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Youth Organization Joins NY Cares Day

By Diane Sandy

On Saturday, October 14, the New Concept Democratic Youth Organization (NCDCYO), once again supported the community by participating in the 9th annual New York Cares Day.

This year, our members devoted our time and energy to Russell Sage, Junior High School 190, in Forest Hills, Queens. Other well-to doers joined us. All five boroughs were represented along with Long Island. Even though the majority of the registered volunteers failed to show up, about 50 volunteers were present, 20 of which were members of NCDCYO. The remainder of the participants mostly consisted of walk-ins as well as teachers and parents of the school.

Upon arrival at the junior high school, we were generously provided with breakfast. After breakfast, there was a briefing on the events to take place during the day. At this particular site, there were three main points of focus. They were the schoolyard, the basement, and the third floor of the school. Those designated to the schoolyard took on responsibilities of sweeping the yard, and garden work such as, tending to the soil and planting tulip bulbs. The groups assigned to the basement had their work cut out for them. Their job was to clear out rooms that had acquired decades of books, stage props, and dust. The crew allotted to the third floor of the school had the task of painting classrooms. We were well equipped with gloves and facemasks in order to perform our assignments in a safe manner.

Work ceased for lunch at 12 noon. It was a well-deserved break. Many of us were walking around covered in dirt, dust and paint. After washing up, we helped ourselves to sandwiches and beverages. During lunch, we gained the opportunity to meet with the principal of the school and to realize how much our presence was really appreciated.

One thing that was very impressive, was one of the volunteers. As the day progressed, I noticed a young blind man walking around. He was one of the people working in the basement. While holding his guide stick in one hand, in his other hand he was carrying items to go out to the dump truck. Although I was very impressed to see such a person offering his services, I was also quite disappointed. Disappointed for the simple fact that a number of volunteers failed to show up due to whatever obstacle may or may not have stood in their way.

At the end of the day, I feel it safe to say that we were reaping the personal satisfaction of knowing that we had accomplished a lot during the hours that we spent providing community service.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in such deeds, please feel free to contact the NCDCYO at or visit us on the web at NCDCYO.WEB.COM.



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