of colors. "Look into my eyesss, deep into my eyesss," Kaa said as he moved his head from side to side. Kaa's eyes continued to shift in colors, faster and faster. Kaa's head moved up and down, and back and forth, and Simba's head and eyes followed Kaa's. "Look deep into my eyesss, deeper into my eyesss, you can't look away, you mussst ssstare into my eyesss," Kaa said. Kaa continued to move his head from side to side, up and down, and back and forth, his eyes continuing to shift in color. "Look deeper into my eyesss, you can't look away, you don't want to look away," Kaa said. Simba was now totally relaxed. "You have no will," said Kaa. "I have no will," replied Simba. "You are totally mine, your will, your mind, your body, isss all mine," Kaa said. "I am all yours," replied Simba. Kaa now could do whatever he wanted to Simba, because Simba now belonged to him. Kaa began to sing, "Thrussst, I mean, trussst, trussst in me, jussst in me, ssshut your eyesss." Simba shut his eyes and purred as Kaa began to coil around Simba's belly and hips. "And trussst in me." Kaa slid a coil in between Simba's legs and ass, griping and grinding Simba's erected penis. Simba purred, moaned, and groaned at the feeling of fur to slippery scales. "Ssso you can sssleep, sssafe and sssound." Kaa tightened the coil between Simba's legs. Kaa wrapped two coils around Simba's neck and chest. Kaa pushed his tail tip into Simba's mouth. Without being told, Simba sucked on Kaa's tail tip, tasting Kaa's scales. "Knowing I am arousssed, I mean, around. Lift your tail pleassse." Simba lifted his tail, exposing his anus to Kaa. Kaa slid his midsection next to Simba's anus. Two scales from Kaa's midsection opened, exposing Kaa's long blood-red dripping penis. Kaa, with his long tongue, licked Simba's anus, lubricating it, getting ready for the invasion. Kaa, with one strong thrust, pushed his entire enormous penis deep into Simba's ass. "Ssslip into sssilent ssslumber, sssail on a sssilver missst." Kaa shoved his penis, in and out of Simba's anus. "Ssslowly and sssurely your sssenses will ceassse to resssissst." Soon Simba had his first ever orgasm. Simba purred, moaned, and groaned as he shot his pre-cum over Kaa's coils between his legs. As Kaa continued to fuck Simba, Kaa licked Simba's pre-cum from his coils. "Trussst in me, jussst in me, ssshut your eyesss, and trussst in meeeeeeeeee." Kaa finally shot his cum into Simba's ass. Simba, after one more orgasm, passed out in Kaa's coils. "You are mine forever Sssimba, all mine," Kaa laughed.

Many years has passed, and Simba has been living in the oasis with Kaa, and is still in Kaa's hypnotic grasp, living on worms and insects, and on occasions, eating animals that comes through the oasis unexpectedly, and living on each other's sexual pleasures and juices. Now Simba has turned into an adult, with full mane.

