Joe Classmate
Class of 1979

Last information submitted:

July 5th, 2000

E-mail Address

Web page

The Classmate Homepage

Interests and activites include Band, Football, Chess club, and chasing girls around Lakeview Park

Current Residence:

123 No Name Boulevard Anywhere, USA 12345


Work at McDonald's (see below)


Janie Classmate

Spouse's Occupation:

Cashier at McDonald's

Pertinent Information

Went to LCCC and graduated in 1982 with honors. Went to Ohio State and graduated as valedictorian of the 1986 class. Got a job at McDonald's and within 3 years moved up to Senior Vice President of Financial Operations. Recently promoted to Executive Vice President of Advertising & Promotions. Married since 1987 and have four children, Joseph Jr. (born 1988), Jane (born 1990), Joseph III (born 1992) and Janette (born 1995).

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