The new album DON'T STOP is available in every italian shop since June the 20th, outside of Italy it will be probabily available from September on.

For tracks listing visit the discography section here.

L.B.M., Little B. and FabriceThe release of the album has been preceeded by an official presentation , the 19th of June, in the club 'Punta dell'Est' in Milan, during the Supalova Club night. To visit the detailed page click here.

 ROCKETS at the EME 2003Saturday the 22nd of June the ROCKETS performed on stage at the EME 2003 (European Music Event TDK Awards) i n Riccione (Rimini - Italy), between the amazement and the acclamation of the audience. To visit the detailed page click here.

The event was recorded by ALL MUSIC TV, (event partner). The announced broadcast has not been transmitted yet. ALL MUSIC TV can be reached also with satellite.

The ROCKETS official site is active, WWW.ROCKETSLAND.COM, and you can find interesting images of the new video Don't stop , that you can see on satellite channel COUNTDOWN.

The 26th of June the TV transmission Verissimo on italian channel Canale 5, reported the news that Randi Ingermann is participating to the shooting of the new ROCKETS video and transmitted a few images from the set.

The 30th of June started the promotional campaign on Radio Dee Jay (Ita l y), that broadcasts the single every day.

Sunday the 27 th of July the ROCKETS partecipated at the event 'Moda e Musica' in Civitella del Tronto (TE - Italy) that has been recorded and will be trasmitted by italian TV channel Rete 4. To visit the detailed page click here.

ROCKETS were in Ischia (Italy) on Sunday the 24th of August for the 'Insonnia dance festival'. Unfortunately before their performance a whirlwind caused the interruption of the show. The event was transmitted by italian channel RAI 2 the night between 31st of August and 1st of September (at about 1.20 a.m.) and ROCKETS performance was replaced by the broadcast of 'Don't stop' video clip.

ROCKETS at the Venere d'argentoSaturday the 13th of September the ROCKETS performed in Erice (Italy) for 'XIX premio internazionale della Venere d'argento'. The show, registered by RAI channel, will be transmitted next days. To visit the detailed page click here.

Is going to be defined ROCKETS participation to other musical events.

The monthly italian music magazine All Music has dedicated, in June, July and August, a few pages to ROCKETS and their album.

In Russia big enthusiasm for new ROCKETS album, that will be printed and distributed locally by Sony. ROCKETS are planning a tour in a few Russian cities.

The Russian music magazine PLAY has published, in the September issue, an interview to ROCKETS, a review of the new album and has incuded, in the enclosed CD, a sample of 'Electric delight' track taken from DON'T STOP album.

December 2003. Starts a new ROCKETS initiative.

A charity journey titled 'ROCKETS for Human Race', organized and managed by ROCKETS, is presented in Milan (Italy), Friday the 5th of December at 12:00 a.m. 2 ROCKETS members (LBM and Little B.) have been involved in a bicycle journey, about 2000 km, that led them to Jönköping in Sweden.

ROCKETS for Human Race startThe journey (about 85 km per day) has ended a few days before Christmas.

The initiative has the contribution of italian sponsors and a few media followed the journey, among them the TV transmission Verissimo, the magazine Chi and Radio 105.

ROCKETS - Discoteca STATION, Maserà di Padova The 5th of January 2004, Monday evening, the ROCKETS performed in a 25 minutes 'Show Case' in the Discoteca STATION, in Padova (Italy), during the '80 Festival Live'. They played 6 songs with Alain Groetzinger at drums.

ROCKETS - Magazzini Generali, MilanoSaturday the 27th of March is organized, at the Magazzini Generali in Milano the live show that ends the bicycle adventure in Sweden. The cashing of the show, deducted the expenses, has been devolved to the Reparto di Neonatologia dell'Azienda Ospedaliera Niguarda di Milano (Newborn Department of Milano Niguarda Hospital).

ROCKETS - Principe Disco Club, Legnago (VR) - Photo by courtesy of Principe Disco ClubSunday the 11th of April the ROCKETS performed in a Show Case at the Principe Disco Club in Legnago (VR - Italy).
The show was transmitted via radio (Radio Pico and Rete 23).

ROCKETS - Piazza Cavour, ComoThe announced live show in Como, in Cavour square, for Saturday the 24th of July is postponed to the following day, Saturday the 25th of July Domenica 25 Luglio, due to the unfavorable weather conditions that prevented the building of the stand in time for the start of the show.

Are going to be defined, for next September, a few dates that will lead ROCKETS to Russia!

Check ROCKETS official site for details: .

If you don't know where to buy the CD online click here!

A special thanks to the ROCKETS that give me all the news .

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