Kaa awoke, with Simba in his coils after their last sexual session, to a sound of a rolling pebble. Kaa uncoiled himself from Simba, and slithered off to investigate the sound. Kaa saw an adult lioness wondering around the oasis. Nala heard a hissing sound from behind her, and she immediately turned around, but saw nothing. Nala, thinking it was just her imagination playing tricks with her, turned around once again to continue her trek. As Nala turned around, she saw Kaa, sticking his head out from the tree up above, with his eyes emitting beautiful orbs of color. "Exssscussse me lionessss. May I be of sssome assssssissstansssce?" asked Kaa seductively, as Nala's eyes mirrored the colors. Kaa began to sing to the spellbound Nala, "I can ssslide, I can ssswirl, I can twissst and I can twirl, I can ssslither, sssmooth and ssslow, you will sssee jussst what I ssshow. I am in the mood, to play with you." As Kaa sang, Kaa danced his body in fluidic motions, doing a series of circular shapes, S-shaped curves, figure eights, loop-de-loops, triangles, squares, and five-sided shapes, accompanied with his eyes locked on Nala's. "I have ssspark, I have charm, I know painlessss ways to harm, look into my eyesss, let yourself be hypnotizsssed, I am in the mood, to play with you." Nala began to sway her body like a snake in tune to Kaa's song and dance. "Sway, Sway with me, I am in the mood, to play with you." Nala continued to sway even after Kaa finished his song. "Lift your tail," commanded Kaa. Nala lifted her tail, exposing her pussy and anus. Kaa shoved his tail tip deep into Nala's pussy. Nala purred. As Kaa's blood-red penis erected into view, Kaa shoved it into Nala's mouth. "Sssuck," said Kaa as Nala began to suck on Kaa's enormous penis. Nala knew how to suck a cock, because Kaa has not felt any of Nala's teeth scraping his penis. Kaa looped coil after coil around Nala's belly, hips, chest, and neck, completely enveloping her in coils. Kaa pulled his tail out of Nala's pussy and replaced it with his mouth and tongue. As Kaa licked and sucked on Nala's pussy, Kaa's tail shoved itself into Nala's anus, deep, into her intestines. Kaa released and tightened around Nala, massaging Nala's body. Kaa stopped sucking on Nala's pussy, pulled his penis out of Nala's mouth, and shoving his penis deep into Nala's pussy and through her vaginal tunnel. Kaa fucked Nala's pussy, until Nala got a powerful orgasm accompanied with Kaa's coils massaging her. Soon Kaa erupted with his own orgasm, shooting his cum into her pussy. Nala collapsed in Kaa's coils due to orgasm and exhaustion. Kaa dragged Nala to where he was keeping Simba. When Kaa got there, Simba was still asleep, so Kaa slept as well, with Nala in his coils. Hours later, when Simba and Nala were awake, Kaa commanded, "I want you two to have sex." Simba jumped on Nala's behind, and shove his penis into Nala's pussy. Simba and Nala were doing it "doggie style." As Simba fucked Nala, Kaa coiled around both of them, mashing their bodies together. Kaa loosened and tightened around Simba and Nala, massaging them as they fucked. Simba rolled on his back, and now Nala is sitting on Simba's huge penis. Nala rode on Simba's penis, pumping herself up and down. Kaa shoved his entire penis into Nala's mouth, deep-throating her as she sucked on it. Kaa shoved his tail tip into Simba's mouth, deep-throating him as Kaa's tail went as far as Simba's throat would let him. Kaa slid his head down to Simba's anus and shoved his tongue into it, in and out, faster and faster, fucking Simba's ass with his tongue. Finally, Simba shot his cum into Nala's pussy, while Kaa shot his into Nala's mouth, and Nala collapsed after experiencing her most powerful orgasm yet. Soon Simba and Nala slept in Kaa's coils.

Many months later, due to everyday none-stop sex under Kaa's tutelage, Simba and Nala bore a child, a lioness cub, which Kaa allowed them to name, Kiara. Kaa easily put Kiara in a hypnotic trance, but would have to wait many months until he could have sex with her, probably until Kiara reaches the same age, as Simba was when Kaa first met him.

During this time the Pride Lands were nothing more than a barren wasteland. Scar, the hyenas, Zira and all her cubs, expect one, died from hunger, along with, Zazu, Rafiki, Sarabi, Sarafina, all the lions and lioness, and all the animals in the Pride Lands. Now nothing lived in the Pride Lands or in Pride Rock. The only survivor of the Pride Lands is Kovu, cub of Zira, and Scar's chosen successor to his now desolated-throne.

