Post-Colonization Fanfic Stories
Stories that take place during and after the alien colonization of earth.

The Absence of Memory
by Narida Law

All Which It Inherit
by Brandon D. Ray

Ask About the Weather
by Rachel Howard

Becoming Judas
Becoming Judas II: Resurrection
by Darkstar

Blinded by White Light
by Dasha K.

Pt. 1 & Pt. 2
by LuvTheBeez

The Furious Winter
by CazQ

The Journal  Series
by MD1016

Last One Standing
by Mabtng

Life During Wartime Series (WIP)
by cofax, Maramus, and Maria Nicole

Looking For America
by Alicia K.

Negative Utopia
by Prufrock's Love

Night Giving Off Flames
by Jesemie's Evil Twin

by Angel

Novus Ordo Seclorum
by Rebecca Rusnak

Operation Clean House
by Sarah Segretti
& the sequel
Won and Lost by Branwell

The Seventh Age
by David Hearne

Show of Strength
by Meredith

Tangible series (WIP)
by Blueswirl & Meredith
Tangible   Tangible 2   Tangible 3

We All Fall Down
by Tara Avery

World Without End
by Rachel Anton
        Book Two - Pt. 1    Pt. 2   Pt. 3
 Book Three

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