Christina     Jolene D.     Jo Nelson

                                       A Walk on the Beach (G) Angst
                                             Summary: The sun, the sand, the ocean, and memories.

                                       Burned Turkey (PG) MSR, Slight Angst
                                             Summary: Another ruined holiday-or is it?

                                      Questions of the Heart (PG) MSR
                                            Summary: Our agents react to their New Year's Eve kiss.

                                      Platinum (G) MSR, Scully POV
                                            Summary: Mulder is gone. Scully is coping. Then she finds a message on Mulder's
                                                            answering machine.

                                      Regretting (PG) Vignette/Angst
                                             Summary:  I did everything I was told to.  But it all went to shit anyway.

                                      Ribbed: For Her Pleasure (PG) S, MSR, Some Angst, UST, Scully POV
                                            Summary:  Mulder hopes tonight's the night-but what does Scully have to say?

                                      Secrets Kept (G) M/S friendship, Humor, Teeny bit of Angst
                                            Summary: A Saturday, sunflower seeds, and a secret.

                                      Under Lock and Key (R) S, R, H
                                            Summary: An experiment goes awry.

Jolene D.

                                                    Crystal Thanksgiving  (PG) MSR
                                              Summary: Thanksgiving Dinner at the Scully’s.

                                       Innocent Victims  (PG)
                                              Summary: Hmmm, well, I can't explain it you have to read it.

Jo Nelson

                                     Abomination (PG) Adventure/X-File/MSR/Angst
                                            Summary: Mulder & Scully investigate reports of a snowman near the Colorado

                                     Droplets (PG) Angst/UST
                                            Summary: Scully has a nosebleed and overhears a conversation in the restroom.

                                     It Doesn't Have To End This Way (PG) Story/MSR/Angst
                                            Summary: The X-Files have been shut down for good and M&S's relationship
                                                            has grown for the better.  Then something happens that ends up
                                                            changing everything.

                                     What They Started (PG) MSR/Casefile/Humor
                                           Summary: What do UFO abductions, The South African Embassy and dog-sitting
                                                            have in common?

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