A Catholic Library


If you're Catholic, or learning more about Catholicism, and are looking for resources to help you in your studies, this is a great place to start. Also, if you are looking for materials to help you in your spiritual journey, you can trust these books to offer you sound and meaningful assistance.

Some of the great works of Christianity are available both in printed book form to purchase and online, to read for free. I have provided links where possible to both formats, so you can choose which you prefer.

The list is still growing, so if you have books or links you would like to recommend, please email me!

Great Christian Literature

Classics and Saints

Basic Materials

Every Catholic home should have these!

Basic Materials
Every Catholic Home should consider these!
Baltimore Catechism
What Catholics Really Believe
By Karl Keating
The Catholic Encyclopedia The Imitation of Christ :
With Reflections from Vatican II docs
By Thomas a Kempis
Further Reading
Other highly recommended resources.
The Lamb's Supper
By Scott Hahn
Surprised By Truth 2
By Patrick Madrid
Catholic Christianity
By Peter Kreeft
Christian Prayer :
The Liturgy of the Hours