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CathFam is a list for Catholic fellowship and support, so named because we are one family in Christ. It's small and intimate, and will be kept small to encourage fellowship. This list has been newly updated to make membership easier and promote greater interaction among members... how involved you choose to get is up to you.
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Now the good news and the bad news. Most of our other groups were sponsored by listbots, and listbots was discontinued. Because the lists didn't have sufficient activity, they were closed rather than being moved to yahoogroups. However, Cathfam is still there, and still has a small but friendly group of people, and Yahoogroups is easier to use and has more features for your convenience.

Soon, we hope to bring back other groups, including a family-style group with kids in mind, and a singles ministry. Meanwhile, please feel free to join the fellowship at cathfam.

May God bless you abundantly!