Sol Invictus

Liland Brajant Ros'

Tune: Frère Jacques (MIDI)
Sol Invictus — "Unconquered Sun" — was the solar deity who told Constantine, in a dream, that he would conquer "in this sign": The Cross. When the prediction panned out, Constantine signed with Jesus and, as they say, the rest is Roman Catholicism. At the time, there was no unanimity in Christian circles on the date of Jesus' birth. Coincidentally, Sol Invictus's birth was celebrated on December 25th.
Sol Invictus, Sol Invictus,
What a guy*, what a guy*!
Lets us use his birthday
To remember Jesus!
Thank you, Sol! Thank you, Sol!
* depending on where one is located on the Christian-Pagan spectrum,
god may be substituted for guy.
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