PG- Doggett angst. Not really a DSR, but it has DSR overtones.
Just Another Friday Night
PG-MSR of the pure fluff variety.
My Mulder
PG-MSR. Scully has a conversation.
Penance and Absolution
R-MSR/SSR. Skinner deals with his guilt over losing Mulder in Oregon.
Circumstantial Evidence
NC-17 MSR Mulder has a very...interesting weekend.
Recommended Links
in no particular order
The Gossamer Project
Tons of fanfic! All ratings, all genres.
Another ton of fanfic. Also all ratings, all genres.
I Want to Believe
The best group of Fanficaholics I ever met!
IOHO-In Our Humle Opinion
A great site filled with wonderful
stories of all types.
Muldertorture Anonymous
All Muldertorture, all the time.
Donna's Stories
The Original Donna is one of my favorite authors of MSR. Thank goodness she's prolific
Fanfic by SpookyCC
DSR from one of the best
Addicted to Doggett
A site dedicated to His Selflessness
Dippett Fiction Page
A collection of some of the best DSR

The name says it all. Perfect for those who love the Burly One.


His Wire-Rimmedness in all his glory.

Piliater's Skinner

One of my favorite Skinner authors. She's just awesome!

Fanfiction by Frogdoggie
Lots of Skinner, a little MSR. He's a great author!

Inside the X

Transcripts to every episode of The X-Files and The Lone Gunmen. A great research site!
Doggett Torture Anonymous
The Love Shack
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This site is Doggett/Reyes friendly.
If you don't like that, there's a li'l "x" in the upper right hand corner of the all means, click on it.
PG-SSR/PostCol Sequel to "Penance and Absolution."
The Mastodon Diaries
The Queen of Mists and Memory
MSR with an Arthurian twist. An absolutely amazing WIP by Avalon.
Seasons 8 and 9 fan
X-Files Fanfiction fan
Donna's MSR Fanfic
Donna's SSR Fanfic
Donna's (sorta) DSR Fanfic
DSR by Dogg'N'Scull
After William
PG-DS/UST. Doggett's reaction to discovering that Scully gave William up for adoption.
Pretty Damn Special
NC-17-DSR Doggett and Scully share some quality time together...with mixed results.
Feed the Donna
Feed the Dogg
The wonderful collage above is by our own beloved and talented Dogg'N'Scull.
Welcome to the home of Donna3 and Dogg'N'Scull. Here you'll find a little bit of everything, as long as it involves Scully gettin' some lovin'. We gotcher MSR. We gotcher DSR. We gotcher SSR. So dig in and enjoy!

A Little *Too* Red
Is it any wonder I'm a Dogg person?
The X-Files Search Engine
I'm a Skinner fan!
I'm a Doggett fan!
One Lost Night
PG-13-DSR Sequel to "After William."
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Skin 'N' Bones
PG- DSF-Scully and Doggett investigate a case of unexplained death with bizarre results.
Jenna's Secret Country
Coming soon: Site reconstruction.