AAMFT Fights to Include MFTs in Army Family Advocacy Program (Oct. 2000)


The Department of the Army (DOA) issued a bid solicitation in 1999 amending its practice of authorizing MFTs to provide domestic violence counseling services in Family Advocacy Program (FAP) clinics. The new solicitation limits FAP positions to clinical social workers. Several MFTs work under the FAP program and are losing their jobs as a result of this contract revision. AAMFT and affected MFTs have appealed to the military commanders to reconsider the policy shift.

Requests for assistance have also been placed with legislators and Congressional committees of jurisdiction indicating this decision is discriminatory and will jeopardize the Army’s ability to adequately staff these facilities.

Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC) and Senator John Edwards (D-NC) have sought responses to our concerns from the Army. The Army delayed the contract selection in response to our efforts, but recently issued the bid award. AAMFT filed a legal bid protest to the awarding of the contract on the grounds that the solicitation is arbitrary and capricious in violation of the Administrative Procedures Act.

AAMFT is requesting that the Comptroller General void the contract award and issue a new solicitation that includes marriage and family therapists.


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