ROCKETS On the Road Again 2003

ROCKETS 2003After two years of silence, ROCKETS planet has started again the approach to planet earth..... . . .

Preceded by a few announcements on sites and Web portals, radio stations and discothèques has started the programming, in Italy, of 'On the road again 2003 JTV remix'.

Joe T. Vannelli The song has been remixed by Joe T. Vannelli, famous italian disc-jockey and producer, in his recording studios where he worked with ROCKETS.
The project is realized by Fabrice Quagliotti, former member of the band and supporter of the last years ROCKETS initiatives and the new singer L.B.M that with his commitment and enthusiasm is contributing to ROCKETS return to international music scene. May be possible a partecipation of other members of the original lineup. If you'd like to know L.B.M see the lineups section (click here).

The success of this song, and probably of other singles to come, will be decisive for the launch of the new album. ROCKETS are working to the realization and it will be available in March 2003.

For a curiosity about the new work check the history page (click here).
People that had the opportunity to listen to a few tracks in advance, like me, are sure that it will be a success because new sounds is coupled with connection to the past; this won't disappoint old fans and will capture new ones.
Among the new initiatives may be possible television appearances and live concerts, a definition of few dates in Italy is in progress.
A new look has been studied in detail and new costumes have been realized.

'On the road again' is now on sale in the shops:
IIn detail here is what is available, with different picture sleeves:

  • CD including 8 versions of 'On the road again', by Joe T. Vannelli by Bini&Martini and by Mattara
  • Vinyl mix including only versions by Joe T. Vannelli
  • Vinyl mix including only versions by Bini&Martini and Mattara.
12" MIX On the road again 2003 Joe T. Vannelli version 12" MIX On the road again 2003 Bini&Martini/Mattara versions

CD On the road again 2003 All versionsRecords are published on Dream Beat label and distributed in Italy by Level One.

Number of copies will be very limited, so buy your copy as soon as possible!

If you don't know where to buy your copy of 'On the road again' click here.


MattaraBini & MartiniVersions by Bini&Martini are in House style while Mattara one will be probably the preferred by a '70/80 fan.
To listen to the Joe T. Vannelli version see instructions below.


To listen to the new song is it possible to tune in to Radio Italia Network (RIN) where Joe T. Vannelli conducts the program 'The Power of Love' and where you can listen to the live transmission 'SupalovaClub', night parties at the Old Fashion Cafè in Milan.

Joe T. VannelliNext dates with the broadcast of the 'The Power of Love' (Italian-Rome time):
- SATURDAY and SUNDAY from 17.00 to 18..00
- TUESDAY from 21.00 to 22.00

The appointment with 'SupalovaClub Live Rin' is every THURSDAY evening from 01.00 to 04.00.
For RIN frequences or internet broadcast you can visit RIN site:

The song On the road again 2003 JTV remix was at number 1 in Joe T. Vannelli's TOP 20, in 'The Power of Love'  broadcast of November 23th the song was the 'Disco House Power' and the second week of December it was the 'Disco Hacker' on Radio Italia Network.

12" MIX promo - On the road again 2003 Joe T. Vannelli Attack RMXDecember the 14th, 'The Power of Love' transmitted a new version of On the road again, by Bini & Martini DJs, titled 'On the road again 2003 Quick Silver remix'.

The last work on CD by Joe T. Vannelli, the compilation 'Supalova Club volume 4', includes On the road again 2003 Joe T. Vannelli Attack RMX in a version that lasts 9.00 minutes. The piece was also available for clubs as promotional mix on vinyl (Dream Beat DB 186), now unavailable.

Supalova Club Volume 4 by Joe T. Vannelli - Front coverSupalova Club Volume 4 by Joe T. Vannelli - Back coverThe compilation is on sale in the best shops from Friday the 13th of December and you can order it online on Joe T. Vannelli site at the following address, where you can also listen to a sample, clicking on CD cover onto the relative title:

For more details about Joe T. Vannelli activity is possible to visit his site:

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