ROCKETS Galactica 2003

ROCKETS 2003 From May the 6th you find in the shops:

ROCKETS - Galactica 2003 mixesROCKETS - Galactica 2003 CD

To see cover details and tracks listing click on the cover images in this page (many compliments to L.B.M for his great artwork!).

DJ Joe T. VannelliMarch the 6th, during the evening 'SupalovaClub' at the Old Fashion Cafè in Milan it has been played for the first time.

The preview of the song Galactica has been transmitted a few times by the disc-jockey and producer Joe T. Vannelli on Radio Italia Network (RIN), where he conducts the program 'The Power of Love'.

DJ Mauro MBSDJ Stefano Mat's MattaraThe track GALACTICA JOE T. VANNELLI RMX was number 1 in the TOP 20 by Joe T. Vannelli and in 'The Power of Love' trasmitted on March the 29th it was the 'Disco House Power'. Also in April the 5th, it was played GALACTICA JOE T. VANNELLI ELECTRO DUBBY RMX.

For RIN frequences or internet broadcast you can visit RIN site:

Have a look at TV transmission because you can find the Galactica video clip!

Galactica VideoThe clip has been transmitted on MTV Italy and on satellite channel COUNT DOWN.
The video is actually present in the Dance Floor Chart on MTV Italy, broadcasted on Wednesday from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm and the night between Saturday and Sundayfrom 1.00 am to 2.00 pm.

Other broadcast may be possible, check scheduled programs on MTV italian site:

Waiting for the new album, that all the advance information suggested that it will be a great return for all ROCKETS fans, let's enjoy with the new remixes.

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