Post-Episodic Stories
Stories that occur in the timeframe before, during and after specific episodes.

If any of the links don't work, most of the stories here can also be found at Gossamer (older stories) & Ephemeral (recent stories)

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Season 1


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Never Again

 For Life by Leyla Harrison
We Live As We Dream & Life's Grip by Parrotfish

Memento Mori

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Small Potatoes

D.K. Scully, You've Got Unsuspected Depth by Barbara D.


Alone I Grieve The Loss of You by Barbara Barnett

Unconventional by Leyla Harrison


Season 5

Redux II

Crescendo Unspoken by Barbara Barnett

Healing Embrace by Barbara Barnett

Christmas Carol

A Phone Call From San Diego by Shalimar


Shooting Star: Shatter by Anne Haynes

Shooting Star: Irrevocable by Anne Haynes


Faith in Truth Pt. 1 & 2 by Julie John

The Red and the Black

Calling Dr. Scully by Cynthia Douglas

Canyons by Angie Patrick

All Souls

Flames by Leyla Harrison

The End

Final Analysis by Barbara Barnett

The X-Files: Fight The Future

Fade to Black by Barbara Barnett
Reflections on Ice by Barbara Barnett
Fate, Chance, Kings & Desperate Men by Karen Rasch
Welcome Home by Barbara Barnett
Blur by Leyla Harrison
Laid Bare by Ten

Season 6


Immortality is Put to Sleep by Rachel Kottler

I Can't Bear to Look by Brandon D. Ray

She Ditched Him? by Vickie Moseley

The Lucky Man by Vickie Moseley

One Son

Impasse by Dianora

After Dinner Conversation by Maureen B. Ocks

The Weekend Series: Picking Up the Pieces by Mojo


Apology by Shoshana

The Dance by Fialka

Rationalize by B. Bennett and Elaine Risley

Death and Proximity by Amanda Finch

Season 7


The Devil's Instant by Maria Nicole

Penance Enough by Dreamshaper

Sea Changes by Lydx

En Ami

Pop Psychology by Shoshana

all things

A Walk on the Beach by Christina

Choices Made by Nadine

Precious Memory by Scully's Baby Blues

Serendipity by Suzanne Schramm

Valuable to Me by Laurie Cabbab


Alunakanula by Dasha K.

Amicable Intent by Katyblue

A Cross To Bear by xenoprobe

And What a Time it Was by Kelly

By Her Side: Until He's Found by Vickie Moseley

Earnest Disclosures by Ante Up

Family Ties by e.b.e.

Holding You by Mel J

Inhalation by Nova

I Speak for the Trees by Birgit Mueller

Mother And Child With Child by S. Littlejohn

 Only in Dream by JLB

Six Months by Keleka

The Sky is Falling by Tara Avery

The Threnody series by Tarin Z. Kesumin

Wasted Time by babos

Season 8

Season 9

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