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WelcomeThe Youth Group was formed to encourage young adults to take an active role in their community affairs. As you may well know, the youths of today are the future leaders of tomorrow. Members of our organization are the future leaders of tomorrow. Members of our organization are exposed to situations that affect their everyday lives. And, they are given a chance to express their opinions and voice their concerns. In addition, the youths actively participate in events, which will better educate them not only to become better citizens, but also to elevate their level of thinking

We participate in various community activities which include an ongoing citizenship drive. The organization also conducts program that include college and career counseling, resume writing workshops, SAT review classes, part-time job placement, income tax assistance for youths, clothing and food drives and fun days where the youths can learn the value of being team players. These plus many more activities we feel will not only build confidence and self-esteem, but will make your child prepared to handle whatever new challenges he or she will encounter next.

Within only a few months since our inception, our membership has grown and members are already reaping some of the benefits that our organization has to offer. We would like to give your child the same opportunity that our current members have. I ask you to encourage your children to attend our next meeting. Thank you.

Nicholas Sankar
Aug. '99 to Aug. '00

History In Video- Requires Real Player
"I Have A Dream" Speech A 10 minute, 17 second Real Video clip of Rev. King, Jr. on the steps of Lincoln Memorial giving his famous speech.

  1. 2002 Phagwah Parade Pics
    One Two

  2. February 2nd,2002 Bowling Pics
    One Two Three Four Five

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