Jennifer's Ramblings
So, here's my obligatory web page.  This will house my writing and whatever else I can think of.  Yes, I know I ended a sentence with a preposition...I'm being carefree!  Wheee! 

I'm am deeply imbedded in The Sentinel fanfiction universe.  So expect lots of links and some stories.  I'll also include some of my original fiction, and even a long lost General Hospital fanfiction.  Gee, aren't you lucky. 
What? Not even a little bit??
Ahh, yes.  My writing.  The reason you are here.  Unless you just got lost following links. However you got here, I hope you enjoy!

Poetry Corner-- Some of my poems.  Some I think are good, some I think are okay, some I'm not really sure are poems.

The Sentinel Fanfic--My Sentinel fanfiction as well as links to some of my favorites.

Original Fiction--Lots of odds and ends.  Short stories, scripts, whatever else I could think of.
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