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Although you must know it, since you are visiting it, the ROCKETS Home Page has been the first internet site in the world to be dedicated to ROCKETS. It is active since October the 8th, 1996!!!

Almost every question asked to me has a reply in a section of the site. Aren't you able to find what are looking for? Contact me and I'll try to put the answer on the site for everyone!!!

ROCKETS Official Site

The official ROCKETS site.


ROCKETS N.D.P. site was born in 2000 as an idea by Fabrice and L.B.M to bring ROCKETS back on planet earth!

ROCKETS On My Climats

The site created by the mytichal ROCKETS drummer Alain Groetzinger, rich in curiosity and photos.

In the available sections you can find many information regarding current Alain activity!

Sal Solo Web Site

Official site created and owned by Sal Solo, ROCKETS singer from 1984 to 1992.

Very interesting the section dedicated to ROKETZ!

I Mitici ROCKETS by Synthetic Man

A great article that brings back to 70ies to relive ROCKETS myth.

The rticle, realized for PAGINE 70 by Ernesto, Synthetic Man, the walking encyclopedia of the ROCKETS.



At last an Online community dedicated to ROCKETS.

Thanks to Benny it is possible to participate in forums dedicated to ROCKETS and join a chat with other ROCKETS fans.

One of the latest sites of the Web.

Manteined by Pirpa and Benny is rich in curiosity and unpublished material.

ROCKETS section on

Into Benny's site you can find a ROCKETS section.

Rockets by GUFASTRO

Also in Kristhian "GUFASTRO" Mason's site you can find a ROCKETS section.


Here is another very good site dedicated to ROCKETS owned by Massimo P.

ROCKETS by Roberto Tavano

In the site by Roby you can find a section dedicated to ROCKETS.


Frans V.D.K., ROCKETS fan from Holland, descibes his passion and permits the download of a ROCKETS Megamix realized by Dee Jay Pieter Joosten.

ROCKETS Russian Site

One of the very few foreign sites dedicated to ROCKETS.

Created and owned by Alex, completely in russian language!


Interesting rusian site dedicated to ROCKETS.

ROCKETS on Discomusic.RU

On the russian site dedicated to Disco Music you can find a section dedicated to ROCKETS.

Sites about artists concerned with ROCKETS


The most important site dedicated to CLASSIX NOUVEAUX, included in NWC (New Wave Complex) site, useful resource for information about New Wave and genres it encompasses. The site is maintained by Ashley Fletcher

Sites interesting for a ROCKETS fan

Pieter Joosten Dee Jay

Pieter is one of the more interesting Dee Jay on the europeas scene. His main characteristic is the realization of Megamix composed by one or more artists in a single track. Obviously in his production couldn't be missing a ROCKETS Megamix, including 24 mixed pieces and the incredible Mission Impossible Mix that lasts 1 hour 1 minute and 40 seconds with a single track including 620 songs, among them On the road again, Galactica and Space rock by ROCKETS.

Sites created by friends or ROCKETS fans


Italo-european band born from a DJ Klaus idea, member and founder of Oxyde, band inspired to 80s electronic pop. Starting from 2000 the WERKRAF broaden their inspiration to futuristic electro-pop and to the Star Trek saga image.
In 2005 Gino "Ian K" D'Agostino joins DJ Klaus.
WEKRAF have produced a few albums including some ROCKETS remixes.
In 2006 "Faber J" Serafini, expert in special effects and lights, completes the band.

Universal Band, the ROCKETS tribute band

The Universal Band site, a band born in internet, with musicians coming from different cities in Italy that overcome distances (thanks also to modern technologies) to express their biggest passion: to play ROCKETS music! The Universal Band became the one and only tribute band to the french group that intends to recreate their shows (costumes, lights, effects, sounds).


Elektronoize band official site, leaded by VEGA, born to recreate ROCKETS music atmospheres


Quasars band official site, space rock music in the style of the 70s and 80s.


Official BIOnighT site, Krautrock, Cosmic and Electronic Music.

The Music World of Jonas WŚrstad

You can find discographies and information about bands and artists playing synth pop/techno pop and electronic music in the late 70s/early 80s. Site maintained by Jonas WŚrstad.

Alex Gitlin Homepage

Great site about music.

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