My Favorite Web Links


Dave's ESL Cafe   One of the best webpages for teachers and students of English as a second/other language.
The Ajarn Page   A relatively new but good site on the Net about teaching and living in Thailand.
Education World
Heinemann Publishers Page for Teachers
Prongo   A webpage full of English games for kids
Linguistic Funland
ESL Journal
Tman's TESOL Page  A site full of links to teaching ESL

News and Information

The Vancouver Sun
The National Post
The Bangkok Post
The South China Morning Post
The International Herald Tribune
USA Today newspaper
The Economist magazine
Asiaweek Magazine
Macleans Magazine
Salon Magazine
BBC World Asia-Pacific Page
Alex Catalog of Electric Texts
The preeminent Internet site for literature and reference
Forbes Magazine's Best Websites


Thai Stocks
The Motley Fool
Merrill Lynch Canada
Kim Eng Securities (Thailand)
The Stock Exchange of Thailand
Westminster Services
Fidelity Investments
Fortune Investor

Travel and Living Abroad

Asian Trail Magazine
The Thorn Tree Travel Discussion Page
Escape Artist Magazine
Lonely Planet's Webpage
The Expat Forum
Thai Travel Stories
Find out the time around the world
For information about any country
Free Photo Hosting
One Small Planet
Cathy's Korean Escapades
International Living Magazine   A monthly Internet magazine devoted to affordable living abroad

Philosophy, Buddhism, Knowledge and Ideas

China the Beautiful -- Classical Chinese Poetry
Great Books Literary Cafe, Chat and Campfires
RAW Around the WEb  Information and Links about the irreverant philosophy, scientist and stand-up comedian, Robert Anton Wilson
The Robert Anton Wilson Official Homepage
Encyclopedia Brittanica On-Line   The well-known encyclopedia is free and on-line. Detailed information about what you want to know.
University of Michigan Public Library
The Tree of Philosophy  A philosophy professor from Hong Kong's webpage with course essays, books and links.
The Buddhist Publications Society of Sri Lanka   A wonderful source of free books and essays about Theravada Buddhism to download
Plum Village, the Buddhist Webpage of Thich Nhat Hanh
Phra Ajahn Payutto's Thai Buddhist Webpage
Bertrand Russells Essays On-line
Lotus Lantern International Buddhist Center of Korea
Korean Buddhist Chogye Order
Buddhist Tricycle Hub Magazine
Suan Mokkh International Buddhist Center in Thailand
Thai Buddhist Forest Sangha Newsletter
The Official Tibetan Buddhist Website
Dharma the Cat   An irreverent yet insightful look at Buddhism
Buddha Net
Commentary on Buddhism, Haiku and Oriental Poetry
Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors  The best collection of Zen stories and parables available on-line
Aphorisms Galore  A vast collection of wise and pithy sayings from many and various people over the ages
Quotations On-line

Miscellaneous Links of Interest

The UN Human Development Report 2000 On-line  Download the latest report, showing Canada again No.1 for Quality of Life
Metroplanet -- the ultimate website about urban transportation systems
Create a fart on-line and send it to someone dear
A very good site for information about computers
An excellent discussion site about computer problems