Many months later, a lion cub named Kovu walked aimlessly through the desert, looking for food and water. Kovu finally found an oasis. Kovu dove his head into a pool of water, next to a large tree. After Kovu drank a big amount of water, Kovu slept. Kovu awoke to a feeling of something wrapping around his belly and lifting him up. Kovu, now fully awake, realized that he was being hoisted up into the tree branches above. Kaa lifted Kovu right in front of his face, surprising Kovu. "Who the fuck are you?" asked Kovu, in a screaming surprised voice. "I'm Kaa, and who are you?" Kaa asked, smiling. "I'm Kovu, and I'll appreciate it if you leave me alone," Kovu said as he was about the leap from the tree branch to the ground below. Kovu was about to leave until Kaa wrapped a coil around Kovu's paw, stopping him from leaping off the tree. "Get this thing off me!" demanded Kovu. "You don't trussst me," Kaa said in a sad tone. "Hey, listen! I don't trust anyone! Now get this thing off me!" shouted Kovu. "Then there'sss nothing I can do to help," Kaa said. "You want to help me?" Kovu asked. "Yesss, but firssst you mussst trussst me," Kaa said. "Like I said, I don't trust anyone and I don't trust you!" Kovu shouted. Kovu once again was going to leap off the tree, when Kaa formed a coil below head and wrapped it around Kovu's head, covering his eyes. "What the fuck are you doing you crazy snake!" shouted Kovu as he tried to remove the coil covering his eyes. When Kaa noticed that Kovu was going to remove the coil on his head, Kaa positioned his head in front of Kovu's. When Kovu finally removed the coil, he was looking into spirals of colors. Soon Kovu's eyes reflected those colors, he now belonged to Kaa. "Leap off the tree," Kaa commanded, as Kovu leap off the tree, landing on his feet. Kaa slithered down the tree to meet Kovu. "Now lie on you back," said Kaa. Kovu lay on his back, exposing his penis and anus to Kaa. Kaa's midsection sported Kaa's enormous penis, so Kaa shoved it in Kovu's anus. Kovu purred, moaned, and groaned, as Kaa fuck his ass and intestines. Kaa took Kovu's erected penis in his mouth. Kaa's penis went in and out of Kovu's ass, while Kaa sucked Kovu's penis. Kaa wrapped his coils all around Kovu, and shoved his tail tip into Kovu's mouth. "Suck on it," Kaa said, as Kovu sucked on Kaa's tail. Soon Kaa shot his cum into Kovu's ass and Kovu shot his into Kaa's mouth. Kaa pulled his tail out of Kovu's mouth. "Follow me," Kaa said. Kaa lured Kovu to where he was keeping Simba, Nala, and their lioness cub, Kiara. As soon as Kaa got there, Simba and Nala were having sex, doing Kama Sutra sexual positions: sixty-nine, man-pushing-wheelbarrow, etc. which Kaa had thought them from his time in India. Kaa saw Kiara playing by herself. "Come here Kiara," Kaa said. Kiara walked over to Kaa. "Kiara, this is Kovu, now I want you two to have sex," said Kaa. Kovu laid Kiara back first on the ground. Kovu presented his little penis to Kiara and shoved it into her pussy. Kaa slid his penis behind Kovu's and shoved his penis into Kovu's anus, while Kovu fucked Kiara. Kaa shoved his tail tip into Kiara's mouth and she sucked it like a lollipop. Soon Kovu shot his cum into Kiara, and Kiara had her first orgasm. Soon Kovu and Kiara slept in Kaa's coils. The oasis is Kaa's heaven. The next day, Kaa was awoken by the sounds of four camels drinking water. Kaa uncoiled himself from Kovu and Kiara, and slithered off to investigate. Kaa saw, that there were not only four camels, but also four humans. These humans seemed familiar to Kaa. Then Kaa recognized them. It was Mowgli, Shanti, Ranjan and another girl. By listening closely to their conversion, Kaa got the name of the other girl. Her name was Mahala, Ranjan's girlfriend. Mowgli and Shanti seemed to be the same age, about the age of 25, while Ranjan and Mahala also seemed to be the same age as well, aged 15. "More sssex ssslavesss! This time they're humans! O how I missss having sssex with humansss" Kaa thought to himself. "Let's make camp here, it's two more week to get to Tarzan's jungle," said Mowgli. Kaa was delighted to hear Mowgli say that.