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Our main objective for posting these documents
is to dispell a common error among genealogists
with regards to the marriage of

daughter of James &Stacey(Broughton) Hammons
granddaughter of Peter &Margaret(LNU) Hammons
g-granddaughter of
Obediah &Betty(Peillen-Stewart) Hammons
b: 1836 Knox Co, KY

The common error is that some believe Susan married
on 15 Nov 1860, in Knox Co, KY
son of William &Mariah(Green) Broughton
grandson of William &Elizabeth(Nicholson) Broughton
g-grandson of
Job &Mary "Molly"(Lewis) Broughton
b: 01 Sep 1837 Knox Co, KY

Susan Hammons (above)
m: Marshall Hubbard

on 11 Jan 1855, in Floyd Co, KY
son of
William &Frances(Jackson) Hubbard
b: Abt 1827 Knox Co, KY
Perry Broughton (above)
m: Susannah Hammons

on 15 Nov 1860, in Knox Co, KY
daughter of Edwin &Mary(Cole) Hammons
granddaughter of
Obediah &Elizabeth(Skaggs) Hammons
b: 1842 Knox Co, KY

The information for this page (and others)
was provided by
Kathy (Hubbard) Hanlon
To visit Kathy's World Connect file at Rootsweb.com,
"Hubbard Family Tree"
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Besides lineage info, her file lists lots of detailed sources,
many of which (including notations) were provided to her by
Karen (Nelson) Marcum

12 Jun 1842
This lists the heirs of Peter Hammons and
includes James Hammons's wife Stacy (Broughton) Hammons.
This indenture made this 16th day of June 1842 between James Hammons,
Dorcus Hammons, Peter Hammons, Emily Hammons, and John Hammons, heirs
of Peter Hammons deceased, of the one part, and Thomas Hales of the other part, all
of the county of Knox state of Kentucky, except Dorcus who resides in Laurel County
witnesseth: That for and in consideration of the sum of seventy five dollars paid to
the said Peter Hammons (de-----) in his lifetime the receipt whereof we hereby ac-
knowledge - have granted, bargained, and sold and by these presents do alien and
convey unto the said Thomas Hales his heirs or assigns forever one certain tract on
parcel of land known by the name of the "Crane's Nest" lying in the said county
of Knox on Richland Creek, and bounded as (J----) - beginning in a
line made between Hugh Hales and Isaiah Hammons at a white oak & black
oak running from thence (-----) the creek on both sides thereof (-----) , and thence
on each side as surveyed to make fifty acres, more or less, - containing fifty acres
as above described: which land was deeded to the said Peter Hammons (-----)
by Henry Banks on the 18th day of April, 1828, and is of record in the clerk's office
of the Knox county court. To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of
land unto him the said Thomas Hales his heirs and from the claim of all
other persons claiming by through or under them. In witness whereof they
hereunto set their hand and seals the day and year first above written.
Witnesses present:
Isham Hubbard
Westley Hales

James Hammons (seal)
Stacy Hammons (seal)
Peter Hammons (seal)
John Hammons (seal)

21 Dec 1842
This lists the heirs of Peter Hammons and
includes James Hammons's wife Stacy (Broughton) Hammons.
State of KY
Knox County (T-----)::: I James F. Ballinger clerk of the county court of the
county aforesaid do certify that this deed from James Hammons & Stacy his
wife, Peter Hammons, John Hammons, Emily Hammons, Dorcus McCarty,
and (Wm. N.?) McCarry, was on the 21st day of June 1842 produced to me in my office
and acknowledged by the said James Hammons to be his act and deed; and
the said Stacy being by me examined privately and apart from her said husband
declared that she did freely and voluntarily seal and deliver said writing,
and wished not to retract it and acknowledged said writing again shown and
explained to her to be her act and deed, and consented that the same might be
recorded; and on the 5th day of December 1842 the said deed was proven by
............ ................ ............ ............. ............. ..................
recorded, and on the 5th day of December 1842 the said deed was proven by
the oaths of Isham Hubbard and Westly Hales the subscribing witnesses
to be the act and deed of the said Peter Hammons and John Hammons, Emily
Hammons, Dorcus McCarty and (Wm. N.?) McCarty; and the same has been
duly admitted to record in my office. Given under my hand this 21st day of
December 1842
James F. Ballinger, clk

11 Jan 1855
Marshall's & Susan's Marriage License

14 Jan 1869
This lists the heirs of Stacy (Broughton) Hammons,
and includes Susan (Hammons) Hubbard and her husband Marshall Hubbard.
This in conjunction with the above documents proves that
Susan the daughter of James &Stacy(Broughton) married
Marshall Hubbard NOT Perry Broughton.

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