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A Walk on the Beach
by Christina

by Jo Nelson

by CindyET

all paths lead to you
by AgentXsley

by Dasha K.

Ask About the Weather
by Rachel Howard

Becoming Judas
by Darkstar

Before Dying
by Alcott

Blinded By White Light
by Dasha K.

Burned Turkey
by Christina

Calm Blue Nowhere
by Terri Monture

Choices Made
by Nadine

by Maren

A Cross To Bear
by xenoprobe

   Crystal Thanksgiving
by Jolene D.

Dance Without Sleeping (see Classics)
by Lydia Bower

The Devil's Instant
by Maria Nicole

by Jo Nelson

Erlona's Heart (see Classics)
by MD1016

Erosion (see Classics)
by Annie Sewell-Jennings

Family Ties
by e.b.e.

The Furious Winter
by CazQ

"Goin' Nowhere" The Roads Series (see Classics)
by Nicole Perry

Grace Realized (see Classics)
by Michaela

Holding You
by Mel J

Immortality is Put to Sleep
by Rachel Kottler

by Nova

Innocent Victims
by Jolene D.

by Lydia Bower

Intuitive Reasoning
by Mish

I Speak for the Trees
by Birgit Mueller

It Doesn't Have To End This Way
by Jo Nelson

Last One Standing (WIP)
by Mabtng

Life During Wartime Series (WIP)
by cofax, Maramus, and Maria Nicole

Looking For America
by Alicia K.

Maggie's Tale
by Mystphile

by David Hearne

Neither Moon Nor Earth
by Sabine

Novus Ordo Seclorum
by Rebecca Rusnak

Nowhere Special
by Blackwood

On the Beach
by Annie Sewell-Jennings

Operation Clean House
by Sarah Segretti

Paradigm Shift
by Nlynn

by Maren

Paths of Sorrow
by Kristel S. Oxley-Johns

Penance Enough
by Dreamshaper

by Christina

Pop Psychology
by Shoshana

Precious Memory
by Scully's Baby Blues

Questions of the Heart
by Christina

by Christina

Ribbed: For Her Pleasure
by Christina

Sea Changes
by Lydx

Secrets Kept
by Christina

by Suzanne Schramm

The Seventh Age
by David Hearne

Show of Strength
by Meredith

The Sky is Falling
by Tara Avery

Sounds of Silence (see Classics)
by Girlgone

The Sound of Wind Chimes
by Sarah Stegall

by Rebecca Perlow

Tangible series (WIP) (see Post-Colonization stories)
by Blueswirl & Meredith

Wasted Time
by babos

What They Started
by Jo Nelson

Won and Lost
by Branwell

The "Words" Series  (see Classics)
by Karen Rasch

World Without End
by Rachel Anton

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