Joyce Pikus Wells

5617 Coleman's Lake Rd.
Church Road, VA 23833

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High School Activities - Pep Club, Varsity Choir, Cadet Choir, Future Teachers of America, Friendship Club, Spanish Club, Voted #2 "Most Perfect Couple" (with Oren Powell)

Hello to all! I may just attend this reunion. Cookie is attempting to convince me....perhaps the time has come.

After graduation I went to work for the phone company, married Michael (you would know him as "Oren Powell") in 1970. Michael joined the Air Force in 1971, we were in Okinawa when firstborn Heidi arrived in 1974. Christopher was born in Texas in 1976 while Michael was finishing college, and Sarah (1979) and Cathleen (1982) were our two Virginia home-birth babies. I had had it with our Western medicine. I spent 9 years as a La Leche League (breastfeeding information) counselor, assisted in teaching home birth classes and at friends' home births, then in 1985 became a nationally certified Paramedic. I spent 8 years "working the streets" (I know, it sounds like something terrible) in one of the worst areas in Richmond, then spent 5 calm years as an paramedic in industry (Firestone and Allied Signal). During the calm time I finally got around to obtaining my undergraduate and graduate degrees, both in Natural Health. I have a small home business (and a small web page: People have told me that not all of this info has to be typed, so experiment if you want. By the way, this is not about herbology or any particular method of alternative medicine, this about the BODY taking care of ITSELF. If you have the slightest interest in this, please seek out information. It certainly doesn't have to be from ME, but do look into it. I have an outline completed for a book and may actually begin the writing of it later this summer.

Michael and I divorced in 1987, and in 1995 I remarried. My new husband is a wonderful gentleman named Paul Wells. He is quite a few years younger than I am (than WE are :)), has never been married before, and has no children of his own. I can only imagine the incredible adjustment we must have been for him. To say that he handles us well is an understatement. One of the first things that we did was to purchase 18.5 acres of beautiful wooded land and build a house smack in the center. It us a medium sized house, very open with high ceilings, two jetted tubs, two woodstoves (came in handy last winter when we were without electricity for 8 days, three hours, and 15 minutes) and windows windows windows everywhere. We have Golden Retrivers, Zebra Finches, Aracana Chickens, and a wonderful garden. Goats will come next, I think.

Paul is in Safety at Allied Signal and currently I am working part-time as a Human Resource Training Analyst for Chesterfield County. What this means is that I develop and conduct safety training classes. I do some outside training also as opportunities come my way.

Kiddo update: Heidi is a UVA graduate with majors in English and Anthropology. Is currently seeking a career change. Chris is our free spirit and works different jobs and lives in different places. Sarah has a wonderful apartment on historic Monument Avenue in Richmond and will begin her second year at VCU. Cathleen is about to complete her junior year of high school, is in the Spanish immersion program (some of her classes (math, history) are taught in Spanish) and she was an exchange student in Costa Rica last summer. She was also in All State Band this year (bassoon) and was inducted into the National Honor Society two weeks ago.

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