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My husband, Larry, say's I'm a "little angel!"
Read our true Love Story!

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Gingerbread House
Check out Ginny's Gingerbread House, my sister's website. She is an "award winning" Gingerbread House builder.

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Site Map
An Introduction to My World

The loves of my life. . . gardening, water gardening, gardening, water gardening and more G A R D E N I N G!

I'll be posting pictures of my garden house, flower beds and some of my flowers.

I've prepared a slideshow of the progress of digging a "heart-shaped" water garden. It took Larry, my former husband (we're still friends), nearly two years to complete it AND it was worth the wait. I love to watch our 23 goldfish glide through the water. The sound of the waterfall is mesmerizing. I love it!

Read about my encounter with a mysterious fish in a true story called, "Eeek! There's a Monster in Our Water Garden."

I am a lover of hearts; any kind will do. I've collected them for many years. I am also a collector of Fostoria Opalescent glassware. You're likely to find me "sitting on the dock of eBay" in the early evenings. Palm Tree

My Fostoria Collection is a feature. Although it is a "work in progress," you will want to visit this page, read a little about Fostoria, bookmark the page and return soon.

Be sure to visit "Sandy's Book Store." In my very special book store, each book is carefully screened for the kind of content that can contribute significantly to your water gardening, gardening and Fostoria collecting experience.

I think you will like my "cat story" and laugh yourself silly reading "How to Give Your Cat a Bath" and "Instructions For Giving Your Cat a Pill."

Sad News:  On November 7, 2000, our beloved Smokey went to Kitty Heaven. Read:  Sweet Dreams, Russian Blue.

Ever wonder how old your cat is in "human years?" Use our "Cat Calculator" to find out. Wanna know more about cats? This page also has a link to a site that has more than 60 articles about cats.

Be sure to check out my "FunStuff" page. You'll find lots of surprises there.

Some of my favorite family photos are now available. Here you can meet my loved ones. Larry and I live in Scottsdale, Arizona. The current temperature in Scottsdale is:
Click here for an up-to-date Scottsdale weather forecast.
Just a reminder: No matter what page you are on, you can always find ALL of the links to all of the pages on my website on this site map.

I also love the person that gets me through my every day life; my first love, my "Lord."

Have a nice "stay." Tell your friends and come back often. Enjoy!

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