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These pages contain a comprehensive history, discography and a collection of information about the band ROCKETS and related artists.

The idea to create these pages was born especially out of the necessity to put together and organize, apart from making it available to all ROCKETS fans and admirers, a considerable amount of data collected through years and years of research; these are the fruits of my passion for their music and spectacular shows.

The information included herein has been culled from various sources, such as record covers, magazines and interviews, and has been provided to you by individuals listed in section Credits.

Every instance of a piece of info a question mark ("?") next to it means it hasn't been verified.

I'll try to update these pages periodically, in order to make them complete as much as possible (accounting for every addition I receive) and also track the history of every significant change and addition made.

I'd be very pleased to implement every one of your comments, corrections, etc. within these pages in case if something stated here is wrong or data is missing. Don't esitate to send me comments, I'll take them all into consideration.

If you like to be disturbed every time the ROCKETS Home Page will be updated or every time there will be some news let me know your email and I'll add you to the mailing list.

You can contact me anytime, especially if you have items I might be interested in (see my 'Want List').

These pages are dedicated to ROCKETS as well as to people who have appreciated their music in the past, and continue to do so to this day.

I hope you'll enjoy exploring this page as much as I have enjoyed putting it together!

These pages are created, compiled & maintained by Marcello Barigazzi.

Important note

Any bootleg material listed in this discography is not available. I will not assist anyone in obtaining copies of any unofficial products (audio, video or other).

With these pages I do not intend to violate any copyright or owner's right. All copyrights are exclusively owned by the legitimate owners.

Information included in this page, entirely or in part, may be distributed electronically or reproduced in print including the source (internet address) and the author (however, I'd appreciate being informed on the matter!).

Contact me!

If you want to contact me you can send an email to or reach me through snail mail at the following address:

I-20050 Macherio (MI)


Many thanks to all the people that contributed to make these pages available and to all the visitors of the site that contacted me with great enthusiasm. I'm very sorry but I can't list you all!

Fabrice at the piano and me A special thanks to Fabrice Quagliotti who has been nice and available to me at all times!

Fabrice wants to send his own salute to all ROCKETS Home Page visitors:

Fabrice salute

To all ROCKETS fans.!
See you soon...... ?!!

I also thanks Alain Groetzinger who visited and appreciated the site; he sends a salute to all ROCKETS fans all over the galaxies!

Alain batteur salute

To all ROCKETS fans,
For every people who knew this beautiful story,
For every people who followed the band,
I wish to tell you many many good things,
Best wishes!
Alain Groetzinger

A special thank you to the new Rocket L.B.M. for the courtesy and for being so kind.

Thanks to the monthly italian magazine net.ropolis that in the issue number 14 (May 1998) included the 'ROCKETS Home Page' between the top 100 sites to visit.

Thanks to the TV show Fratelli nella Notte, broadcasted on Tele Nord channel (North-West of Italy), that the 21st May 1999 dedicated a great special to the ROCKETS using the information taken from the 'ROCKETS Home Page' and with the help of Paolo Prevosto. The special lasted one hour and a half and Fabrice Quagliotti took part with a phone call.

Also thanks to the daily paper La Padania that the 6th of October 1999, dedicated a page to the 'ROCKETS Home Page' in the Culture and Spectacle columns.

I wish to thank the staff of the TV program Meteore I spoke with a few times in June 1999 and after which they contacted Fabrice Quagliotti, the 7th October 1999 the show on the national channel Italia 1 spoke about ROCKETS with a Fabrice interview.

Thanks to the monthly italian magazine RARO! (dedicated to record collecting and music) that in the April 2000 issue (number 110) published a 6 pages article with ROCKETS career and italian discography, written by Simone Giudici and me.

I also thank every honest dealer who has sold me the materials listed herein and everyone who helped or willl help me to increase my collection in the future.

And last, but not least, I thank my wife Francesca and my daugther Elisa who put up with my "mania".


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Country codes

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12" Twelve-inch mix
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LP Long playing


BOOT Bootleg
COV Standard cover (no PS)
CV Coloured vinyl
DEMO Demonstration copy
DJ DJ copy
DP Digipak
EP Extended play
GF Gatefold
INS Insert
IS Inner Sleeve
JB Juke box single
LE Limited edition
LNE Limited and numbered edition
MIX Remixed version
NC No cover
PDK Picture disc
PRO Promo copy
PS Picture sleeve
RE Reissue
SPD Shaped disc
TP Test pressing
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