Lewis vs. Rahman Training


April 13: Lewis is introduced to a lion cub, Nadia, after a sparring session at Carnival City

Lewis gets to grips with a three-and-a-half month old lion cub during his first open training session

Lennox gets his hands taped by Emanuel during a sparring session

Lewis delivers a punch during a sparring session

Lennox Lewis trades blows with sparring partner Franklin Egobi

Lennox Lewis about to whack Egobi with a right

April 16: Lennox with the children from Soweto township

Lennox doing a preparation routine for sparring

Lennox trades blows with fellow Canadian sparring partner Engleton Marcus

April 18: Hasim works out on the bag in preparation for THE fight of his life

Hasim works out at Johannesburg gym to prepare himself for his BIGGEST fight

Hasim preparing himself for the BIGGEST fight in his whole career

Rahman working out on Wednesday for the fight on Saturday


April 15: Lewis carries a wreath of flowers as he joins families of those who died at Johannesburg's Ellis Park soccer stadium.

Lewis at Ellis Park, where 43 people were crushed to death during a match at the stadium on Wednesday in South Africa's worst sporting accident.

Lewis carries flowers at the wreath laying ceremony held at Ellis Park. The ceremony was held in commemoration of the 43 deceased