York Rite


East Chicago & Hammond


The combined Commandery Inspection was held on October 16th with both East Chicago and Hammond Commanderiesí sharing the duties.


This was an open Inspection with Ladies and Guests invited. The dinner preceding the Inspection was furnished by both Commanderiesí.


After dinner the regular closed Stated Meeting was opened and a motion made, seconded and approved for East Chicago York Rite bodies to join with Hammond.Hammond then voted to accept East Chicago.The final vote will take place on this merger on November 20th at 7:30, after all members and the Grand York Rite bodies are informed.


The Stated Meeting was closed.Ladies and Guests were invited in for the open Inspection.Sir Knight Irvin L. Bitting, RE Gr. Commander was introduced along with many other distinguished guests.The work was then performed.The inspecting officer Sir Knight George Ingles, EGSW said we did a good job and that the record books were in fine order.REGC Irvin Bitting then spoke on the Philanthropies and the annual Easter Sunrise trip.


We then departed, after a very enjoyable evening.




The combined Stated Meeting of the East Chicago York Rite bodies and Hammond York Rite bodies was called to order in proper form By the EC of East Chicago Commandery.The business at hand was to vote on the merger with Hammond York Rite bodies.It was thoroughly discussed and finally a vote was called for.East Chicago voted to merge with Hammond and then Hammond voted the accept East Chicago.The merger of the two bodies now being official, all members and Grand Bodies are to be notified of the final conclusion.We now will have election of Officers for the year 2001 at the December 18th Stated Meeting.We hope this will breathe new life in to York Rite in our area with this long needed merger.



Respectfully submitted,

Donald Elman, Jr. Past EC East Chicago Commandery No. 58



Special Note to Non York Rite Members


Free and Accepted Masonry has the three most important degrees of Masonry. There are however, additional degrees that offer members further light in Masonry. There are two bodies, which offer secondary educational degrees. The Scottish Rite offers their degrees in a two-day program, while the York Rite provides the degrees over a longer period of time. For further information, ask a member of either group.






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