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A Brief History

               The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (University of the City of Manila) was established through House Bill No.8349 which later became Republic Act 4196, now the university's charter. As the first institution of higher learning in the Philippines to have an official name in Filipino, PLM formally opened its doors on July 17, 1967 to the one hundred fifty-six freshman scholars, all coming from the top ten percent of the graduating classes of Manila's twenty-nine public high schools. As the first and only community university, it is tuition-free, funded by the City of Manila to offer tertiary education, most especially to the disadvantaged but deserving students.

               At the site now occupied by PLM was situated the first college run by the Jesuits in 1595 which became the Universidad de San Ignacio in 1596. The USI's church, finished in 1596, was destroyed by a strong typhoon in of 1599 and was reconstructed in 1626. In 1601, the Colegio de San Jose was set up as an adjunct of the Universidad de San Ignacio. The year 1768 saw the departure of the Jesuits; thus, the buildings were transformed into military headquarters called Cuartel de Espana. Here, Dr. Jose P. Rizal was tied on December 26, 1896. During the American Occupation until 1941, the buildings and the whole premises served as military headquarters.

               Presidents who had steered the wheels of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila were Dr. Benito F. Reyes, Dr. Consuelo S. Blanco, Dr. Ramon D. Bagatsing, Dr. Jose D. Villanueva, Dr. Benjamin G. Tayabas and Dr. Versely dela Cruz, the present president.   


The PLM Philosophy

               The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila subscribes to the educational philosophy that focuses on the development of the total person:

               *  his intellectual growth
               *  his physical well-being
               *  his social consciousness
               *  his moral and spiritual enhancement

               All geared towards moulding him into a more responsible and productive citizen. This philosophy is made manifest in the university's commitment to:

               *  The advancement of human knowledge through basic study and researches:
               *  The full development of the Filipino intellect and the promotion of Filipino
               *  The professional training in public affairs as well as in the scientific, the cultural,
                   the technological, the industrial and the vocational fields:
               *  The introduction in its curricula of such studies which do not receive sufficient
                   emphasis at present in the curricular offerings of existing institutions of higher
                   learning in the country.


University Life Purpose:
               To educate and serve the less privileged but deserving students of Manila.


University Vision:

               A caring and committed University developing professionals, leaders and citizens towards the transformation of the City of Manila and the Nation.


University Mission:

               Guided by the Life purpose and inspired by the Vision, we commit ourselves to wit:

         1.   To motivate and develop competent, productive and ethical professionals, leaders
               and citizens of/in Manila.

         2.   To conduct and sustain relevant, innovative research and extension services for the
               enrichment of scholarship and community development.

         3.   Develop and maintain a corps of competent, committed and ethical administrators,
               faculty and service personnel for the efficient and effective delivery of quality
               academic and administrative services.

         4.   Provide, improve and maintain adequate and functional infrastructures supportive
               of, and conducive to quality education.

         5.   Promote and maintain mutually beneficial linkages and networks with institutions
               and agencies at the local, national and international levels.

         6.   Engender and enhance the goodwill and support of alumni, friends and other
               publics  for a viable and sustainable university.


University Campus Map:

    1    - Gusaling Gat. Antonio J. Villegas 
    1.1 - Gusaling Villegas Extension (Right Wing) 
    1.2 - Gusaling Villegas Extension (Left Wing) 
    2   - Gusaling Gat. Arsenio H. Lacson 
    3   - Gusaling Maynila 
    4   - Gusaling Raha Soliman 
    5   - Physical Therapy 
    6   - University Chapel 
    7   - Flame Monument 
    8   - Kiosk 
    9   - Quadrangle 
    10 - College of Law, College of Nursing  
      and Library Building
    11 - Parade Ground 
    Main Entrance/Exit
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