Leslie Campbell Rampey, Ph.D.; M.L.I.S.

Assistant Librarian for Public Services
Roberts Memorial Library
Middle Georgia College
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Cochran, GA 31014

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With my husband Bryan, a professor of Spanish.

If you'd like to find out more about me, please read my vita.
Or read about some of my Campbell ancestors.

In September 1997, I was invited to Reykjavik, Iceland , to be the keynote speaker at a conference of the Association of Icelandic Research Librarians. That was a really special and exciting trip for Bryan and me. If you'd like to know more about that, please read the article "Distant Adventures" that I was asked to write for our University System's Office of Information and Instructional Technology newsletter.

An ongoing project I'm working on is a page devoted to the work of Missouri writer Henry Bellamann, author of the 1940 novel Kings Row. And recently I've posted a paper I wrote titled "Hogan's Heroes and the Holocaust". I hope that you will take a look at either or both of those. (Or go to my full Table of Contents.)

Working at a busy library reference desk, I hear some questions quite often. Some of the questions I hear most frequently are:

Q:" Where can I find a dictionary (or thesaurus)"?

A: In the PE call numbers. (PE refers to that section within the Library of Congress Classificaion System that contains works about the English language. The Library of Congress Classification System is the way almost all libraries in the U.S. and Canada arrange their materials. If you are going to be spending much time in an academic library, it's a really good idea to become familiar with it.)

Q: "Where can I find statistics on...?"

A: That's usually an easy one. Take a look at The Statistical Abstract of the United States. It's in the HA call numbers (see Library of Congress Classification System above).

Q: "How can I find information about... [name of a specific literary work or artwork]?"

A: Don't attempt to search by the name of a particular literary work or an artwork. Search by the author's or the artist's name. If there is information about the particular work, you will find it there. It may be that there is little or no information about the particular work. In that case, you need to learn all you can about the author or artist and his/her work and apply that information to the particular work you are writing about. The library at Georgia Southern University makes available an excellent guide titled Search Strategy: Literature (a PDF document for which you will need an Adobe reader) that may be of help to you in this kind of research.

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